Inspection And Repairs

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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

As our 1990 Jaguar XJ6 will eventually be won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, Jonn has been investigating and assessing the car as well as making some repairs. Here are his notes:

Start inspection. Check all lights and levels and top up where required. Raise in the air and complete inspection and start repairs.. Remove wheels and clean and inspect brakes. Wire brush rear subframe mounts and underseal black. Refit wheels. Refit engine wiring loom to bracket. Grease drive shaft joints. Strip centre console to refit lid trim. Find support bracket that had dropped underneath armrest. Start reassembly.

Continue reassembly of centre console and armrest. Screw under trim in place and fit support bracket and test. Fit new trim clips to lower dash panel beneath glovebox and secure. Lubricate and g3t electric aerial working better. Wire brush and paint lower radiator support where had gone rusty.

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