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Uniquely & Proudly British – 1972 Morgan 4/4

The Morgan 4/4 is undeniably and unapologetically British. It is one of the most timeless and nostalgic designs to grace the roads across not only this island, but the world at large. From its earliest days, the company’s DNA has run strong through each of the models combining a beautiful blend of craftsmanship, style, and nostalgia.

From its introduction in 1936 and onwards to the modern day, the 4/4 has been a mainstay of the Malvern master’s arsenal – Just like this one, our 1972 Morgan 4/4.

With the classic pairing of Midnight Blue paintwork alongside a black cabin, our 4/4’s beauty is highlighted by the limited use of chrome across the flowing, elegant lines of the car and its satin grey wheels. The car’s long and signature handmade bonnet, stretches out from the driver’s seat, with the tops of its rolled arches allowing you to perfectly place this sports car out on the open road, but some may have noticed that this bonnet is not like others – this one has a new intake and hints at the sportier life it has led.

Supplied new in 1972 by I & J Macdonald in County Durham, our 4/4 is fitted with the signature Ford 1600cc crossflow 4-cylinder engine and has been developed to make this nostalgic sports car feel more modern in terms of performance. With a set of twin Dell’Orto 40 carburettors working in conjunction with a sports cam and a 4-into-1 exhaust, and when set up on a rolling road in 2019 made 117bhp to the crankshaft and 91bhp to the wheels with 120 lb/ft of torque, between 30 and 50bhp more than it originally had.

Included in the vehicle’s history file, which dates back to 1978, are invoices relating to replacements of the aluminium wings and other items as well as the general maintenance of the cars 44 years.

Now is your chance to win this truly sensational, and uniquely British sports car. Get your tickets, dust off your driving gloves, and get ready to take the long way home with our 1972 Morgan 4/4.

‘I Don’t Believe It!’ – Our 1963 Vauxhall Victor FB is now live

It played an important role in many young petrolheads lives. Whether it be watching the roads pass by from the comfort of the bench back seat, or from behind the wheel with your first taste of automotive freedom, this classic perfectly captures a moment in time for so many of us.

It’s our 1963 Vauxhall Victor FB and it could be yours for just a few pounds…

Finished in period correct Limestone White with a matching, characterful patina’d interior our Victor FB has been kept as a time capsule to preserve its originality.

Fitted with the classic Vauxhall 1.5-litre 4-cylinder and 4-speed manual gearbox, this time capsule is the perfect way to go back in time and relive days gone by.

Included in the cars history folder are invoices and receipts dating back to the mid-1980s.

Why not go back in time with our Vauxhall Victor FB? Enter now for your chance to win.

Take a look at the full gallery and video here:

A beloved workhorse – Our 1974 Mini 850 Van is ready to be won!

The panel van has been a welcomed workhorse for generations. With its utilitarian practicality, the panel van has done everything from moving house to making memories.

Now Bridge Classic Cars wants you to relive and relove those memories with our gorgeous 1974 Mini 850 Van.

With its beautiful dark green paintwork, over a simple but elegant black interior, our Mini panel van was subjected to a full nut and bolt restoration between 2000 and 2013 commissioned by an adoring previous owner. Included in the cars history file are invoices which relate to the cars restoration where no stone was left unturned in bringing this classic Mini back to life.

Powered by a small and simple 848cc 4-cylinder engine and 4 speed manual gearbox, this little Mini has a practical and easy-going charm.

Originally classed as a commercial vehicle, many of these panel van sadly do not exist today due to being in constant heavy use in their younger years, but this one has been cherished since its early days it would seem with the odometer showing just a shade over 28,000 miles, which is believed to be original, since it was first registered in Devon on the 1st of June 1974.

This is your chance to win this sensational bite-sized panel van for just a few pounds!

Full Gallery & Video:

A wonderfully British classic… And, it could be yours!

The classic Austin-Healey holds a special place in the dream garage of many petrolheads. From the humble Sprite to the suave and sophisticated 3000, the Austin-Healey has earned its pedestal.

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is giving you the chance to win one of these truly engaging and wonderful classic British sports cars with our 1958 Austin-Healey 100/6.

With stunning red paintwork and a complimenting black leather interior and white piping, this ‘big Healey’ has got charm and character which could only come from a long-legged, drivers Healey.

Fitted with a beautiful 2.7-litre inline-six and 4-speed manual gearbox, this soft-top sports car has got the perfect set-up to be enjoyed on a back road blast or a relaxed road trip.

