A Unique Opportunity – 1959 Jensen 541R

Bridge Classic Cars are excited to announce the latest Jensen 541 to be joining our stable. This 1959 Jensen 541R was previously owned by Neil Hepburn, an engineer with a passion for his 1959 541R.

Neil had owned the car since 1974 but unfortunately passed away several years ago leaving his beloved Jensen to his family. The details that are known of the car is that during its life it had several upgrades done such as a disc brake conversion as well as a chassis rebuild.

All of this work had been done to a very high standard under the guardianship of Mr Hepburn and the small number of custodians of this 541R.

Across its 63 years, the car is reading as covering just 40,000 miles which is believed correct. The engine has not run for several years but previously, although put away into storage and up on stands, the car was run regularly with the carburettors fed by tube using premium fresh petrol.

The car also comes with its original V5 logbook which shows previous owners including several members of the Palmer-Tomkinson family.

Barbra Hepburn, the wife of Neil, would like her late husband’s car brought back to its former glory as she has many happy memories and photographs of the car being used by herself and her late husband in years gone by.

This 1959 Jensen 541R is coming to join its sisters here at Bridge Classic Cars to await the commissioning of its full concours restoration. This 541R is offered for sale with the condition of a restoration carried out in full by our restoration workshop who have extensive experience restoring Jensen 541’s to the very highest of standards which these special cars deserve.

Dave’s Diagnosed Our Poorly Jensen 541R’s Gearbox Issue

Having come into the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop with severe running issues, Dave was tasked with taking a look at exactly what was causing the fault in this beautiful Jensen.

Suspecting the fault to be within the gearbox, dave lowered the gearbox out of the car. Upon closer inspection, it was clear to see the issue. The drive plate splines were not the correct size and specification for the Jensen’s gearbox.

A drive plate is a plate that fits onto the flywheel, which in turn is mated to the gearbox. The splines within the drive plate are machined to perfectly fit the flywheel. It appears that an incorrect drive plate has been fitted.

The next step will be to source a correct Clutch assembly. There is wear on the pressure plate so John has advised to replace this while the gearbox is out.

1960 Jensen 541R Door Modifications

Dave has been working on our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration. He has taped up the side rear windows to test fit into the car for a trial fit.

The rear windows are fitted in place after some polishing and filing. Dave is now bolting these fixed windows in position.

Dave has had to modify the doors on our Jensen to allow the glass to move freely up and down through the door. He has had to cut out a strip of metal at the top of the door, move it back a few millimetres and then weld the metal back into the correct position.

1957 Jensen 541R Restoration Update

Paul and Scott are both working on our 1957 Jensen 541R restoration. Today Scott is fitting in the headlights while Paul is installing the handbrake lever. Paul has had to shorten the realise button rod to perfectly fit. It’s now being fitted back into the car.

The next major steps will be to complete wiring up the car and prepare the interior for Kath and Brian in the Trim Shop to install interior trim.

Jensen 541R Bespoke exhaust images

Work continues on both of our gorgeous Jensen 541r’s. Below is a gallery of the custom fabricated exhaust that’s fitted to the 1957 Jensen 541r. Demand Engineering, one of the country’s best exhaust fabricators have made this beautiful stainless steel system for our Jensen.

The exhaust headers have been finished in a lovely satin black, heat resistant paint.

Jensen 541R Custom Exhaust Fabrication

Our one-of-a-kind Corvette powered Jensen 541R is having custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust system made and fitted. We had originally designed a system that took the manifold above the engine but due to our customers request we’re re-routing the system underneath. We’ve had to ensure the exhaust misses the steering column and alternator. We’ve avoided too many sharp bends in order to maintain efficient airflow.