New Arrival At HQ

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

This weekend we welcomed a stunning red 1996 Mercedes 320SL into the workshop. This lovely modern classic is set to be one of our next competition cars. Kitted out with AMG wheels, beautifully kept interior and the option of 3 different roof settings; hard top, soft top and convertible, this Mercedes is a stunning example of an everyday classic.

In the 1996 models, the V-8 received individual ignition coils for each cylinder, a reimagined crankshaft, a new modified engine-management system and lighter pistons. This model also has a five-speed automatic gearbox which has replaced the previous four-speed. 

Not only is this Mercedes in pristine condition, but it is also award-winning. In 2019 it won a trophy at the Mercedes-Benz Car Club.

Here you can see Craig driving the Mercedes out of Hall Farm in Dedham. This modern classic is a smooth and understated drive.

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