The Atelier at Bridge Classic Cars

Where artistry meets engineering

The Atelier building is nestled within the Suffolk countryside and is the latest extension to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

The studio space is the home of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, connecting with hundreds of thousands of online viewers with our weekly live streams.

Featuring a bespoke handcrafted licensed bar and proudly displayed classics, The Atelier building plays host to a variety of petrolhead events throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Home to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions live draws, The Atelier is where you can spend time with friends, listen to stories, show off your car, and so much more. Take a look at our events to see which one is right for you.

Talking Classics

The Atelier is often the place where people with interesting stories to tell can be found. Talking Classics is your opportunity to delve into the conversations we have and learn about a wide range of people from the automotive world and beyond.


Share your passion for craftsmanship, creativity, innovation, and classic cars with your very own Bridge Classic Cars merchandise. A range of branded attire is available from our shop.

An Evening With...

Join us in The Atelier for an evening with some well-known and influential individuals. From TV personalities to experts in their chosen field, there's no better way to learn more about these people than from their very own stories.

Corporate Events Hire

The Atelier offers you 2450 square foot of space which is ideal for many types of events. From business presentations to social events, group meets, and much more.

Event Planning

At Bridge Classic Cars, we are able to create unforgettable experiences that leave lasting impressions. Our team of passionate and skilled professionals will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life, turning your special occasion into an extraordinary affair.


This is where we celebrate the vehicles that have been important at various points throughout our lives. Whether it was the car you learned to drive in, the car you and your family travelled in, or even a neighbour’s bike that you admired from a distance;