More Interior Work

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1959 Jensen 541R has had more interior work completed by Lydia recently.

Lydia has continued her work on the seats which are now almost complete. Once the front base cushions are finished and fitted, the seats of our Jensen 541R will be ready to be installed in the car.

Alongside her work on the seats, Lydia also made the cubby box as well as completing work on various panels.

Brian has also been doing some work on the seats too. He bolted the front seat base frame to the wood section before trial fitting it into the seat tub. Brian then went on to make the patterns for the top wood sections and cut these out. The top wood sections were then fitted to the base seat frames.

Brian went on to add the wood sections to the inner edge of the base frame to allow the cover to be stapled in place later on. The base seat frames were then put into the seat base tubs.

Our 1959 Jensen 541R continues to make good progress and it will be interesting to see it continue through its restoration journey with us.

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