Recently imported from South Africa at the start of 2023, the car has gone through a recommission by the Bridge Classic Cars team which included a full brake system rebuild as well as some mechanical jobs to get this wonderful classic ready for its new home.

During its time in South Africa, the car took part in several grand-touring rallies and drive-outs including most recently in the 2022 running of the Cape 1000.

The vehicle comes with a full UK registration, 742XWA, as well as several folders of workshop manuals and dating letters and certificates from the Austin-Healey Club and the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust.

Enter now for your chance to win one of the most sought after classic British sports cars.

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Delivering our 1972 Triumph Stag to its lucky new owner

Last week, Tom and Nick went to deliver our 1972 Triumph Stag to its new owner Dudley.

Dudley had won the car the previous week through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions and was excited to take delivery of his new pride and joy.

Upon meeting Dudley and finding out a bit more about his story, his incredible life with aircraft and cars, we also found out about his personal connection to our current charity partner, East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Dudley has been an avid supporter and advocate for the amazing work that the charity do to help people in serious situations either in the air or on the road with the incredible live saving team since he found himself in need of their help one day while visiting family.

Take a look at the moment Dudley met his 1972 Triumph Stag for the first time and more on this amazing gentleman’s story below.

You to could be just like Dudley and win a dream classic of your own while also supporting a very worthy charity by entering our 1973 Triumph Spitfire charity competition, with 100% of the profits of this competition going directly to help East Anglian Air Ambulance continue to save lives.

Little Eva: The Next Chapter

Little Eva is the name given to our charming 1961 Morris Mini Deluxe.

Since its restoration, Little Eva has joined our personal collection of classic cars. As this lovely little classic has not had the use we had anticipated, we have decided to let her go for someone else to enjoy.

Restored in collaboration with Team C Racing, our Mini was restored to the very highest of standards. To read our full write-up and for your chance of winning Little Eva, enter the draw here.

En-route to Bridge Classic Cars – 1992 Rover Mini Cooper

Our good friend and colleague Bradley from Drivers4you right now is up in Aberdeenshire for us delivering and collecting a couple of our recent projects. Once the Alfa is delivered, Bradley will be heading 10 minutes up the road to collect our amazing 1992 Rover Mini Cooper.

We should hopefully be able to accept deliver back here in Suffolk either later this evening or tomorrow morning. We can’t wait!!

Behind The Scenes – Live Draw of the 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Last night, the Bridge Classic Cars team got together to find out who the fortunate new owner of our 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed was.

This week, we were joined by our friend Sam from Bruizer to help us with the new video set-up. As the clock struck 7 o’clock, we welcomed our friends to our weekly Livestream. As everyone joined in, Molly and Freddie took everyone around our amazing Bentley one last time while there were still tickets available.

After showing everyone the video of our Bentley in action, Molly, Freddie and Craig went through some of the other amazing machines we currently have in our competition building. Just like our beautiful 1968 Morris Mini MkII 850, a car we’ve all become massively fond of and proving to be massively popular with our followers, so we showed our friends around it.

Then, it was time for our new history segment where Nick goes a little bit further in-depth into some of the cars and motorcycles that we currently have in. This time, it was the history of the 1994 Ducati 750SS going back to the early 1970s.

Afterwards, Molly introduced what the team had been up to the week before visiting Knowledge Visual Technology in Oxford to try out their racing simulator but then it was time! By the time the competition closed, there were only around 400 tickets remaining on the Bentley.

With our pre-published entry list now live on website, we could find out who the lucky new owner of the 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed was using our random number generator.

Molly input the numbers for the generator to choose from and then it was down to one single click… The first number hadn’t been allocated. It took a few attempts until finally, we found it. Ticket 1630.

That number had been allocated to Terry Richardson. Terry was the winner of our 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed.

He was absolutely ecstatic when we called him. He said that he was gonna use it every day for a while once it is delivered right to his doorstep very soon!

Make sure you watch along next week for the draw of our 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In a bit of a change to our normal schedule, last week’s live draw was held on Friday. But, it was a special live draw. We were going to find out who the lucky new owner of our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was.

The chances on the Alfa were looking incredible as we went into the live. Just over half the tickets had sold so everyone in the draw had some of the best chances we had seen on one of our competitions, but as with all of our competitions – if we say it’s going to be drawn, then it’s going to be drawn.

At 7, on our Facebook page, we welcomed all of our friends to the live stream. To begin with, Molly and Freddie showed everyone around all of the amazing machines we have in our competition building which will be coming up very soon.

