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Spot The Difference

Notice anything about these two images? We were stunned to see the difference in colour once Colin for Auto Valet had cleaned the seats on

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MGB Roadster Winner!

Congratulations to our MGB winner, Tony Lund! Tony is out of the country for several months with work, so his friend Phillip has very kindly

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Mercedes 1999 Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our 1999 Mercedes 280SL, Robert Read! Roberts lucky ticket number was 131. We rang him live on the draw night

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Hat Trick Winners

Last week, we had a hat trick give away! Three cars and three winners certainly kept the live draw exciting. A big congratulations to James

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Competition winners

This week we announced the two lucky winners of our competition. Karl Reilly from Essex won the 1968 Triumph TR3 with his lucky ticket number

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Spot The Difference

Notice anything about these two images?

We were stunned to see the difference in colour once Colin for Auto Valet had cleaned the seats on our Mercedes CL600! The line across each photo shows the before and after of the leather seats in our Mercedes.

We can’t wait to see how it all looks once clean!

Mercedes Owners Wave Goodbye To Beloved Motor

Our electrician Tim recently sold us his late fathers beloved Mercedes CL500 with the hopes that someone else will take it on and love it. We’ve recently put this up in our competition where someone will be able to win it and love it as well.

Thank you Tim for passing on such a special motor.

BMW Z3 Winner: Happy Faces And Big Smiles At Bridge HQ

“It’s rather wonderful isn’t it” exclaimed Ian as we revealed his BMW Z3.
Ian Logan is the lucky winner of our modern classic BMW Z3 and made the trip, with his wife Gail, from central London to collect his new car.

Their excitement was tangible as they walked around the car, inspecting their new drive home.

“I can’t thank you enough, it’s incredible” Ian beamed, sat behind the wheel.

Our favourite part of the competitions is seeing the delight of our winners when they see their new motor. We hope Ian and Gail have many happy miles in the car and we can’t wait to see where they take it!

You can see their full reactions in our video below:

Goodwood Revival Repost – May 2021

We’re delighted to see that Goodwood Revival has shared our free competition for Goodwood tickets and spending money! We can’t wait for September and are excited to see this year’s new layout.

You can enter our competition here.

Live Draw Produces Quadruple Winners

Our live draw last night was action-packed with 4 winners, new cars and exclusive workshop videos. Our production crew from Bruizer joined us in the afternoon for tech rehearsals and to set up the hanger which was fully kitted out with multiple cameras, screens and lights.

A big congratulations to our winners, Ian Logan who won our BMW with ticket number 1232, Steve Hatswell who won our 1996 Mini Cooper 35 with ticket number 1319, David Gair-Stevens who won our 1980 Mini 1275 GT with lucky ticket number 632 and Matthew Evans who’s taking home our 1969 Mini MkII 850 Super Deluxe thanks to his ticket number 1532.

We’re excited to continuously develop our production process to get our live shows looking bigger and better! We even got compared to Top Gear last night with our new layout, Top Gear, watch your backs…

You can take a sneak peak behind the camera here:

Behind The Scenes: 1962 BMW Isetta

Our charming 1962 BMW Isetta has just launched and we’re already getting a lot of love for the micro sized car.

Opening up the small front door, it teeters on its hinges in a fridge like fashion, revealing a steering wheel and gears attached to the inside of the door, which present themselves to you as you get in. Sitting on the front seats which are fashioned to look like a comfortable tartan bench, the seating area leaves little room for a passenger. Everything about this car is dainty and charming, and is set to trigger nostalgia in many.

The BMW Isetta offers a great solution to crowded cities and difficult parking but isn’t one you’d be pulling handbrake turns in. Certainly amid a pandemic, a bubble car seems suited to the days of socially distanced car meets.

Rumour has it, just after the war, BMW were struggling. They were making big saloons and high end sports cars in the hopes that they could attract wealthy buyers, but it came at a cost. A cost that almost finished one of the biggest brands in the world today.

They then discovered the Isetta. The Isetta was already in production by another company and BMW worked out that it was far cheaper to buy the rights to building this incredible car rather than try to produce something similar, so that’s exactly what they did.

And here we have it, one of the quirkiest classic cars ever to have graced our roads, our 1962 BMW Isetta ‘Bubble’ Car.

A huge hit in the 50’s with over 160,000 units sold, ours being one of the later models, a 1962, means it has the upgraded high displacement engine, pumping out a massive 298cc, producing a colossal 13bhp. With a recommended top speed of 46mph and achieving an impressive 63 miles per gallon.

The Isetta was not popular in the UK until a three-wheeled version was introduced. Although three-wheeled vehicles are more prone to rolling over, there was a financial advantage: they could evade automobile legislation and taxation by being classed as three-wheeled motorcycles and could be driven with a motorcycle licence.

