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Coming back together

The transport team at Bridge Classic Cars have been out and about to collect some important pieces for our 1951 Austin Devon Pickup. Firstly, the

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Carrying out repairs

Our technician Jon has been working on getting our 1978 Triumph Spitfire ready for its live draw tomorrow! After refiting the nearside door panel he

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Checking Over

We have recently welcomed back the 1964 Daimler 250 V8. After under going restoration/recommissioning by ourselves last year, the car was given back to its

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Separate Parts

The paint and body team at our Suffolk HQ have been methodically working on separating the body from the frame of our 1975 AC Cobra

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Moving Forward

There’s been some incredible progress on our 1905 Riley 9hp in recent weeks. Recently, the team here at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ have been

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Ready for Colour

The paint team here at Bridge Classic Cars have been preparing the body of our 1976 Triumph Spitfire for the next phase of its restoration

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Repairs to MR2

The trim team have been working on repairing the drivers seat to the 1992 Toyota MR2 which is currently in our Pettistree workshops. Lydia worked

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Coming back together

The transport team at Bridge Classic Cars have been out and about to collect some important pieces for our 1951 Austin Devon Pickup.

Firstly, the team headed to Coltech to collect the freshly rebuilt engine which will find its way underneath the carefully restored bodywork currently in our fabrication bay at our Pettistree HQ.

Then the team headed out once more to go and collected the recently powdercoated bed frame which make up the rear end of our 1950s pick up truck.

Handbrake for our 1982 Bedford HA

Our restoration technician Steve has carried out the final job on our 1982 Bedford HA before it heads off to its new home and its excited new owner – the handbrake cable.

Carrying out repairs

Our technician Jon has been working on getting our 1978 Triumph Spitfire ready for its live draw tomorrow! After refiting the nearside door panel he then continued with some work on the offside exterior door handle.

Jon fit the new striker screw to the catch mechanism and refit the handle under load from the striker. After securing and testing, the handle perfectly hits striker earlier and opens the door fine now. All that was left was to the refit door panel and tidy the area.

Afterwards, Jon then managed to finish the final inspection on our classic Spitfire. He then went on to strip, clean and inspect brakes all round. During the inspection, Jon discovered some wear makes on the rear brakes so deliped the rear drums and adjust rear shoes/handbrake. He could then move on and grease all points. Once all of the mechanical jobs were complete, he then wired in the switch to the map light and mount in the dash where he could then refit all the neccesary trims before removing the nearside door panel and attempting to adjust the window angle which required spacing out the runners at the bottom of the door with washers

La Dolce Vita – Our 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider is now live!

As one of the last iterations of the iconic Spider, the 1989 model held true to Alfa Romeo’s legacy. With its classic Pininfarina-designed body, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine gave a spirited driving experience while the stylish interior offered a sense of comfort and luxury.

Our 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider is a rare find thanks to its right-hand drive configuration and is the fuel-injected Series 3 model. This Italian sports car benefits from a recent repaint, and has been well-maintained both inside and out. Finished in an eye-catching red exterior paired with a tasteful black-trimmed interior, you certainly get the Italian luxury you might expect. This is further complimented by its wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel.

This example was originally registered overseas before acquiring its UK registration later on. Our Spider shows 55,976 kilometres (34,781 miles) over its 6 previous owners – the most recent being since 2017.

The accompanying history file contains MoTs dating back to 1994, receipts, original sales brochures, tax discs, the owner’s manual, and spare keys.

  • Rare right-hand drive Series 3 model
  • Recent repaint
  • 2-litre twin-cam four-cylinder engine
  • Less than 35,000 miles
  • Extensive History file
  • Bridge Classic Cars Pre-Delivery Inspection

Enter here to win our 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider!

Full gallery and video:

A New Shade – Our C-Type Gets Painted

The paint team here at Bridge Classic Cars have been hard at work getting our 2022 C-Type Replica into paint. The team have meticulously prepared the body and primer to get to the stage of laying down the first shades of pale green across the iconic silhouette of the car.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of hours have gone into getting the car to this stage with a large proportion of those being in the Bridge Classic Cars bodyshop.

Alan and the team have gone through every square inch of the car through every single stage to ensure the cars final finish is nothing short of perfection.

A New Arrival – 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider

We’ve welcomed a new arrival to our Pettistree HQ recently in the shape of our 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Series 3.

This low slung, Italian icon will be thoroughly inspected by the workshop before becoming a future competition car.

Please hold caller… Our 1982 Bedford HA is now live

The beloved panel van formed a core moment in the automotive lives of so many. Maybe it was your first role of responsibility at work or it was an early runaround filled with friends and laughter, either way it was always there but have become a seldom sight in the UK classic car scene.

