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One in, one out

As we bid farewell to our wonderful Alfa Romeo to start it’s new adventures with Adam up in Scotland we welcome a new addition to

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An unexpected visitor

Today we were visited by Mr & Mrs Ewen, they were just passing en-route from Kent to Lowestoft. Their son Daniel was lucky enough to win our 1973 Audi 100 Coupe S last year and they have been avid followers ever since.

Lily was able to take them into our new venue, The Classic Lounge and show them where all of our home events will take place as well as provide them with refreshments.

Daniel has gone on to sell the Audi that he won but is now the very proud owner of a Porsche as it’s replacement!

A proper rear wheel drive classic… that could be yours!

Our 1979 Ford Escort Mk2 is now live on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website for you to win!

This legendary, rear-wheel drive fun machine is loved the world over – from the snowy forests of Scandinavia to the dusty outback roads of Australia, the Mk2 Ford Escort has cemented its place in the heart of petrolheads.

Read the write up here:

”It is a mainstay of the classic car world and a favourite amongst blue oval enthusiasts across the world. From the treelined, snowy forests of Sweden and Finland, to the unofficial streetlamp lined racetracks of the North Circular and as far away as the dusty roads of the Australian outback, the Mk2 Escort has reigned supreme across the globe.

It’s timelessly fun attitude of light weight, rear-wheel drive and adaptability of purpose make it a perfect addition to any petrolhead’s arsenal.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants to put one of these pint-size prowlers on your driveway with our 1979 Ford Escort.”

”With vibrant and striking red paintwork and a dark interior, this little terror means business thanks to the addition of a 2-litre 4-cylinder engine and having been upgraded with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The engine is believed to be a 2.0-litre unit according to invoices from the cars history file along with being fitted with a desirable Weber 32/36 DGV carburettor (supplied by and in the spirit of the original fast Mk2, the RS2000) to help this wonderful 4-cylinder breathe. The history folder also includes an invoice from the legendary Burton Power for a 3J Drivelines NXG 22-spline Limited Slip Differential to make this Mk2 hook up and go!”

”With that additional power and performance, the previous owner made the decision to evoke the spirit and attitude of the Sport 2000 model by paying tribute to this much-loved performance model, with a few of their own styling choices, with this particular Mk2.

Now is your chance to win this devilishly handsome and performance minded Mk2 Escort. Enter now and win our 1979 Ford Escort Mk2.

Delivering our 1972 Triumph Stag to its lucky new owner

Last week, Tom and Nick went to deliver our 1972 Triumph Stag to its new owner Dudley.

Dudley had won the car the previous week through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions and was excited to take delivery of his new pride and joy.

Upon meeting Dudley and finding out a bit more about his story, his incredible life with aircraft and cars, we also found out about his personal connection to our current charity partner, East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Dudley has been an avid supporter and advocate for the amazing work that the charity do to help people in serious situations either in the air or on the road with the incredible live saving team since he found himself in need of their help one day while visiting family.

Take a look at the moment Dudley met his 1972 Triumph Stag for the first time and more on this amazing gentleman’s story below.

You to could be just like Dudley and win a dream classic of your own while also supporting a very worthy charity by entering our 1973 Triumph Spitfire charity competition, with 100% of the profits of this competition going directly to help East Anglian Air Ambulance continue to save lives.

The DB9 returns…

Just before Christmas 2022, Molly made a call to Nick Jones with the amazing news that he was now the very proud owner of our 2005 Aston Martin DB9 with ticket number 1643.

In front of a live studio audience the Bridge Classic Cars Christmas party saw us give away not only my personal (Craig) Aston Martin but our 1985 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet.

Soon after Nick was handed the keys to his Aston he became a fully-fledged member of the Aston Martin owner’s club and had a special set of bespoke Aston Martin colour-coded luggage commissioned too.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons, Nick contacted us with the sad news that he would need to let the car go but had thoroughly enjoyed his time with her. Originally planned to head to an online classic car auction Nick notified us out of courtesy to let us know of these plans. I gave it some thought (not for too long) and decided to make him an offer to have the car back.

The car is now back with me and I’m looking forward to another summer full of shows with my DB9 back!