In 1962, Isetta of Great Britain stopped production of the little cars so ours being from the final year makes this very rare classic even more special. A very collectable classic, this lovely Isetta would be a welcome addition to any garage. Pick up your tickets today for a chance of winning this fun little classic.

Behind The Scenes – Mini Madness

With all three minis individually shot, it only left the finale: Bridge Classic Cars does the Italian Job. Directed, shot and produced by our marketing and visual gurus, Ellie and Freddie. The team got together Craig, Hannah and Charlotte with their minis to film a quirky and enthusiastic video for our big reveal. Co-ordinating all three mini’s on the runway for each shot took a few attempts but after an hour or so, we managed to get together enough frames for our reveal video which aired last night on our live draw.

With each mini and driver taking turns in the spotlight, driving stunts were choreographed to allow for each mini and driver to be clearly seen whilst still keeping the quirky personality of the classics.

After the video was shot, we lined up the cars and their drivers for some photos before heading back to the hanger and settling down for an editing marathon.

Behind The Scenes – 1996 Mini Cooper 35

We took our 1996 Mini Cooper 1.3 over to Bentwaters for its photoshoot. We were lucky with the good weather and bright sun for our photos and videos. As usual, the team split in two with Freddie handling the videos and Ellie shooting the photos. Craig and Charlotte later joined to be our faces and drivers for this mini.

Charlotte came to help out for this shoot and sat for some portraits to create some more lifestyle photos for this characterful classic.

A Closer Look At The Green Machine

We thought we’d give you a closer looked at this nippy little green machine that’s recently come in. This 1996 Almond Green Mini Cooper 35 arrived in the workshop today in perfect condition! We can’t wait to give it a drive around Bentwaters to show you more. Big things are on the horizon..

Something New Has Arrived…

In this morning’s dreary drizzle, a 1996 Mini Cooper 35 1.3i (1275cc) arrived adorned with roof rack and Monte Carlo anniversary stickers. Finished in a fantastic Almond Green with the classic white roof, this little classic is set to be on our competition website in the near future, watch this space…

Special Edition 35 – “to celebrate 35 years since the Mini Cooper first rolled off the production line and went on to make history. Winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times in the Swinging 60s. And out-manoevering far larger and more powerful rivals in countless other racing and rallying events.

BBC Radio Suffolk Interview With Luke Deal

Today we had Luke Deal from BBC Radio Suffolk come down to join us at our Hanger at Bentwaters. Luke popped down to chat with our director Craig about our Morris Minor, our raffles and all things classic cars! Luke is a classic car enthusiast himself and was keen to have a go in our Morris Minor. Take a look at the behind the scenes photos and interview below.

Luke talks about his fascination for Morris Minors as his father ‘had many’ he tells us; “my father had many a Morris Minor so it’s a privilege to be here this morning to find out more about this classic car.”

Luke took a look around our little Morris and remarked “Something that strikes me is that It’s in immaculate condition for something that’s so old”.

We love getting involved with local businesses and people so it was great to have Luke down at the hangar today.

Live Draw Results Produce MGB Winner

Last night’s live draw was all focused around our delightful 1981 MGB GT LE that’s been won by Duncan Walker with his lucky ticket 1056. We’ll be delivering his new classic down to Hampshire as soon as we’ve run it through its PDI (pre-delivery inspection).

We’ve still got two other wonderful classics up for grabs so head over to our competitions website to check them out as tickets are selling fast!

Behind The Scenes: Stag photoshoot

Last week, the team drove over to our hanger at Bentwaters to shoot our Triumph Stag, which you may recognise as one of our latest competition cars. Alongside the standard shoot, we also had our friend and model, Hannah, accompany us to take some portraits with the car. We’ve found that in recent months, adding in portrait shots with our photo collections is a great way to mix up our content and show the car in action.

We were lucky with the weather as the sun graced us with its late winter warmth. With a large film crew set up at Bentwaters, we’ve found ourselves exploring new locations on the base.

You may have seen a lot of these photos over on our competition site or on our social pages such as Facebook, but for those that havent, or what to see the whole collection, you can browse the Stag in full detail here.

Behind The Scenes: 1949 Morris Minor MM ‘Lowlight’

In February, we shot this characterful Morris Minor ‘Lowlight’, which you may recognise as out current competition car. We were lucky with the weather as a warm late winter sun graced the skies over Bentwaters RAF base. Ellie and Freddie headed down to our hanger to start photographing and filming our beloved Morris in preparation to be launched on the website.

Alongside our stationary photos, we always capture in-motion shots of the car driving, as well as videos to capture the spirit of the motor.

Detailed shots of the exterior and interior are captured in several locations, giving the team plenty of content to post over the course of the competition.