Just like this one, our 1982 Bedford HA.

Using the Vauxhall Viva as a base, the HA’s were first let loose on British roads in 1964 and would continue to play a key role in the high-street landscape up until production ended in the early 1980’s. A favourite with utility companies, the HA’s would wear a multitude of liveries throughout their production run including the Royal Mail, British Gas, British European Airways and the famous yellow and blue British Telecom livery like our van.

After their working life was over, many of these vans would find themselves on the driveways of young petrolheads across the UK as some of their first forays onto the open road, and into a special place in their automotive hearts.

Our 1982 Bedford HA has been subject to a comprehensive restoration by a previous owner who transformed KTS 92X into the beautiful panel van that you see today and pay tribute to the bright and eye-catching British Telecom vans of the 1970s/1980s as documented in the wonderful photos of the cars transformative journey.

Now is your chance to win truly one of the most practical classics! Enter now to win our 1982 Bedford HA Van.

This Just In – Our 1968 Triumph Spitfire has arrived at our workshop

After being safely hold up at our storage facility for the last few months, this 1968 Triumph Spitfire has patiently been waiting its turn at our Pettsitree HQ.

This 60s British roadster will be handed over to our technician Steve to begin his work on getting the car back on the road.

Make sure to check in very soon on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on our 1968 Triumph Spitfire.

A modern classic to blow your doors off! Our 1992 Rover Italian Job Mini is now live

The Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team have got something to ‘blow your doors off’!

In the early 1990’s to celebrate the cult classic 1969 film, The Italian Job, the Longbridge company began a small, limited edition run of cars to pay homage to the Peter Collinson film.

Featuring unique and special graphics packs, adorning this bite size classic with its namesake, the Italian Job Minis would be available in the classic Red, White and Blue paint schemes of the hero cars in the film as well as celebrating their homeland with a timeless British Racing Green option.

Our 1992 Rover Italian Job, based on the Red Mk1 Mini driven by stunt driver David Salamone with Michael Caine as his passenger, is finished in stunning Flame Red with more modern Black bonnet stripes and a classic set of double rally lights on the front.

Powered by the quintessential 1275cc 4-cylinder engine paired with a manual gearbox, this classic Mini really does… ‘’get its skates on’’ to quote the film.

Included with the car is a history file which contains the original grey vinyl booklet pack alongside numerous invoices dating from June 2023 all the way back to the 19th of May 2000.

Also included is a valuation certificate from the British Mini club from 2015 confirming the car as one of the 1750 Italian Job Mini’s built with the inspector noting the car was ‘A nice example of a Mini Italian Job LE’.

So, whether you’re looking at doing a ‘big job’ with some gold bullion or a tranquil Sunday drive our 1992 Rover Italian Job Mini ticks all those boxes.

Join that famous ‘self-preservation society’ and enter now to win our 1992 Rover Italian Job Mini.

Full Gallery & Video:

Just gone live but you’re going to want to be quick! Our 1989 Ford Fiesta XR2

The Ford Fiesta XR2 represents an important part of many early petrolheads stories – Those first forays into making their cars truly unique and stand out from the crowd in the battle of who would be king of the car park.

Hailed as the blue ovals first attempt at a hot hatch, the XR2’s production would run from June of 1984 until April of 1989.

Fitted with the 1.6-litre engine from the Escort XR3, the XR2 would bring a new sense of performance to the smallest car in the Ford range thanks to nearly 100hp and the XR2’s lightweight of only 840KG alongside new more aggressive styling – Allowing many budding petrolheads to put their own personal stamp on their cars in the 1990’s.

Our 1989 Ford Fiesta XR2 is finished in the classic shade of Diamond White with its signature ‘rainbow’ cloth interior and has just completed a recent nut and bolt restoration bringing the car back to the style of the early to mid-1990’s.

First registered by Trimoco Ford in Chelmsford on the 7th of April 1989, our XR2 is one of the final cars to be delivered to customers before the change over to the Mk3 Fiesta later that year – The history file contains an early Ford assurance certificate dated 7th of April 1989 as well as the cars original handbooks and service records.

This is your chance to relive those glory days for just a few pounds!

But hurry! The launch sale price of just £4.50 ends at 3pm Friday 26th January 2024… Don’t miss out and get yours now.

Win a Classic Mini for just a few pounds! – Our 1976 Mini Clubman 1100 is now live

The humble Mini served as both a way to get from A to B as well as the first steps out onto the open road for a generation of would-be petrolheads.

From its earliest days in the late 1950’s all the way to its retirement in the early 2000’s, the classic Mini holds a special place in the classic car world – Just like this one, our 1976 Mini Clubman 1100.

