Building Update – Cladding Finished and Doors Going Into the Workshop Extension

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

There’s been a hive of activity in recent weeks around the new extension on the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk.

The new ramps and edging have had their concrete laid and cured by the builders meaning we will be able to get any car into the extension regardless of its ride height and if it needs pushing, the angle isn’t too bad for our technicians!

The cladding has also been finished all the way around the building, and seamlessly blends into our existing workshop just next door. It’s our first purpose-built, from scratch building so we are very proud and excited about this project.

The other big change is that the doors have started to go into the building. Our colour-matched brown fire door is securely put into the building to the exacting building codes it must meet and the large roller doors have begun to be installed into the building this week.

It’s all coming together on the Workshop Extension and we’re very excited to show you more on the build as it progresses.

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