Winners Of Our Bonus Draw

As our 1991 Maserati Bi-Turbo Spyder E sold out so quickly and was drawn a week earlier than scheduled, we thought we would host a bonus draw last night (8th December).

We all had a lot of fun at the impromptu draw and we gave away some very cool prizes.

The bonus draw was a bit different to our regular live draws. Everyone who had purchased a ticket for either our 1985 Ferrari Mondial or our 2005 Aston Martin DB9 were automatically entered into the bonus draw.

Everyone eligible to enter was given a unique ticket number and the winners were selected, as usual, by the Google random number generator.

The prizes on offer were:

  • Double your odds – however many tickets you have purchased for our current live competitions will be doubled.
  • A Bridge Classic Cars T-Shirt
  • £250 site credit which can be spent on any current or future competition

As it’s Christmas soon, we were extra generous and offered people watching the draw live on our Facebook page the opportunity to win a free 12-month VIP membership too. All they had to do was comment during the draw and tag a friend in order for them both to become Bridge Classic Cars VIPs.

The Winners

The double your odds winner was Roy Franklin with ticket number 10327

The winner of a Bridge Classic Cars t-shirt was Jonathon Shute with ticket number 13838

£250 site credit was won by Charles Murray with ticket number 14107

Our VIP memberships were won by Jof Harrison and his friend Charles Gumley who Jof tagged in his comment.

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners! If you didn’t win anything in our bonus draw last night, entry for our 1985 Ferrari Mondial and our 2005 Aston Martin DB9 is still open so make sure you get your tickets and you could win one of these stunning cars in time for Christmas.

One in, one out

As we bid farewell to our wonderful Alfa Romeo to start it’s new adventures with Adam up in Scotland we welcome a new addition to the Bridge Classic Cars collection…

Our 1992 Mini Cooper 1.3 is now heading down from Scotland to join us here in Suffolk. More information to follow.

The Winners Circle – Winner of the 1973 Triumph TR6 Comes to Collect Her Car

Yesterday, the Bridge Classic Cars team welcomed Valerie to our restoration workshop to collect her 1973 Triumph TR6 she won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Valerie came down to take delivery of her beautiful Saffron Yellow TR6 and to have a look around our workshops at some of our restoration projects. Whilst she was collecting the car, we found out it was Valerie’s birthday! What a day it would be. Valerie, her son and her partner made the trip from Norfolk to collect the car and drive it home.

It’s always an incredible part of the story when you get to see someone’s reaction for the first time seeing their new classic in the metal for the first time. As Valerie said, the morning after she had won the car she still couldn’t believe it and had to ask if she had actually won it. This isn’t the first car Valerie won however, in 1991 she won a brand new Rover Metro through a competition by Heinz.

Still, this TR6 is a beautiful addition to the family so this morning Valerie sent us over a photo of ”Caramac” alongside the family Delorean in its new home.

We all want to wish Valerie many happy miles and hope she enjoys her new classic.

And here’s the video of Valerie collecting her 1973 Triumph TR6 from the Bridge Classic Cars workshop:

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1980 Supercharged Mini Van

Last night, Bridge Classic Cars went to find out who the lucky new owner of our 1980 Supercharged Mini Van was.

At 7PM live on our Facebook page, we welcomed our followers watching along to our competition build which houses all of our competition cars and a couple of our personal cars and finished restoration projects. To begin with, we began our live stream from the inside of our new 1993 Land Rover Defender 90.

Then, Hayley and Freddie took everyone around the various cars which are held inside the building at our Suffolk HQ. Including the beautiful Saffron Yellow 1973 Triumph TR6 and the 1972 Lotus Elan +2. Of course, we couldn’t miss out on the car everyone was there for, the 1980 Supercharged Mini Van.

After the look around, it was time to find out who the new owner of this tiny terror was. The competition had sold out the day before so the entry list, as with all of our entry lists, is pre-published on our website for all to see. With 4999 tickets, we fired up the Random Number Generator.

With the parameters set, with one click of a button the fate of the Mini was sealed.

Its new owner was Peter with ticket 4529.

The team will give the Mini its pre-delivery inspection and one final check over before it is delivered straight to Peter.

