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Corvette Winner Lee Bache ticket 387

Another Happy Winner

Last week we delivered our 1979 Chevrolet Corvette to a delighted Lee Bache in Southampton. After only buying a singular ticket for his first competition

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Live Draw: 1991 Rover Mini

Congratulations Lee Polley, winner of our 1991 Rover Mini with ticket number 410. For your chance to win your dream classic, head to

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Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1969 Sunbeam Rapier

Last night, the Bridge Classic Cars team found out who the lucky new owner of our stunning 1969 Sunbeam Rapier was! Let’s take a look behind the scenes with Craig, Freddie and Nick.

The Sunbeam Rapier Fastback is one of the best-kept secrets in the classic car world. Gorgeous styling, good performance paired with sturdy and reliable engineering. Our beautiful vibrant Red Rapier Fastback proved to be hugely popular, by the time the competition ended at 7:10 PM last night, only 900 of the 7750 tickets remained. And, it was our lowest ticket price ever at just £3! But it was a lot of car for a very small outlay.

As the team went live on our Facebook page at 7PM, everyone began to join in with the comments section coming alive with greetings and messages of luck to each other.

After the introduction, Craig handed over to Nick for a quick tour with Freddie around the workshop to take a look at some of the work the Bridge Classic Cars workshop team have been doing over the last week. Then, at 10 past 7, the entries closed.

Whilst the team waited for the final entry list to be posted up online (which is done with all of our competitions) they took along around some of the other cars in the competitions building, some of which you will see more of very soon…

Then, it was time for the live draw. As always, we used a Google Random Number Generator to choose a winner from everyone who entered randomly. After a quick test to make sure the number generator was working correctly and messages of ”all clear” flashed away on the live stream, Craig input the numbers to be chosen between. 1 and 7750.

One final word of good luck from the team, and with a single click the future of the Rapier Fastback was confirmed. It would be heading to its new home with Chris. Who’s winning ticket of 5993 was selected by the random number generator.

As always the team give the winner a call. After a few rings, Chris answered. Although having your dinner interrupted isn’t always ideal, when Craig told him he was now the proud new owner of our 1969 Sunbeam Rapier, you could hear the excitement in his voice.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1985 Porsche 911, TAG Heuer Carrera & 2007 Jaguar XKR at Beach Street Felixstowe

With the weather getting better and better, the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team decided to change things up a little bit. For this, we took our latest competition cars down to Beach Street in Felixstowe to find out who the lucky winners were of our amazing 1985 Porsche 911, TAG Heuer Carrera and the 2007 Jaguar XKR.

The setting was perfect by the coast as the late spring sun began to move back towards the horizon. The team set up the cars ready to show everyone online and everyone at Beach Street to look around, including a newly launched 1980 supercharged Mini Van.

After the usual walk around, it was time to find out who’s lucky day it really was. The team input the numbers for the Google Random Number Generator to choose from and then with a single click, it was done.

The winners:

  • 1985 Porsche 911 – Gareth Evans with Ticket Number 4541
  • 2007 Jaguar XKR – William Pearson with Ticket Number 3102
  • TAG Heuer Carrera – Andrew Parry with Ticket Number 2367

It was a brilliant evening for all and we, at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, want to say a big thank you to Beach Street Felixstowe for inviting us down and we cannot wait to come back soon!

To rewatch the live draw, please see below:

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 2007 Jaguar XKR

The Jaguar XKR is the perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. An elegant, sophisticated coupe with the heart of a wild animal hidden underneath its long, flowing aluminium bonnet.

The XKR is special in that the 4.2-litre V8 has been fitted with a supercharger to get more power and more torque directly to the rear wheels. Our 2007 Jaguar XKR, is finished in a beautiful bright silver with a contrasting black leather interior, adding yet another level to its hidden talents.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions were beyond excited to bring this car up to our filming location and shoot the car ahead of its launch. It had been through our restoration workshop to be checked over and given the green light for the team to drive it for filming.

The weather was perfect for this type of car. Bright sun with a few banks of clouds drifting across the Suffolk countryside while the air filled with a V8 rumble only broken by the characteristic whine of the supercharger. The leather seats, modern controls and easy handling made the XKR a perfect car for any occasion.

