Prep Work

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1959 Jensen 541R has continued to make progress through its restoration journey over the last week or so. Lydia has been hard at work finishing her prep work on some metal parts of this rare classic car. Lydia’s prep work is to get these components ready to be painted at a later date in the Bridge Classic Cars paintshop.

In addition to the work she completed on some of the metal parts of the car, Lydia also spent some time shaping the new foam which will eventually be part of the door armrests, ceiling pad, and dash pad. The centre panel also got cleaned up during the process.

As well as Lydia’s prep work, Monty also did some welding work to repair some of the components Lydia went on to prepare for painting.

The backboards of our 1959 Jensen 541R had new covers fitted by Lydia too. She sewed piping around the covers as well as sewing the pockets up and onto the backboards too.

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