Check out the live draw below:

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1985 Porsche 911

It’s a dream car to many, a hero to some and an icon to all. It’s also the latest Bridge Classic Cars Competition. The 1985 Porsche 911.

After the inspection of the car by the restoration teams and given the green light, the car was released to Freddie, Hayley and Nick to begin the process of shooting this legendary air-cooled Porsche 911. the team headed to our filming location to get to work and just to experience this incredible driving machine.

The day was perfect for it. White clouds broke up the endless blue sky as the late spring sunshine draped itself over the glossy black paintwork of the car. From every angle, the car looked just like it had done in countless bedroom posters for generations. To some, the air-cooled 911s are the purest of their design. A common link shared from its earliest days at the beginning of the 1960s up until the late 1990s. But this one is special.

It has been asked for by so many of our followers, we have been waiting for the right one to come along. The car is finished in gloss black with a black/red interior which looked incredible as the team jumped into the car. Then, without so much as a hesitation after the signature key was turned, the 3.2-litre flat-six spat into life with a satisfying crack before the synonymous rumble filled the Suffolk air. All of us that day knew this was going to be an incredible car.

Freddie and Hayley took the car up to our filming location to start shooting with the classic 911. As it pulled away, you could feel the car wanting to stretch its legs. The potential and promise of a driving experience unlike any other at your fingertips.

As the morning continued, the 911 ran faultlessly. Happily going from an idle to speed and back again over and over while Freddie got the exact shots he needed. On different roads around our shoot, the classic Porsche soaked up any bumps or ruts without so much as a wince or gritting of teeth for either the car or the driver. A short, flat out run or a long-legged cruise would suit this 911 down to the ground. It really is a car for all seasons.

And now, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants to give you the chance not only to experience this once. But every time you open the garage door and get in it. So head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website now and enter for your chance to own the benchmark which all other sports cars have been set against. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to enter now for the 1985 Porsche 911

Or have a look below for the official photos from the shoot!

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1966 Jaguar MkII & 1970 Morris Minor

Last night, the 31st March 2022, the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team welcomed our largest ever studio audience to find out who the lucky winners of the 1966 Jaguar Mk2 and 1970 Morris Minor 100 were.

We had put out an open invitation to attend this live draw, as we have done in the past, and the response was amazing. Lots of classics braved the unpredictable weather to make the journey to the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ to watch the draw and some to find out if they were going home in the same classic they turned up in!

With everyone in, we could begin the live stream to the Bridge Classic Cars Facebook page where the rest of our guests had virtually joined us.

Hayley and Freddie took everyone on a tour around the competition building where we store mostly our competition but also a few personal projects as well as certain customer restorations. Working their way around, giving all those watching a few clues as to what is coming up next with Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Then, it was time for the main event. Finding out who had been assigned the winning numbers. As always, the entry lists to each competition are published at 630pm the day of the draw before the live stream at 7pm sharp. The number is decided at random using a Google Random Number Generator.

To begin, we always do a test run to make sure that the generator is working correctly. Everything was working just as it should, so now it was time to spin the wheel and see who the lucky pair were.

First up was the 1970 Morris Minor 1000. Hayley input the criteria of numbers for the generator to choose between and with a click of a button and a flurry of numbers rushing past on the big screen, the new owner of the Morris Minor had been chosen. 1250 – the ticket allocated to Neil Brinson.

Next was the turn of the 1966 Jaguar MkII. Again, the ticket number was to be selected from one of the tickets published on the entry list. This competition had entirely sold out several hours before the draw, so after resetting the Random Number Generator it was time to find out who had won this classic Jaguar. Hayley input the numbers to be selected from and just like that, we found the Jaguar’s new owner. Ticket 3500 which belonged to Anthony Roberts.

This Just In – 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have welcomed this absolutely gorgeous Mimosa Yellow 1979 Triumph Spitfire into our care.

This stunning 1970s convertible will go into our workshop for its full assessment by our in-house restoration teams and who knows, maybe you might see it at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon…

Keep a lookout for more updates on the 1979 Triumph Spitfire.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and REC Spitfire Watch

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has given another lucky winner the chance to own their dream classic car. On the 13th of January 2022 on our Facebook page. The winner was announced live for all to see.

