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Do you like TR3s?

Just launched! Our competition to win this bright red 1958 Triumph TR3! If you follow this link here, it will take you straight to the

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Are you a Damon Hill fan?

Just launched, our competition bundle to win a Damon Hill TW Steel Formula 1 watch, a signed copy of Damon Hill’s Autobiography, ‘Watching The Wheels’,

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Our newest winners!

Our two most recent competition winners got united with their cars today. One of them was Andrew Oswold, who won the 1981 Rover 3500 SD1

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Sticky brakes!

Our 1978 bronze Lancia has recently been getting some TLC. This car is an upcoming competition car and is being serviced just like all the

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This Just In – 1966 Sunbeam Alpine

Hopefully, you will have all seen the news by now but if not, Bridge Classic Cars have got a fantastic 1966 Sunbeam Alpine in with us in our workshop. Yes, the same as Sean Connery drove in the James Bond film Dr No. This is going to be a competition car which one lucky winner will be drawn.

This honest and really rather lovely 60s sports car also has an incredibly rare hardtop! so no matter the weather it can be enjoyed by its future owner. At Bridge Classic Cars, our in-house teams will assess the car soon to come up with a plan to get the Sunbeam to a stage where it can be instantly used and enjoyed.

Keep checking the blog for more updates on this fantastic car.


As the 1990s saw Bond change yet again into the modern world, this time it would be portrayed by another iconic actor. Pierce Brosnan would begin his career for MI6 in the 1995 film Goldeneye.

This film’s most famous Bond Car was actually a Russian T37 tank but towards the end of the film, the audience was given a glimpse of a new age of Bond. The BMW era.

Before the production of Goldeneye, EON productions had signed a 3 film deal with the Bavarian manufacturer to supply Bond with his own modes of transport. The first being the brand new Z3.

Bond’s specific Z3 in Goldeneye was a 1.9 litre 1996 model which most famously appears on an airstrip in Cuba. The car in the film has been thoroughly gone through by Q-Branch, offering Bond ”the usual refinements” which can be best demonstrated in the lab during the walk around with Q (played by Desmond Llewelyn. It is apparently equipped with Stinger missiles behind each of the Z3’s headlights, a parachute deployed from the boot and radar displayed on an LCD screen inside the dash. There is a mention of an Ejector seat though… as well as a self-destruct system. References to earlier Bond cars from the franchise.

The Z3 in Goldeneye, which holds the title as the first non-British Bond car to ever be officially issued to him by Q Branch, was only a brief appearance. Because it was traded on the airstrip in Cuba for a plane (where it’s then seen fishtailing off into the trees with its new owner CIA Jack Wade at the helm) it also holds the title as one of only a handful of Bond cars that are not destroyed on screen. Even the DB5 doesn’t hold that accolade.

The Z3 had some serious kudos with potential owners after the launch of the film. The first year of production had sold out before the first cars had even been finished. But, some audiences felt the Z3 should have been given more of a role in the film considering the armaments bestowed on it by Q-Branch. for that they would have to wait until the release of The World is Not Enough a few years later with another BMW as Bond’s car of choice.

So, this concludes the end of our series on notable James Bond 007 Cars that we here at Bridge Classic Cars have had experience dealing with.

But there is still one more… Check in tonight to find out how you could have the chance of owning one!

The Winners Circle – Delivery of the 1974 Triumph GT6 to its New Owners

Congratulations to the winners of our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions 1974 Triumph GT6 who recently took delivery of this wonderful example of a Magenta GT6.

The GT6 was unloaded from our covered transporter in front of the house much to the excitement of John Waud, whose winning ticket of 153 made him its new owner.

We hope that he has many happy miles enjoying this iconic sportscar.

You could also win yourself an incredible classic too! Head over to our Competitions page to find out more.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the VX220 and TR3A Winners.

There is always a winner with our live draws. On Thursday the 23rd of September that just happened to be Ian Spellman and Rob Richardson.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars arrived as the sun slowly began its drop towards the horizon to prep the location ready for the 7 PM start. The scene was set for a very lucky night for two unknowing people…

First drawn on the live stream was Ian with the winning ticket of 4851 which secured him the stunning 2003 Vauxhall VX220. In a strange quirk of fate, when Charlotte rang Ian to tell him the good news he was actually halfway through his tea! Not a bad start to a Thursday evening for Ian.

Next was the draw of the stunning 1958 Triumph TR3A. As the random number generator whizzed around, you could feel the excitement build. One of 4999 possibilities, each one ultimately changing someone’s automotive life. Lady luck decided that night to choose Rob Richardson to be the next custodian of this wonderful British Sportscar. As part of our draws, we do try to phone the lucky winner. Unfortunately, Rob didn’t answer the phone. But, when he does check his voicemail he is in for quite the surprise…

Also revealed during the live draw was more information about some of the upcoming competition cars. Namely the 1983 Ford Capri and the 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6. The Capri is available to enter right now over Bridge Classic Cars Competitions (remember, someone, has to win these icons) so head over and enter now!