With beautiful Antique Gold paintwork over a Black interior, with colour matched piping, our 1976 Mini has been lovingly looked after and cherished by its previous owners. Fitted with a 1098cc 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed manual gearbox, this bite-sized piece of gold has all the right feel for a classic Mini experience.

Our Mini Clubman has recently been restored inside and out, with all parts sourced from marque specialists such as Mini Spares and Mini Sport Ltd – as evidenced in the extensive history file which also includes the original Austin Morris ‘Passport to Service’ which details all the way back to the cars original PDI in August of 1976 at Melrose Garages in Norwich, where the car appears to have spent its first 20 years before migrating to the Northwest.

In its 48 years, the car is showing to have covered just under 63,000 miles. It is believed the engine was refreshed around 2018 with sales invoices for a piston ring set and new water pump.

Also included in our Mini’s file is a Best in Show award from the St Helens Classic Car Club dated April 2019, with this, we believe any restorative or restoration works were carried out prior to the award supported by parts invoices dating back to 2017/2016.

Some of you may be thinking ‘haven’t I seen this Mini before?’ and the answer is yes, but Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is giving you another chance to win this incredible 1976 Mini Clubman 1100 for just a few pounds.

Don’t miss out and get your tickets now!

New Arrival – 1970 MGB Roadster

We recently welcomed this beautiful 1970 MGB Roadster into our Suffolk HQ for our trim team to take a look at the hood of this classic drop-top sports car.

Our trimmer Lydia will work here magic on soft-top of the car.

New Arrival – 1992 Rover ‘Italian Job’ Mini

Recently we welcomed back an old friend to our Pettistree workshops, our old 1992 Rover ‘Italian Job’ Mini.

This car, played a part in the very early history of Bridge Classic Cars before going off to live its own life out there within the UK Mini community. Now, it has found its way back to us!

Soon, it will be headed into our workshops for the team to assess.

Uniquely & Proudly British – 1972 Morgan 4/4

The Morgan 4/4 is undeniably and unapologetically British. It is one of the most timeless and nostalgic designs to grace the roads across not only this island, but the world at large. From its earliest days, the company’s DNA has run strong through each of the models combining a beautiful blend of craftsmanship, style, and nostalgia.

From its introduction in 1936 and onwards to the modern day, the 4/4 has been a mainstay of the Malvern master’s arsenal – Just like this one, our 1972 Morgan 4/4.

With the classic pairing of Midnight Blue paintwork alongside a black cabin, our 4/4’s beauty is highlighted by the limited use of chrome across the flowing, elegant lines of the car and its satin grey wheels. The car’s long and signature handmade bonnet, stretches out from the driver’s seat, with the tops of its rolled arches allowing you to perfectly place this sports car out on the open road, but some may have noticed that this bonnet is not like others – this one has a new intake and hints at the sportier life it has led.

Supplied new in 1972 by I & J Macdonald in County Durham, our 4/4 is fitted with the signature Ford 1600cc crossflow 4-cylinder engine and has been developed to make this nostalgic sports car feel more modern in terms of performance. With a set of twin Dell’Orto 40 carburettors working in conjunction with a sports cam and a 4-into-1 exhaust, and when set up on a rolling road in 2019 made 117bhp to the crankshaft and 91bhp to the wheels with 120 lb/ft of torque, between 30 and 50bhp more than it originally had.

Included in the vehicle’s history file, which dates back to 1978, are invoices relating to replacements of the aluminium wings and other items as well as the general maintenance of the cars 44 years.

Now is your chance to win this truly sensational, and uniquely British sports car. Get your tickets, dust off your driving gloves, and get ready to take the long way home with our 1972 Morgan 4/4.

A Bold New Look – Revamping our 2010 Land Rover Defender

A few months ago our director, Craig, got a 2010 Land Rover Defender 90. Not only is it Craig’s everyday car but we’ve been using it for our events towards the end of the summer and into the winter.

Recently, we’ve had a our signature logo put onto the sides of this 4-wheel drive workhorse to promote the work we do when we’re out and about but also to show people at events that they have indeed come to the right place!

Along with that, the Bridge Classic Cars team have been carrying out a few repairs on the car and at the same time our amazing trimmer Lydia worked on making the cabin of the truck a little bit lighter with all new door and cab cards in a lighter coloured material. With this all done, it is now time for our truck to be out and about as we roll into the warmer months as well as our packed 2024 events calendar.

Take a look at our video for our 2010 Land Rover Defender here:

Safe & Sound – New Vehicles Arrive at our HQ for Storage

Over the last week, we’ve welcomed two loads of cars to our Suffolk HQ to be safely put into storage with ourselves.

