Another Competition Car Gets Ready To Leave

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Now that our 1976 Leyland Mini Clubman 1100 has been won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, Jonn has been conducting one last inspection and making some repairs before it is delivered to its new owner.

Here are Jonn’s findings:

Finish inspection. Strip offside front suspension and remove hub complete. Strip and remove top ball joint, remove shims and repack with less/thinner shims. Repeat process until play removed from ball joint but still free enough to act as a ball joint. Refit hub and Co pone etc. Torque up front hub nut to 150nm. Refit wheel and torque to 61m.

Fit new nearside front subframe mount. Inspect for any other knocks. 

Remove inner rack joint from nearside. Strip old rack under my bench and fit good inner track rod to car.

Tighten inner track rod joint. Refit gaiter and secure. Refit track rod end and wheel. Carry out tracking check/adjust. Torque wheel to 61nm.

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