For lap after lap, Hayley rumbled her way around the film site with the XKR not so much as even breaking a sweat but underneath, you could tell the big coupe just wanted to stretch its legs but was more than happy to lazily drift around the circuit.

And it could be yours! This is the latest competition car. Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website now for your chance to win this incredible 2007 Jaguar XKR.

Click here to enter

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1993 Rover Mini Sprite

After having its inspection and being given a clean bill of health by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop, it was time to pull our latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize out and shoot some photos of it.

That’s right, the next competition from Bridge Classic Cars is this beautiful 1993 Rover Mini Sprite. An iconic and well adored classic that almost everyone has a connection to in some way or another. The happy little 1275cc 4-cylinder buzzes along and the sound from the stainless steel sports exhaust bounced off the trees and concrete angles at our secure storage facility as it was taken over to our shooting location.

The tiny wheelbase and wider wheels, thanks to its upgrade to the later Sportback specification, allowed the bright white classic Mini to change direction and talk back to the driver. Letting them know exactly what was going on beneath them.

And from this evening, you’ll be able to enter for your chance of winning the 1993 Rover Mini! Just click the link below.

Click here to enter the 1993 Rover Mini competition.

Fourth Donation – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal TVR S2

The team at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions have sent over the latest donation from our 1989 TVR S2 competition which is in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

The total is now £31,000 which will be going directly to help support those who have been affected and displaced by the conflict unfolding across Ukraine. Every penny from this competition will be donated to the appeal and help the people of Ukraine.

You can help this amazing cause and be in with a chance of being the winner of the 1989 TVR S2 by heading over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and entering now for just £10.

Click here to enter the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal 1989 TVR S2 competition.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting our 1974 Alfa Romeo Series 2 Spider

The beautiful 1974 Alfa Romeo Series 2 Spider is the latest car from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions and it’s recently been out for its photoshoot after being given a clean bill of health from the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop.

The weather was perfect for capturing this iconic 1970s Italian convertible in its natural habitat, revving happily along in the bright sunshine. As Hayley got behind the wheel and fired up the fabulous 1.8-litre twin-cam 4 cylinder, the soundtrack matched the visuals. The car pulled away down the runway towards its photoshoot location.

The engine pulled strong and revved away to itself underneath the sun. It wasn’t just Hayley smiling while around this stunning Alfa Romeo, the rest of the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions car couldn’t help but be pulled in by its charm and character.

This will be available to enter on the 29th March 2022 over on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions Website which you can get by clicking here!

Featured – The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 1989 TVR S2 in the Car & Classic Email

The 1989 TVR S2 generously donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal which Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has been featured in the Car & Classic newsletter.

It’s absolutely incredible the amount of support across the industry and the community for this amazing cause where 100% of the proceeds are going weekly to help support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by the DEC. These funds go directly to those on the ground helping the people affected by and displaced by the conflict.

You can enter the competition too and support this wonderful cause by clicking the link below.

Click here for Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 1989 TVR S2 competition.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1959 MGA Twin Cam & 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Our 1959 MGA Twin Cam and 1979 Triumph Spitfires have found their very lucky new owners in last night’s live draw. Let’s go behind the scenes…

For this live draw, it was just the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team. At the closing time for tickets of 630pm, there were still 1100 tickets remaining on the MGA Twin Cam and around 400 on the Spitfire – which means incredible odds for those who had entered. But, none of us knew just who the new owners would be.

After the customary walk around of the cars in our new competition building, talking to our incredible audience on our live stream, it was time to find out who lady luck was smiling on last night. As always, we use a Random Number Generator in order to select the ticket numbers from the pre-published entry lists which are available to view before the draw.

First up was the stunning Inca Yellow 1979 Triumph Spitfire, one of the best sounding cars that we have ever had in with its upgraded stainless steel system, the sound matches its striking good looks. As the numbers were loaded into the random number generator, anticipation built. Then, with a wiring flash on the new big-screen monitor, the number appeared. 2170. This particular ticket was allocated to Neil James. The new, very lucky owner of the 1979 Inca Yellow Triumph Spitfire.

