Volvo Makes Its Last Diesel Car

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Volvo has officially built its last diesel car!

Back in early February, the Volvo plant in Ghent, Belgium, produced its last diesel-powered car, a V60 and now, a few days ago, the plant in Torslanda, Sweden, saw its last XC90 diesel car roll off the production line.

This is a major event in Volvo Cars’ 97-year history as they now take a big step towards their goal of becoming a fully electric car maker by 2040 (and have net zero greenhouse gas emissions).

Goodbye Diesel, Hello Electric

Diesel engines have long played a part in the history and success of Volvo. However, in recent years things have changed. Regulations, customer demand, and people’s increased focus on climate change and alike have meant that electric car sales have dramatically increased.

For example, five years ago, Volvo were selling more diesel cars than any other engine type in their range throughout Europe. Today, most of their European sales are electric! Last year, Volvo increased its sales of fully electric cars by 70 per cent, and its global electric market share by 34 per cent.

Although the future of Volvo will be electric, their current portfolio still includes plug-in hybrids and mild-hybrid models.

One response to “Volvo Makes Its Last Diesel Car”

  1. Daniel Kihr avatar
    Daniel Kihr

    Sorry, Volvo……euer größter Fehler auf Elektro zu setzen. War schon falsch 5 Zylinder abzuschaffen, aber gänzlich die Verbrenner???
    Ich werde nach dem Tod meines 5 Zylinder xc60, mir keinen Volvo und schon gar nicht elektrisch kaufen….. dann lieber,, alte co2 schon kostende Fahrzeuge“ kaufen und weiter nutzen bis zu deren kompletten Tod 😉

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