The TVR will be up very soon so keep an eye out on our Social Media pages on Facebook and on Instagram

To rewatch the Live Draw in case you missed it just click here!

Thursday Live Draw – Drawing the winners of our Triumph TR3 & Vauxhall VX220

There are only 2 more days to go on the draw for our two sensational competition cars.

First up is the chance to win this very unique and quickly becoming a modern classic, 2003 Vauxhall VX220. One of just 7 finished in beautiful British Racing Green in 2003. This car has a long and detailed history from purchase right up to today.

Secondly, we will be drawing the lucky winner of the glorious 1958 Triumph TR3A. This car is absolutely stunning inside and out. Recently serviced by ourselves fastidiously in the past few years for its previous owner. But now, it’s someone else turn to enjoy this beautiful example of a TR3A

To sign up for a chance to win the Vauxhall VX220, just click here and answer one simple question.

Or, if the TR3 is more to your taste. Then clicking here will get you to the right place to become the next lucky owner.

Good Luck!

Fitting Right – Heater Valve Install on the 2003 Vauxhall VX220

Our unique 2003 Vauxhall VX220 has been into the workshop this week in preparation for its lucky winner for some remedial work.

On inspection, our technicians found that the heater valve for the vehicle had been incorrectly fitted. Not a problem for our technician Paul. Quickly but methodically, he sorted out the issue to make sure this quickly appreciating classic was in tip-top shape before its draw on Thursday night.

Remember, you can still get tickets for the draw on the amazing VX220 by clicking the link below!

Click here to win the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions 2003 Vauxhall VX220.

Supporting the Community – Bridge Classic Cars at Norwich City VS Watford.

As part of the collaboration between Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, Norwich City Football Club and Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, Bridge Classic Cars transported our stunning 2021 Final Edition Lotus Elise Sport 240 for the important match against Watford.

Beginning early, our transportation team loaded this stunning canary yellow sportscar into our secure, enclosed trailer for the quick trip across the border into the heartland of Norfolk. The car is of course a Lotus. Norfolk’s most well-known export and a perfect prize that will benefit an important local charity.

All the proceeds from the upcoming prize draw going to directly support this worthy cause. The Norwich City Community Sports Foundation helps young people within all communities, regardless of background or different abilities, to become more involved in the world of sports.

You still have the chance to win this car and also help out a really great cause. Just click the link below and you could be driving away with a very special car!

Click here to enter the draw for the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition

Shooting an ’80s Icon – Behind the Scenes with a 1983 Ford Capri 1.6

Well, you may have seen by now the video of our latest competition car but it’s time to take you behind the scenes of the shoot. The icon that is, the Ford Capri.

The sun shone brightly on a crisp but slightly hazy Suffolk morning. At our Bentwaters storage facility, the nose of this black icon stood out of the hanger doors begging to be let loose. With every classic car, you need to let them warm up before any fun can be had. The Capri is no exception.

As the sun began to rise higher in the sky, a sense of urgency swept over the marketing team. The light was perfect, the conditions were perfect and most importantly, the car was perfect. Our marketing expert Freddie was at the controls of the camera, making sure each shot was perfectly tailored to fit around this much sought after sportscar.

As he called out the directions to the helmsman guiding the direction of the Capri’s long, elegant bonnet, the whole piece became a ballet at speed. A carefully choreographed meeting of two vehicles in one place to be captured in a moving image.

Lap after lap, the Capri performed faultlessly. Even when an unexpected and unruly herd of deer managed to find their way onto the south circuit of RAF Bentwaters and the brakes had to be tested a couple of times. The steering wheel felt almost telepathic to the new RS 4 spoke wheels, finding the path of least resistance around the sweeping and tight corners of the old base.

The 1983 Ford Capri 1.6LS you see before you is our newest competition car, available for anyone in the UK to enter over at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

On To A Winner – Update on the Norwich City/Bridge Classic Cars Competitions Final Edition Lotus Elise

For those new to the project, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions have teamed up with Norwich City Football Club and their charity, NCFC Community Sports Foundation.

Giving one lucky winner the chance to own this amazing sportscar. It’s the 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition. Finished appropriately in bright yellow.

Norwich City has an amazing charity called the Community Sports Foundation which massively helps young disadvantaged, disabled and talented people throughout the county of Norfolk.

