Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1974 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation & REC 901 Watch Bundle

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

A bit of a change of venue with this week’s Live Draw for the 1975 Ford Escort RS Mexico Recreation and also for the REC 901 Watch & Automobilist print of a 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS. This time, the draw was bought to you from our very own Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop in Pettistree.

This week, being at the workshop, we thought we would give everyone a look around some of the restoration projects we currently have being worked on. Charlotte and Freddie carefully negotiated their way through the cars to give the audience the best views and little bits of information on each of the cars and the various stages of their restoration.

There was an inevitable question ”where’s the Mustang?” to which Charlotte let everyone know it was safe and sound being stored at The Hangar. However, we did have another competition car parked just behind the Escort RS Mexico, the stunning 1966 Mercedes Benz 250SE Coupe (which tickets are still available for!).

Charlotte gave our live viewers a look around the stunning green metal flaked RS Mexico Recreation with details added in by Freddie to guide our lucky audience around the car. Then, it was time for the main event!

Heading over to the laptop, Charlotte and Freddie ran through the way our draws are run (something we do every single time) to ensure everyone watching along is clear on how this live draw will work. First up, the watch.

As Charlotte entered the parameters for the ticket numbers onto the Google Random Number generator. As the number generator whizzed through, everyone on the pre-published entry list must have been holding their breath with anticipation. Then, appearing on the screen was number 819. After checking through the entry list on the live stream, it was Terry Dawson who became the lucky owner of the REC 901 Porsche Watch and Automobilist print.

Up next, the series of events which would make one very lucky person very happy thanks to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. As Charlotte reset the numbers for the Google Random Number generator to select from between 1 and 4999. Then with a click of a button, the generator did its thing. The numbers flew past in a haze until it picked a number at complete random. Number 987. It had been the number given to Chris ONeill after his purchase of several tickets as part of Black Friday Event to bolster his chances of getting his hands on this amazing Mk1.

As Charlotte talked to the live audience to console or congratulate, the details for Chris were found by searching his ticket number in our database. Then Nick handed Charlotte the phone to call Chris. One ring. Two rings. Three Rings..

”Welcome to the answering service…” was the response. But just as the live stream had ended and the Bridge Classic Cars competitions began to pack up for the evening. The phone rang. It was Chris calling us back, and we honestly had never heard someone so excited when Charlotte told him where we were calling him from. After a quick chat on the phone and all of us congratulated him on his new 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation, it was time to wrap up this latest draw of the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

If you fancy getting hold of a dream classic of your own, then head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for your chance to win by clicking the link below.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions

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