This practical classic could be yours!

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By Nick Skinner


1965 Morris Traveller

It’s one of the most popular and practical classics out there! Beloved by generations of petrolheads and casual admirers at large, it is of course the Morris Traveller.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants to put you in the drivers seat while you take the scenic route and enjoy what the world has to offer with our 1965 Morris Traveller.

With its beautiful pale blue paintwork and its signature exterior woodwork, our ‘Moggy’ Traveller is the perfect classic for the whole family.

It’s 1098cc 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed gearbox, our classic Morris Traveller combines simplicity with character and reliability.

With our stunning Morris Traveller, you’ll always be tempted to take the long way home and savour the scenic route.

Enter now to win 1965 Morris Traveller on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website.

Check out the full gallery and video below:

2 responses to “This practical classic could be yours!”

  1. T Taylor avatar
    T Taylor

    Fabulous to see Harriet back on the road in pristine condition again.

  2. Mark avatar

    I presume your moggy traveller has already been converted to unleaded, but what about E10?

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