Nick, one of our marketing guys and resident historian, went through the history of University Motors and the fabled ‘specials’ as we have an MG C Roadster which we are currently uncovering its story due to it wearing a University Motors Special badge.

Then at 10 past, with the competition closed. It was time to find out what we had all been waiting for – who the lucky winner of our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was.

As we reminded everyone, not all of the tickets had sold so we may have to run the draw a couple of times. But on the 2nd sweep of the random number generator, we found the winner.

Adam Brudenell with ticket number 1329.

We tried calling Adam to let him know the good news but we had to leave him a message to let him know the good news. We’re all absolutely thrilled for Adam and can’t wait to get his new classic Alfa Romeo to him.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting Our 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII

After being fully inspected and checked over by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop, the team were given the all-clear to get it ready to become our latest classic car competition.

It is of course of beautiful 1968 Morris Mini MkII, and it has one of the most amazing stories of any car we’ve had.

For those who don’t know – this car was delivered brand new to the island of Cyprus where its school teacher took delivery. A few years later, after the invasion of Cyprus, the little Mini was stowed away in a garage. Safe from prying eyes, looters or anyone out to get it. There it sat for 40 years… Alone in a garage. Until it was unearthed and rejuvenated before making its way back to the UK. And ultimately, wound up here at our Suffolk HQ.

The 850cc engine rumbled along the runway as we made our way to the filming location near our safe, secure storage facility. Its simplicity is its greatest charm and its classic shape has made it a favourite with enthusiasts for decades. The car finished in its original colour of Almond Green and tan interior happily zipped around the base.

And now, its time for you to take over the story of the 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII. The next chapter of this classics Mini journey is with one of you…

Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and get your tickets now!

Or, check out the full gallery and our competition video:

What’s the Story? – How the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Stood the Test of Time

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta – A legendary name in the automotive world for many different reasons. But, one thing the plucky 4-door Italian saloon has done is stand the test of time.

Over three iterations, the name spans nearly 70 years with changes and then-modern influences playing their part in each of the cars.

Where we need to start is more of a question of When. The Giulietta name first appeared in 1954 as it was designated for the beautiful Bertone-designed Tipo 750 and 101’s which personified the aesthetics of La Dolce Vita thanks to its contemporary and flowing design. The Giulietta was available in several variants such as Spider, Coupe and Saloon and proved itself on not just the elegant boulevards and winding roads of the Amalfi Coast but in the towns and cities across Europe. It also won on the racetrack, carrying on the great Alfa Romeo tradition of motorsport. The 4 door saloons – the Berlina’s – proved to be the most popular to buyers. The stunning good looks and practicality meant it ticked a lot of the boxes for potential buyers.

By 1961, the first generation Giuliettas would reach the 100,000 mark. With 39,000 of those being the 4-door Berlinas.

The first generation Giulietta would run until 1965, being phased out by the incoming Giulia which was introduced in 1962.

Over the next 12 years, the Giulietta name would lay dormant in the design offices of Alfa Romeos HQ in Turin. Then, in 1977, the world would be graced with a new radically redesigned iteration.

The Tipo 116 would break cover in 1977. Designed as a ‘small executive saloon’ the Tipo 116 was based on the then-current Alfetta’s underpinnings. Our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is this generation, the much misunderstood Tipo 116.

The second-generation cars would be based on the then popular ‘three box’ design which would dominate automotive styling from the 1970s to the 1990s. A school of thought that favoured angular, sharp creases but allowed a sense of elegance and purpose.

Powered by the quintessential Alfa Romeo twin-cam 4-cylinder engine, the Giulietta’s were mechanically wonderful. Using the rear-mounted 5-speed Transaxle from the Alfetta, the Giuliettas were well balanced for a front-engined saloon car and in certain environments incredible effective. Outside of Europe, the single largest market for Alfa Romeo was South Africa, where the story of our 1981 Giulietta begins. From 1981 to 1984, the country played host to the production of Giuliettas for their market.

1981, the Tipo 116’s were given an aesthetic update as the markets moved to more flamboyant and excess-driven looks at the dawn of the decade of extremes.

The Tipo 116’s were even more popular than the original cars. Over 360,000 cars would be built when production ended in 1985 before being replaced by the Alfa Romeo 75 (that ran until the early 1990s) which used the majority of the Giulietta/Alfetta engineering.