The first batch belong to longtime friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karl. His classic sports cars, classic Jaguar and Land Rover were unloaded after being transported by EM Rogers to our workshops to await transit to our secure storage facility.

After being carefully unloaded, the cars were inspected and prepared for the next step in their storage journey.

Then a few days later, we welcomed a pair of classic cars which had made their way over to us from Europe for a customer. Again, the team at EM Rogers Transport handled the long-distance move before the cars were checked and then loaded up by the Bridge Classic Cars team for their journey to our storage facility.

The classic Triumph 2500TC as well as the beautiful patina’d Fiat 1500 will join the ranks of the other stunning and cared for classics in our storage space.

Raw Form – Our 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 Back from Blasting

Our 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 has arrived back at our Suffolk HQ following its appointment with the media blasters.

The body was carefully removed from the chassis of the 1950’s GT previously by our workshop technicians and carefully transported to a local blasting company to carefully remove the Claret paint as well as exposing any areas which will need attention by the team here at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshops.

The body arrived back at our workshops earlier this week and was taken straight into our in-house fabrication shop for our expert team of fabricators to work on getting this rare and unique GT car back into better than new shape.

The team have begun to get the body onto the framing jig to get it ready for the delicate and highly-skilled work of repairing the areas affected by 71 years of being used and stored.

New Arrival – 1977 Triumph 2500TC

Along with the beautiful 1960’s Fiat, we’ve also welcomed this 1977 Triumph 2500TC to our Pettistree workshops for the team to take a look at for the same owner!

Like the Fiat, this will be assessed by the restoration teams shortly.

New Arrival – 1960 Fiat 1500

Part of our new arrivals at our Suffolk HQ is this beautiful 1960 Fiat 1500!

This car has arrived to us from Europe for our team to have a look and assess very soon – keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Just Launched – 1992 Mercedes 300SL

The letters SL have served as moniker for fast, stylish and sophisticated Mercedes Benz 2-door sports cars for nearly 70 years. From its earliest days connected to the legendary 300SL ‘Gullwing’ of the mid-1950s all the way up until the latest generation.

The 4th generation of the long-legged ‘bahn-stormer’ was the R129. A car which became a posterchild for the decade of luxury and decadence – Just like this one, our 1992 Mercedes 300SL.

In a beautiful combination of maroon over a beige leather cabin, and removable hardtop, our R129 would bring in a new era of stylish at Mercedes with its angular and sleek modern look.

With its elegant looks, our 1992 300SL is fitted with the classic 3-litre Mercedes straight-six engine working alongside its smooth automatic gearbox to get this 2-door roadster up to an effortless pace.

Included in the cars history folder are several recent invoices to do with the upkeep and maintenance of this beautiful 1990s GT car.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants to put you in the driver’s seat as the open road stretches out in front of you by winning our 1992 Mercedes 300SL.

Get your tickets now and join the 90s jet-set!

Checking Over

We have recently welcomed back the 1964 Daimler 250 V8. After under going restoration/recommissioning by ourselves last year, the car was given back to its owner to be enjoyed and used – the car was then brought back to ourselves to be put into winter storage, something many of our customers ask us to do.

With that, we were tasked with looking into a slight leak from underneath the 1960s V8 saloon car.

Our technician James was tasked with tracking down the cause of the leak and at the same time, nut and bolt checking the underside of the car to make sure everything was all ok. During the inspection, James found several fluid leaks on the car, mainly from the power steering pump. To confirm this, the team have cleaned down the area surrounding the connections to power steering pump to allow for a clean environment to look closer and find out specifically where the leak is coming from.

Along with that, they did notice a very small weep from the back of the engine sump and have also thoroughly cleaned that down to investigate into this area further and pinpoint the area which needs attention.

Separate Parts

The paint and body team at our Suffolk HQ have been methodically working on separating the body from the frame of our 1975 AC Cobra Replica.

The team have to be incredibly careful with this process on any car, but cars with fibreglass bodies take extra attention due to the nature of the material snapping/shattering if bound up on any fixings. With this in mind, our technician Mauro went through every inch of the car to make sure that nothing was still connected before a team of technicians separated the body from the frame of the famous replica roadster.

Moving Forward

There’s been some incredible progress on our 1905 Riley 9hp in recent weeks.

Recently, the team here at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ have been working full-steam ahead on the 1-of-1 antique car.

The wooden frame has returned from the team at Ashbocking Joinery ready for the trim team to continue their careful and precise work in bringing the wooden structure back to life with its handmade covering.

Meanwhile, the fabrication team have been working on recreating several pieces which needed to be re-manufactured for the hood to be fitted up properly for testing. These small hooks are part of the hood support system which needed to be made and shaped by hand to perfectly fit the 119-year-old car.