Without holding up proceedings, everyone wanted to know who was going to win the 1959 MGA Twin Cam. A car with possibly one of the best backstories we have ever had in. A true race car from its earliest days and then a classic sports car connection between a father, a son and a racing team. XLE40, the 1959 MGA Twin Cam has got an incredible history (which you can read about here). But, we were here to find out who its latest custodian was. Hayley input the numbers into the generator, and with a single click, the fate of the MGA Twin Cam had been decided. The screen showed 3476. The ticket number bought by Peter Leyland. The MGA Twin Cam’s new owner.

As a custom, we call the winners on the live stream. Unfortunately, Neil didn’t answer the phone. But Peter did. Hayley and the team had a chat with him, a true MG enthusiast at heart. He was overwhelmed with his new addition.

Soon, these two will be heading off to their new lives away from us with their wonderful new owners to adore.

Remember, you too could join the list of over 70+ people who have won with us. Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now!

Behind The Scenes – Live Draw of the TAG Heuer Carrera & 1974 MGB GT

The night of the 17th of February 2022 was time for another of the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions live draws! This was the time to find out who the new winner of the TAG Heuer Carrera Watch and 1974 MGB GT.

As with our last few live draws, we invited several members for the East Coast Retros car club down to watch the draw from our brand new showroom facility at our Suffolk HQ along with a very special friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karina (AKA Bike Like a Mum). As Hayley and Craig made their way around the selection of cars inside the new building and showed our live audience both in the building on the live stream around each of them.

After that, it was a quick walk through our restoration workshop to show some of the new projects currently being worked on by the Bridge Classic Cars technicians. Included in that was a look at our new paint and body preparation area and the move of our trim shop from downstairs to upstairs at our Pettistree workshop.

Then, it was back into the new building. Hayley and Craig managed to grab a couple of minutes with Karina to talk about her experiences going through the process of getting her motorcycle license and her history and connection to motorbikes which all lead up to the reveal that we will be doing some very exciting projects with Karina in the near future.

It was now time to find out the new owners for the TAG Heuer Carrera and the 1974 MGB GT. The MGB had sold out ahead of the draw with only a few tickets remaining on the watch. With the entry lists published ahead of time before the draw for everyone to have access to, Hayley and Craig went over to the laptop where all the pages were on stand-by. First up was the TAG, as Hayley input the numbers 1 and 2999 for the number generator to choose from – then with one click, the number 1146 appeared on the screen. Consulting the entry list, that ticket belonged to Ron Miele. The new owner of the brand new TAG Heuer Carrera.

Now, we could find out just who was about to get a phone call to let them know they had won the 1974 MGB GT. With the number generator reset. Hayley put the criteria of between 1 and 2999 before wishing everyone good luck. As the numbers whirred past, they landed on 1480. That particular ticket had been bought by Ian Calder. So, we decided to give him a ring and let him know the news. He was thrilled! So, the classic sports car will very soon be loaded into our enclosed transporter and be making its way to Ian for him to enjoy and drive.

This Just In – 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have welcomed this absolutely gorgeous Mimosa Yellow 1979 Triumph Spitfire into our care.

This stunning 1970s convertible will go into our workshop for its full assessment by our in-house restoration teams and who knows, maybe you might see it at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon…

Keep a lookout for more updates on the 1979 Triumph Spitfire.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and REC Spitfire Watch

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has given another lucky winner the chance to own their dream classic car. On the 13th of January 2022 on our Facebook page. The winner was announced live for all to see.

We began the live draw in our brand new workshop extension at our Suffolk HQ. A gleaming white and spacious setting to best show off the cars we will be bringing you very soon and maybe some special pieces we have in our workshop. As Hayley welcomed everyone joining us across the internet, the cars were laid out for everyone to see. Our 1964 Triumph TR4, the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and the gorgeous Aztec Gold 1976 Mercedes 350SL.

Also, in the new extension was something very special we have in at Bridge Classic Cars. The 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10. We wanted to give all of our followers a look around the car which is such a rare sight here in the UK, we need to show everyone.

Then, Craig showed everyone watching along around our restoration workshop. Projects we are working on for our amazing clients and also preparing the upcoming competition cars which hide amongst the other cars. We showed off some of our most incredible projects such as Fern Grey, the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster, and the ground-up restoration of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 which is also being worked on in the workshop.