We began the live draw in our brand new workshop extension at our Suffolk HQ. A gleaming white and spacious setting to best show off the cars we will be bringing you very soon and maybe some special pieces we have in our workshop. As Hayley welcomed everyone joining us across the internet, the cars were laid out for everyone to see. Our 1964 Triumph TR4, the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and the gorgeous Aztec Gold 1976 Mercedes 350SL.

Also, in the new extension was something very special we have in at Bridge Classic Cars. The 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10. We wanted to give all of our followers a look around the car which is such a rare sight here in the UK, we need to show everyone.

Then, Craig showed everyone watching along around our restoration workshop. Projects we are working on for our amazing clients and also preparing the upcoming competition cars which hide amongst the other cars. We showed off some of our most incredible projects such as Fern Grey, the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster, and the ground-up restoration of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 which is also being worked on in the workshop.

But, it was time for the main event. Finding out whose Thursday night was about to get a lot better. First up was the REC Spitfire Watch, which thanks to the random number generator, was won by ticket 448. This ticket had been bought by Barry Marshall who will soon be receiving his incredible limited edition REC Watch. Finally, it was time for the big one. All of us discovering who was the lucky new owner of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire. As the number generator was reset, the comments began to flow in. Wishing each other luck and letting us know the stream was fully working and clear. Then, Hayley put in the numbers to be chosen between. And with the click of a single button, the fate of the Spitfire was sealed. It was now the pride and joy of Phil Holland, who had bought ticket 126.

As Hayley rang him, you could hear the excitement and surprise in his voice. He had owned a Spitfire in his younger days and couldn’t wait to relive those memories in his new Spitfire.

You can rewatch the live draw and the walkaround by clicking the link below!

Click here to rewatch the live draw of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and REC Spitfire Watch

New Home – The 1989 Austin Mini Safe at Her New Home

The beautiful 1989 Austin Mini is safe and sound at her new home in Scotland. Also, she seems to have got some company for her life up north.

The new owner of the straight cut gearboxed 1989 Austin Mini also has a very nice 1275GT which will be sharing its stable with the little blue car. The 1275GT was given the name of Little Floorie by its owner, who has decided that the name of the 1989 Austin Mini will be Little Lottie.

We wish Ken and his wife many happy miles with our little Mini and look forward to seeing more of Little Lottie on her adventures in years to come.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1990 Mini 30

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has made another lucky winners dream come true. This time it was the turn of Billy Spellman with his winning ticket of 776 and now the proud new owner of this amazing 1990 Mini 30.

During the live stream, Hayley showed everyone around the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and some of the restoration projects that are currently happening here. Freddie and Hayley always enjoy chatting to everyone on the live stream and hearing suggestions for future competition cars while also hearing what people have been up to since this was our first live draw of 2022 and what a special car to draw to kick the year off.

Then, it was time for the main event. As Freddie and Hayley went over to the laptop. Hayley showed the pre-published entry lists (which come out 30 minutes before we go live at 7 o’clock once entries have shut) and someone on that list of 2299 tickets was about to have a bit of a change to their lives in the next few minutes. Using a Google random number generator, Hayley checked to see it was all working correctly before putting the range needed for the competition. With one click of a button and a flash of numbers flying past, it landed on 776. Consulting the entry list, Hayley and Freddie found that particular number had been issued to Billy Spellman.

Once we had found Billy’s contact details through our online members’ list, it was time to call him. Once we had explained who was calling him, the penny dropped. He was blown away that he had in fact won the car. That’s what it’s all about, giving cars to people who are genuinely thrilled to now on their dream classic for the price of a ticket.

We always have new competitions going live every couple of weeks, so head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for your chance!

Christmas Surprise! Your Chance to Win a 1990 Mini 30

Some of you may remember this stunning Cherry Red Mini from last year when Courtney Barker won it through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, well she’s offered it back to us and now it could be yours!

This is a limited edition Austin Mini 30, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the legendary Mini. The car is in amazing condition which is why the team at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions bought it back when it was offered to us. The car had a full respray and sympathetic interior restoration by our in-house restoration teams.