Look out for the Community Sports Foundation messages around the stadium on Saturday 18th of September before, during and after the game against Watford for more information about the Foundation. But you can also click the link below for your chance to win this 2021 Lotus Elise Final Edition and support an incredible cause.

Enter for the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions – 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition.

Just Passing Through – Previous Competition Winners Drop By.

Earlier this week, it was lovely to see Peter Atchiston and his wife. They were in the area and thought to drop by while passing through the area.

Previous winners of our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, Peter is now the proud owner of a rather lovely VW Type 2 that was one of our competition cars several months ago.

Always a nice surprise to see some friendly faces.

Remember, you too could be in with a chance to win one of our competition cars. Just click here and enter to win!

Get your tickets before it’s too late

Last night was the launch of our competition to win a magenta 1974 Triumph GT6. As I write this post, over half of the tickets have already sold, that’s over 3,000, leaving only under 2,000 left. So, if you want to be in with a chance of winning this stunning classic car, be sure to head over to our competitions website to get your tickets before they all go. And at £5 per ticket, that’s an absolute bargain!

If you click on the link above, you’ll also be able to find out more information about the GT6, along with more photos and a video.

Do you like TR3s?

Just launched! Our competition to win this bright red 1958 Triumph TR3! If you follow this link here, it will take you straight to the page where you can find out more information about the car, see more photos and a video and buy tickets for your chance to win! So what are you waiting for?…

Are you a Damon Hill fan?

Just launched, our competition bundle to win a Damon Hill TW Steel Formula 1 watch, a signed copy of Damon Hill’s Autobiography, ‘Watching The Wheels’, plus an invitation to a Zoom conference call with Damon hosted by F1 reporter, Steeve Deeks! Inspired by Hill’s championship-winning Williams FW18 Formula 1 car, this limited edition watch is powered by a Swiss-made chronograph movement and features a light titanium case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a dark blue leather strap and a special Damon Hill caseback. This watch is number 329/1000.

As well as that, to celebrate the launch of Bridge Credit, there are three chances to win! Enter the draw and you’ll also be in with a chance of winning our runners-up prizes of £100 and £50 Bridge Credit.

So, what are you waiting for? For your chance to win, and to enter for just £2, simply click here, where you’ll also find more information about the watch.

Lancia Beta Photoshoot.

Here are some images from our recent photoshoot with the 1978 Lancia Beta. Don’t forget you can win this classic! To enter, just click here. By following that link, you’ll also be able to find an in-depth description of what the vehicle has to offer.

A heartwarming story…

Here’s a little story that’ll be sure to warm even the coldest of hearts! One of our recent competition winners, Coby Morton, has struck up a friendship with one of our mechanics, Mauro! Mauro delivered his 1979 MG Midget 1500 to the pub that Coby owns earlier this month and the pair got along swimmingly! So much so, Mauro went back to the pub on his way to vacation, where the two enjoyed some drinks together.

Our newest winners!

Our two most recent competition winners got united with their cars today. One of them was Andrew Oswold, who won the 1981 Rover 3500 SD1 Vanden Plas. He’s also pictured here with a 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500, which he also won with our classic car competition, back in May! He’s clearly a very lucky man!

The other winner was Michael Wright, who won the 1983 VW Golf GTI.

Sticky brakes!

Our 1978 bronze Lancia has recently been getting some TLC. This car is an upcoming competition car and is being serviced just like all the other competition cars, to make sure it’s in good condition before it heads to a new home!

Mauro inspected the vehicle all over last week and now John has been doing work to the brakes after it was found that they were sticking and would go on but not come off. New brake lines have been put on the front and have solved this issue.

Launching today – 1988 Ford Escort Cabriolet

Launching today is this 1988 blue Ford Escort 1600 Cabriolet!

The Ford Escort was originally produced as a small family car, manufactured from 1968 to 2003. There were six different model variations throughout its time and this is the fourth one. It’s instantly recognisable as an updated version of the previous model, taking styling cues from the then recently introduced Scorpio/Granada III.

We don’t have much history on the car itself, but we know that it’s been restored relatively recently, the paintwork is in fantastic condition, along with the interior and it’s been well looked after throughout its life.

Final stage of work for the MG Midget!

After Scott’s repair work on the offside sill of the blaze orange 1979 MG Midget, the car has since been taken into the paint shop where it had the sills re-painted and the underneath was sealed.

This car was a competition car, back on the 26th of July, and we’ll be delivering it to its rightful winner tomorrow!

This Friday, don’t forget!

This Friday, the 6th of August, is the draw for our competition to win a gold 1981 Rover 3500 SD1 Vanden Plas! For your chance to enter, simply click here! Where you’ll also be able to find out more information about the car.

The story of the missing winner!

