Final Checks – Checking the Alternator on the 1989 TVR S2 2.9

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1989 TVR S2 which was won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has left the secure storage facility, The Hangar, on its way to its new home with its new owner, Jarlath. But, before it goes anywhere our in-house restoration technicians just want to check something.

When the car was pulled out of The Hangar, the alternator light was showing on the dash. This unit had been replaced during its preparation so Tom and John decided to go through and double-check the charging system. Methodically, our restoration teams worked through each component and wire.

After investigating, John and Tom found that one of the connectors had been slightly dirty/corroded was the cause of the light on the dashboard of this vibrant red sports car. After this had been cleaned and tested, all was ok and ready for delivery.

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