The car is well known around the area, having spent much of its life in Southwold and then in Ipswich with Courtney. It also did the rounds of almost every car show such as Stonham Barns as well as several appearances at our own meet-ups. Since August 2020, the car has only covered an additional 3,000 miles meaning this 31-year-old pocket rocket has got just 66074 miles showing on the clock.

This could be yours! Ready to go for 2022, all you need to do is head over to the Bridge Classic Cars website and get your tickets now!

But hurry, these little things are very popular with just 2299 tickets available. Click the link below!

Enter to win the 1990 Mini 30

Headed in the Right Direction – Installing the Rebuilt Steering Box on the 1966 Mercedes 250SE

The steering box for the stunning 1966 Mercedes 250SE W111 Coupe is back at Bridge Classic Cars after being refurbished by a local specialist. Now, it’s time to get it back into the car ahead of tonight’s live draw!

Paul, one of our in-house restoration technicians, was given the task of getting the classic Mercedes pointed in the right direction. Carefully pull rechecked the condition of all the splines and arms to make sure once the new steering box went in, it would work perfectly and only add to the experience of driving this incredible classic German coupe.

With the box fitted up into the car and everything tightened, rechecked and tested it was Paul’s job to road test the car and make sure everything was working just as it should. Success! this historic piece of automotive style, luxury and engineering was all set to find it’s new owner later this evening.

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1972 Triumph Spitfire IV

The bright winters sun fell across the small, brightly coloured sports car as it sat on the south loop. The harsh highlights bounced off every surface that happened to get in the way of its rays. But, it couldn’t have looked much better.

As the car warmed up outside of The Hangar, it was in incredible condition. Having been obviously adored by its previous owner, the Spitfire’s large and vintage dials began to swing their way towards the middle which gave Freddie the signal that this classic sports car was ready to head down the runway towards its photoshoot. The paintwork was vibrant and shimmering in the December sun, just adding to the magic of this stunning car.

This is the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and it is the latest in the line of prizes from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. And it could be all yours! Bridge Classic Cars Competitions gives everyone the chance to own their dream classic car just by buying a ticket.

And that is exactly what you could enjoy with this amazing classic Triumph.

Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions now and enter for your chance to win this stunning 1972 Triumph Spitfire IV.

Click here to enter now!

Building Update – Cladding Finished and Doors Going Into the Workshop Extension

There’s been a hive of activity in recent weeks around the new extension on the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk.

The new ramps and edging have had their concrete laid and cured by the builders meaning we will be able to get any car into the extension regardless of its ride height and if it needs pushing, the angle isn’t too bad for our technicians!

The cladding has also been finished all the way around the building, and seamlessly blends into our existing workshop just next door. It’s our first purpose-built, from scratch building so we are very proud and excited about this project.

The other big change is that the doors have started to go into the building. Our colour-matched brown fire door is securely put into the building to the exacting building codes it must meet and the large roller doors have begun to be installed into the building this week.

It’s all coming together on the Workshop Extension and we’re very excited to show you more on the build as it progresses.

Final Checks – Checking the Alternator on the 1989 TVR S2 2.9

The 1989 TVR S2 which was won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has left the secure storage facility, The Hangar, on its way to its new home with its new owner, Jarlath. But, before it goes anywhere our in-house restoration technicians just want to check something.

When the car was pulled out of The Hangar, the alternator light was showing on the dash. This unit had been replaced during its preparation so Tom and John decided to go through and double-check the charging system. Methodically, our restoration teams worked through each component and wire.

After investigating, John and Tom found that one of the connectors had been slightly dirty/corroded was the cause of the light on the dashboard of this vibrant red sports car. After this had been cleaned and tested, all was ok and ready for delivery.

A Gift – 12 Sleeps till Christmas Discount on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions

With Christmas only just around the corner, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is giving you a little stocking filler.

Each day on the run-up to the big day, we will be giving you a discount on our prizes. With 12 sleeps to go, we’re offering you a 12% discount on tickets. Tomorrow, it will be 11% and the day after 10%, so act quickly to get the best discount.

Simply enter the coupon code ‘XMAS’ at checkout for your discount.

Get your tickets at the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and maybe you’ll have something shiny and classic under the tree this year.