Today we delivered this maroon 1959 Jaguar Mk I to its rightful winner! The draw for this car was held last Sunday at the annual Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars. This has a bit of story that goes with it! The winner was actually at the event but we couldn’t track him down! In the end, we put a post out on Facebook quoting the winner’s name asking for help from the public to contact him, and it got over 30,000 views! Hours later, we got hold of him and he’s now received his prize.

Local Man wins £100,000 Mercedes Cl600

Graham Cousins entered one of our classic car competitions. His ticket, number 382 was drawn and today he has come to our classic car workshop to collect his prize.

New, these CL600’s were £100,000! A dream car for many, Graham won this car from a £5 ticket!

Graham is fairly local to us, so accompanied by wife Sandra, opted to visit us for a tour of our classic car workshop when collecting his car. A lovely couple, Graham and Sandra were blown away seeing their new Mercedes CL600 in person.

Could you be our next winner?

We’ve got some incredible cars live on our website.

Happy Chap With Goodwood Win

Oliver Quinn won our free Goodwood competition last month and we’re delighted to see that the Fellowship Membership and £500 have arrived with him safe and sound. The tickets will be on their way once theyre released!

Oliver, a university student, won with ticket number 102,051.

Congratulations Oliver, we hope you have a wonderful time, good luck choosing who you’ll take and we’ll see you there!

Bristol Dent Correction

Our 1973 Bristol has gone into the paint shop to have a small dent repaired. Now finished, you’d never know it had been there.

MGB PDI and Service

Our beautiful Iris Blue MGB was recently won however before we can drop it off at the winners house, we need to carry out a service, pre-delivery inspection and a handful of repairs to ensure its in perfect condition.

Scott has checked all fluids, fitted a new hub seal, rev counter cable and fixed the overdrive.

Morris Minor Win Causes Major Delight

Our lovely little 1949 Morris Minor was delivered to its new owners in Ipswich over the weekend. Matthew Sudgen won with his lucky ticket number 25.

Pictured with partner, Alex and their dog Truffle, Matthew was absolutely delighted to see his new Morris Minor arrive over the weekend – what an Easter treat.

Thank you to everyone who entered to win this lovely classic. We wish you the best of luck if you enter any of our upcoming classic car competitions

Could you be our next winner?

Mercedes Winner Delighted With New Car

Another delivery to one of our competition winners! A big congratulations to Steven Lambe with lucky ticket number 950. We delivered our 1996 Mercedes 320SL up to his home north of Newcastle yesterday after Craig and Gordon took the long road trip up north.

Steven, a Mercedes enthusiast, only spent only £18 with us, meaning he bought just two tickets and managed to win with one of them! Although he used to race hot-rods Steven recently sold his last one to fund his current modern Mercedes. Steven is also part of the Mercedes owners club and now has two stunning Mercedes Motors he can take along to meets and greets!

We can’t wait to see what Steven gets up to with his new modern classic!

Here’s a snap of a true northern sight from the cabin on the way up north.

Behind The Scenes: 1981 MGB GT LE Photoshoot

On friday, Ellie and Freddie took to Bentwaters to shoot our latest competition car, the 1981 MGB GT LE, a limited edition MGB GT. Its fast back rear and silver exterior makes for a trendy classic car.

1 of only 580 MGB GT LE’s built, this rare model was one of the final run to leave the production line before the closure of the Abingdon factory in 1980. This MGB is not only a lovable and affordable classic, but makes a great every day vehicle too.

With Freddie handling the video and main visuals, Ellie worked on capturing the behind the scenes insights and artistic shots. After scouting out multiple locations across Bentwaters, the team settled on the run way after shooting some content on the access roads and by the log piles.

The MGB has had its PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and only had a few small leaks which have been fixed.

Here’s an exclusive view on some of the extra visuals shot last week…

Another Happy Winner: BMW Z3M

One of our favourite parts of our competitions is delivering cars to their newfound owners! We loaded up the 1998 BMW Z3M on Friday in the snow so it was ready to leave on Monday once the roads were safer.

A big congratulations to Philip Hatswell who won with ticket number 3267. Philip is currently out of the country so his brother Steve kindly took delivery of it down in Sussex.

We’re delighted to see it will be in safe hands until Philip gets back to the UK!

Could you be our next winner? We’ve got two more red beauties up for grabs below:

Another Day, Another Winner: 1994 Range Rover Classic

What a beautiful day to deliver someone’s dream car! On Friday morning our friends at Russells’ came to pick up our beautiful 1994 Range Rover Classic to take it to its new owner in Oxford.

David was beaming when the car was delivered, we’re sure he’s excited to get driving his beautiful new classic! Perfect for the snow!

We also love getting getting shout outs and seeing our winners post on ther social media platforms! Thanks for the shout out!