But, it was time for the main event. Finding out whose Thursday night was about to get a lot better. First up was the REC Spitfire Watch, which thanks to the random number generator, was won by ticket 448. This ticket had been bought by Barry Marshall who will soon be receiving his incredible limited edition REC Watch. Finally, it was time for the big one. All of us discovering who was the lucky new owner of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire. As the number generator was reset, the comments began to flow in. Wishing each other luck and letting us know the stream was fully working and clear. Then, Hayley put in the numbers to be chosen between. And with the click of a single button, the fate of the Spitfire was sealed. It was now the pride and joy of Phil Holland, who had bought ticket 126.

As Hayley rang him, you could hear the excitement and surprise in his voice. He had owned a Spitfire in his younger days and couldn’t wait to relive those memories in his new Spitfire.

You can rewatch the live draw and the walkaround by clicking the link below!

Click here to rewatch the live draw of the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and REC Spitfire Watch

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1990 Mini 30

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions has made another lucky winners dream come true. This time it was the turn of Billy Spellman with his winning ticket of 776 and now the proud new owner of this amazing 1990 Mini 30.

During the live stream, Hayley showed everyone around the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and some of the restoration projects that are currently happening here. Freddie and Hayley always enjoy chatting to everyone on the live stream and hearing suggestions for future competition cars while also hearing what people have been up to since this was our first live draw of 2022 and what a special car to draw to kick the year off.

Then, it was time for the main event. As Freddie and Hayley went over to the laptop. Hayley showed the pre-published entry lists (which come out 30 minutes before we go live at 7 o’clock once entries have shut) and someone on that list of 2299 tickets was about to have a bit of a change to their lives in the next few minutes. Using a Google random number generator, Hayley checked to see it was all working correctly before putting the range needed for the competition. With one click of a button and a flash of numbers flying past, it landed on 776. Consulting the entry list, Hayley and Freddie found that particular number had been issued to Billy Spellman.

Once we had found Billy’s contact details through our online members’ list, it was time to call him. Once we had explained who was calling him, the penny dropped. He was blown away that he had in fact won the car. That’s what it’s all about, giving cars to people who are genuinely thrilled to now on their dream classic for the price of a ticket.

We always have new competitions going live every couple of weeks, so head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for your chance!

Behind the Scenes – 1975 MGB GT Live Draw

It wasn’t precisely the night before Christmas but it was near enough. With the workshop tidied away and set up for the exciting new year ahead of us at Bridge Classic Cars, it was time to do the final live draw of the year. It was the turn of our 1975 MGB GT V8 to find its new home and it was time for a very special announcement.

After the normal formalities, it was time to fill our amazing audience in with some news. Our incredible presenter Charlotte, was leaving the role at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Charlotte, who has been such an amazing presence since the very beginning of the journey has handed over the reins to our newest presenter Hayley. Hayley is a true petrolhead with a wealth of knowledge and passion for anything vintage. So, with wishing Charlotte the best of luck with everything moving forward our followers were introduced to Hayley who will handle proceedings from now on.

Then, Charlotte took you around the stunning 1975 MGB GT V8. Finished in deep red with a black interior, this 1970s British sports car was going to find its new owner that night after an amazing response by our followers. After the walkaround, it was time to fire up the laptop and the random number generator. Along with the MGB was the chance to win a very special, limited edition REC Mustang watch. First, we had to find the new owner of the watch.

As Charlotte put in the highest and lowest numbers into the random number generator, the comments on our live stream began to wash over words of encouragement and good fortune to everyone. Then, in the flash of an eye, it was number 28 who would own the REC Mustang watch. That number belonged to Russell who had Christmas come early for him with his new special edition watch.

Finally, it was time for the main event. The draw of the MGB GT V8. As Charlotte readjusted the criteria on the number generator, the anticipation rose. Then, with the click of a button, the number 2441 appeared. That particular ticket had been bought by Roger who was now the very lucky owner of this fabulous icon of British motoring.

We at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions love being able to give someone the chance to win their dream classic! And there’s even more. Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now!

Christmas Surprise! Your Chance to Win a 1990 Mini 30

Some of you may remember this stunning Cherry Red Mini from last year when Courtney Barker won it through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, well she’s offered it back to us and now it could be yours!

This is a limited edition Austin Mini 30, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the legendary Mini. The car is in amazing condition which is why the team at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions bought it back when it was offered to us. The car had a full respray and sympathetic interior restoration by our in-house restoration teams.

