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By Rob Harvey

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We recently spoke to Jake from P1 Fuels to find out more about the sustainable fuel that could potentially be a groundbreaking alternative to the standard fuel that currently powers our cars.

This is how our conversation went:

For those who don’t know, what is P1 fuel?

P1 is a drop-in alternative for petrol that works in any internal combustion engine without the need for modification to the fuelling system. It is the first and only 100% sustainable fuel on the market with an EN228 certification. P1’s signature fuel, the ECO 100 PRO, is currently achieving a well-to-wheel C02 reduction of 77.4% compared to fossil fuel.

What was the motivation behind the business?

The Idea behind P1 is to change the fuel, not the car. The business stems from a passion for internal combustion engines. Our vision is a fossil-free future where sustainable mobility harmoniously integrates with the joy of driving, fostering a cleaner and healthier world for generations to come. 

Are there any modifications needed to ICE cars to use P1?

No, P1 is a drop-in alternative that requires no modification to the engine, it can be mixed in whatever ratio with conventional fossil fuel.

What are the goals of P1?

P1s mission is to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. We are dedicated to pioneering fossil-free fuel solutions that drive impactful and immediate change.

Is P1 compatible with classic cars?

P1 is designed for ANY internal combustion engine, there are a few different octane-rated fuels we supply suitable for racing and road use. ECO100PRO has run in speedboats, racing cars and even helicopters. It is the only 100% sustainable fuel on the market to date.

Do you think synthetic fuel could be a permanent solution to current fuel?

Yes, synthetic fuel can absolutely be the solution for the future of the motor vehicle sector. It could tie into existing infrastructure and be rolled out immediately. The WRC already mandate our fuel as well as the FIA World Karting series and others. This simply needs to happen to keep the passion in the industry.

What are the obstacles that could prevent P1 from being the main fuel source for drivers?

Costs can play a huge part in this and currently, we cannot sell P1 at the same price as fossil fuel, but we can get close quite quickly if the fuel is sold in volume.

The other thing that is an obstacle we are overcoming is that people are still sceptical of using P1 in their pride and joy, it has been tested in-depth and proven out on the racetrack. This is a solution!

How can people find out more about P1 Fuels?

If you would like to find out more on P1 you can get in touch through the website, any of our socials or contact me at we are the official UK importer of the fuel.

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    Frank W.

    Fossil-free doesn’t equal sustainable. What is it actually made of?

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