Jaguar Rear Axle

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Jonn has been continuing with his work on the rear axle of our 1991 Jaguar XJS Le Mans. He mounted the easy bleed pipes and cleaned the frame ready to install. The ABS wires were fed into the car before Jonn mounted the rear diff sensor and secured it.

The rear axle mount was secured and the pipes were connected before the rear brakes were bled. The wheels were then refitted.

Jonn then refitted the exhaust pipes. The rear boxes were mounted and the pies fed through the subframe before all joints were secured from back to front.

The easy bleed pipes were remounted away from the exhaust, the ABS wires were reconnected under the rear seat and the rear seat was refitted.

Finally, the handbrake was adjusted and the carpet was refitted.

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