The car is well known around the area, having spent much of its life in Southwold and then in Ipswich with Courtney. It also did the rounds of almost every car show such as Stonham Barns as well as several appearances at our own meet-ups. Since August 2020, the car has only covered an additional 3,000 miles meaning this 31-year-old pocket rocket has got just 66074 miles showing on the clock.

This could be yours! Ready to go for 2022, all you need to do is head over to the Bridge Classic Cars website and get your tickets now!

But hurry, these little things are very popular with just 2299 tickets available. Click the link below!

Enter to win the 1990 Mini 30

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1972 Triumph Spitfire IV

The bright winters sun fell across the small, brightly coloured sports car as it sat on the south loop. The harsh highlights bounced off every surface that happened to get in the way of its rays. But, it couldn’t have looked much better.

As the car warmed up outside of The Hangar, it was in incredible condition. Having been obviously adored by its previous owner, the Spitfire’s large and vintage dials began to swing their way towards the middle which gave Freddie the signal that this classic sports car was ready to head down the runway towards its photoshoot. The paintwork was vibrant and shimmering in the December sun, just adding to the magic of this stunning car.

This is the 1972 Triumph Spitfire and it is the latest in the line of prizes from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. And it could be all yours! Bridge Classic Cars Competitions gives everyone the chance to own their dream classic car just by buying a ticket.

And that is exactly what you could enjoy with this amazing classic Triumph.

Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions now and enter for your chance to win this stunning 1972 Triumph Spitfire IV.

Click here to enter now!

A Gift – 12 Sleeps till Christmas Discount on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions

With Christmas only just around the corner, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is giving you a little stocking filler.

Each day on the run-up to the big day, we will be giving you a discount on our prizes. With 12 sleeps to go, we’re offering you a 12% discount on tickets. Tomorrow, it will be 11% and the day after 10%, so act quickly to get the best discount.

Simply enter the coupon code ‘XMAS’ at checkout for your discount.

Get your tickets at the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and maybe you’ll have something shiny and classic under the tree this year.

Best Reaction – Calling the Winner of the 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation

Sometimes a simple phone call can change peoples lives. In some ways, it’s our favourite part of our live draws and of our competitions. Hearing and then seeing the reaction on our winner’s faces and voices when they realise the car is well and truly theirs.

Take for example this video clip of Charlotte calling Chris back after we had announced on the live draw that his winning ticket of 987 had won the competition. We think this is probably the best reaction we’ve ever had to calling a winner. Enjoy!

One Very Lucky Winner – Handing Over the 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition at Hethel

Hidden in the back roads of Norfolk lies one of the greatest automotive manufacturers and most successful racing teams of all time. Lotus Cars.

Recently, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions joined forces with both Norwich City Football Club and Lotus Cars to help raise money and awareness for the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation. Thanks to a massive group of very generous people, the total raised for the Foundation was £100,000! and each of the entrants wanted a very special car.

Lotus had given Bridge Classic Cars Competitions and Norwich City the first VIN of the 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition. The first car from the last production run of the iconic, enthusiast led sportscar as it comes to an end after 26 years. Alex got hold of the car by being issued ticket number 4970 after buying an entry that went straight to benefiting young people in Norfolk that have different abilities or backgrounds get into sport.

On Tuesday, November 15th, the teams from Norwich City, The Community Sports Foundation and Bridge Classic Cars convened in the recently finished and redesigned Customer Experience Centre at Lotus Cars for Alex to meet his new sportscar for the first time.

However, Lotus had a very special day planned for Alex and his son Louis.

Lotus put together a full experience day for our very lucky competition winner. A guided tour around not only the factory and experience centre at Hethel but a tour of the collection at the fabled Classic Team Lotus stable located just down the road.

Gratefully, Lotus also included us here at Bridge along with representatives from Norwich City Football Club and the Community Sports Foundation to come along on the whole day. First up, the original Lotus building.

Lotus had begun work on the first building shortly after their move to Hethel in the mid-1960s. This now housed the engine preparation rooms, subframe assembly area and the body shop. Lotus takes great pride in their cars being for true enthusiasts, they create harmonious packages that work with the dynamics and personality of each of the cars that form their sportscar lineup.

Lotus were proud to show the winner Alex around the facility to demonstrate the level of engineering and care that goes into each individual car, including his very own 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition.

