Cover Up – Fitting the New Rear Cover to the 1966 Sunbeam Alpine

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

What do you do when you have the roof down on your 1960s sports car and all of the cubby hole it fits into is on display? You have a cover made. Thankfully, our in-house trim shop was on hand to get the Sunbeam sorted.

You may know by now but this is our next Bridge Classic Cars Competitions car. It’s a 1966 Sunbeam Alpine just like the one Sean Connery drove in the James Bond film, Dr No.

The cover was made by our trim expert Brian, who also headed up the installation with the help of our other trimmer Lydia. The cover is there to give a finishing touch to the cars convertible hood stowaway when the roof is down. Each piece was carefully offered up to the car to ensure the best fit and finish for this amazing classic.

All of this is in preparation for the install of the new convertible hood which we will have an update on very soon!

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