Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1972 Triumph Spitfire IV

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The bright winters sun fell across the small, brightly coloured sports car as it sat on the south loop. The harsh highlights bounced off every surface that happened to get in the way of its rays. But, it couldn’t have looked much better.

As the car warmed up outside of The Hangar, it was in incredible condition. Having been obviously adored by its previous owner, the Spitfire’s large and vintage dials began to swing their way towards the middle which gave Freddie the signal that this classic sports car was ready to head down the runway towards its photoshoot. The paintwork was vibrant and shimmering in the December sun, just adding to the magic of this stunning car.

This is the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and it is the latest in the line of prizes from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. And it could be all yours! Bridge Classic Cars Competitions gives everyone the chance to own their dream classic car just by buying a ticket.

And that is exactly what you could enjoy with this amazing classic Triumph.

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