The tour took Alex and Louis through the entire build process much like their Elise would have gone through earlier this year. Showing Alex every step of the process from the crate engines arriving all the way to the finished cars taking their all important laps on the track for sign off. Then it was over to the fabled Classic Team Lotus. Where a collection of some of the most important Lotus racing cars is stored and lovingly cared for by some of their original mechanics.

After that, Lotus and Norwich City had organised a very special afternoon for Alex. A lunch with Delia Smith. A key owner of Norwich City Football Club, of which Alex is lifelong fan. Then, it was downstairs to begin the handover process. Norwich had also brought in the chairman of Norwich City Community Sports Foundation Jake Humphrey to present Alex and Louis with a signed shirt and to say his appreciation for being involved in this amazing charity.

Then, to give Alex his certificate of authenticity to prove the provenance of the 2021 Final Edition Elise he had one was Lotus Cars MD, Matt Windle. Followed by Delia Smith handing over the keys to Alex’s new Hethel yellow sportscar. During all of this, two surprise guests appeared in the atrium. Formula One legend Jenson Button followed by mechanic and engineer extraordinaire Ant Anstead. They stopped to chat with Alex about the car and congratulate him on his win.

The day wasn’t over yet. To coach Alex on how to get the most out of his new Lotus was former Lotus Formula One Driver and long time Lotus driving coach Martin Donnelly, who took Alex out onto the Hethel test track in an identical Elise to put him through his paces.

We wish Alex all the best in the future with his very special Elise and a huge thank you to everyone who entered and helped raise a staggering amount of donations and awareness of the great work the Community Sports Foundation.

Behind The Scenes – Live Draw of the 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6

A bit of a change to our usual schedule, the live draw for the 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6 was drawn during the day this time. A start time of 10 am saw many tuned in from home to find out if they were the lucky winner of this bright red bruiser.

The car itself was being valeted by Viper Auto Valet as we set up for the draw. All three of the latest competition cars were put into place for Charlotte and Freddie to guide the viewers through what to expect in the coming weeks.

As the random number generator span away. It was ticket 2343. After cross-checking the number against the entry lists (which are published on our website before each draw) it was found to be Jarlath Joyce who was now the new owner of this 1989 TVR S2 2.9 V6.

Thank you to everyone who entered this amazing draw and if you didn’t win, we hope you have better luck next time on future cars from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Opened Up – Our NCCSF 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition at the Lotus Training Centre

The Norwich City Community Support Foundation charity Lotus Elise was at the Lotus Training Centre today for the opening. It joined its other siblings, including the all-electric Evija hypercar, to be part of the day’s events.

The Elise is being drawn on October 31st live with all proceeds going to help the Norwich City Community Support Foundation with all of the amazing work they do with young people of different backgrounds and abilities get involved in sport.

You can still get tickets to help support this amazing cause by clicking the link below.

Enter now for the 2021 NCCSF Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition


As the 1990s saw Bond change yet again into the modern world, this time it would be portrayed by another iconic actor. Pierce Brosnan would begin his career for MI6 in the 1995 film Goldeneye.

This film’s most famous Bond Car was actually a Russian T37 tank but towards the end of the film, the audience was given a glimpse of a new age of Bond. The BMW era.

Before the production of Goldeneye, EON productions had signed a 3 film deal with the Bavarian manufacturer to supply Bond with his own modes of transport. The first being the brand new Z3.

Bond’s specific Z3 in Goldeneye was a 1.9 litre 1996 model which most famously appears on an airstrip in Cuba. The car in the film has been thoroughly gone through by Q-Branch, offering Bond ”the usual refinements” which can be best demonstrated in the lab during the walk around with Q (played by Desmond Llewelyn. It is apparently equipped with Stinger missiles behind each of the Z3’s headlights, a parachute deployed from the boot and radar displayed on an LCD screen inside the dash. There is a mention of an Ejector seat though… as well as a self-destruct system. References to earlier Bond cars from the franchise.

The Z3 in Goldeneye, which holds the title as the first non-British Bond car to ever be officially issued to him by Q Branch, was only a brief appearance. Because it was traded on the airstrip in Cuba for a plane (where it’s then seen fishtailing off into the trees with its new owner CIA Jack Wade at the helm) it also holds the title as one of on