A New Arrival

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

We recently welcomed our 1982 Citroen GSA into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for a service.

Technician Jonn checked all of the lights and levels and topped them up where needed. The handbrake linkage was lubricated and the air filter was removed, blown out, and refitted.

The car was raised up on the ramp so Jonn could drain the oil and inspect the underside. He stripped and checked the rear brakes which were fine. The front inboard brakes were also fine but the gearbox oil was slightly low. This was topped up before Jonn tested the battery. The battery failed so a new one was fitted along with a new oil filter and spark plugs.

New oil was put in before it the car was run up to temperature and tested. All tyres were checked and inflated where necessary and the wheel nuts were torqued. Once all this was complete, a road test was carried out which Jonn was happy with.

Some points that Jonn noted were:

  • Cambelt was replaced in 2017 but only done 6000 miles
  • Front pads 15% worn, discs ok.
  • Rear pads 5% worn, discs ok.
  • Exhaust hitting floor.
  • Steering wheel out to right.
  • Slightly oily underneath.
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