Then once more, the Giulietta name would be shelved. As it gathered dust in the hallways of the Alfa Romeo archive. Slowly forgotten by all but the groups of enthusiasts who appreciate and understand these often confused cars. But, as the 21st century’s first decade came to a close – the time was right for the name to reappear.

In 2010, the Giulietta name graced the rear hatch of a modern Alfa Romeo. Charged with carrying on the name and modern styling which sits at the core of an Alfa Romeo the Tipo 940 would stay in production until 2020. Being a staple of the Alfa Romeo line-up and help to keep its stake as one of the world’s most formidable auto manufacturers.

What sits at the core of the Giulietta also sits at the core of what it means to be an Alfa Romeo. They develop personalities and dare we say it, even a soul in some ways. They must be understood and cared for in order to be appreciated fully – The most important thing in all of that is to truly understand the car.

And Bridge Classic Cars gives you the chance to own a part of that incredible, rich and vibrant history. Our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be won this Friday! Get your tickets now and enter the draw!

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Bridge Classic Cars team have been working behind the scenes to bring you this, our latest competition car. Our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

After being checked over by our in-house workshops and given the all-clear for filming, it was taken over to our filming location at The Hangar. There, it was handed over to Freddie and Molly to get ready for its competition debut.

The stunning Shahini blue paintwork contrasted against the evergreen backgrounds of the former airforce base. Its characterful Alfa Romeo twin-cam 4-cylinder engine gave every sense of personality and music to the occasion. As Molly took it round the loop, the Alfa behaved beautifully. With the windows down, the sunroof open and the sun beaming down, there weren’t many better places to be at that moment in time.

And, all of this could be yours. You could become the lucky new owner of this stunning 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta with Bridge Classic Cars Competitions! Head over to the website by clicking here and get your tickets now.

Featured – Our 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 in the East Anglian Daily Times

The latest competition from Bridge Classic Cars, our 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10, has been featured in the East Anglian Daily Times recently.

Previously, our 1948 Morris Minor MM Lowlight was featured in an article by EADT and was won by Matthew Sugden who is an Ipswich local! So, with this competition, the team at EADT have run the story of how we’re giving someone the chance to own one of the most iconic supercars of the 1990s for just a few pounds.

You can get your tickets here or read the full article here.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10

The time had come. As the glorious 8-litre V10 fired into life, the rapturous noise bouncing off the walls of the legendary Bentwaters Hush House you could feel the excitement of the team build.

It was finally time, to shoot our latest competition – the legendary 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10.

After being inspected by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and cleared for filming, it was taken over to our secure storage facility, The Hangar, for the team to start work.

The Hush House, an old engine testing facility on the base, has been the background for several of our own photoshoots as well as a basis for photoshoots by major racing teams and manufacturers. The 2022 Williams F1 livery was revealed with the images of their F1 car in its extractor tunnel.

As Freddie, eased the Viper into the tunnel, the noise only grew in its ferocity and volume. The team then got the car perfectly into position before filming the all-important reveal sequence, giving you the first glimpses of this 1990s supercar icon. From there, Craig along with Freddie, eased the car down the ramps and out of the tunnel to get everything set up to let the Viper stretch its legs on the ex-American Air Base.

As Craig ran the Viper through the gears on the old turning circle, the supercar flexed its muscles. The sight and sound of this bedroom poster come to life was enough to have the whole team smiling as it accelerated past the camera car.

And now, it could be yours…

That’s right! Bridge Classic Cars are giving you the chance to own one of the rawest and most visceral supercars to have ever existed for just a few pounds. Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website now and get your tickets for the 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10.

Or, to check out the full gallery and video have a look below!

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1969 Sunbeam Rapier

The Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team have just launched this! Our 1969 Sunbeam Rapier.

The team took the fully inspected Rapier fastback to our filming location to begin getting the necessary photos and videos to bring you the latest competition car.

The bright red coupe looked incredible in the summer sun. Its paintwork is only complemented further by the exceptional black interior and black/silver wheels.

The 1.7-litre 4-cylinder engine pulled strong as it made its way across the ex-airfield. The twin Weber carburettors gave their signature snarl with every blip of the throttle much to the delight of the team. It was a perfect machine for the best time of year. A low-slung and sleek fastback. A micro-muscle car with strong, chiselled looks but on a delicate and nimble scale.

And now, all of this could be yours. Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants you to win this 1969 Sunbeam Rapier! Head over to the website and get your tickets now!

Or, to check out the official gallery and video, see below: