engine repair

Saab 9-3

This 2006 Saab has been brought into us at Bridge Classic Cars as a non-runner. Ady, our engine specialist has found that the engine has

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Day 4 – Engine Clean And Prep

Our 1960 MGA engine has been cleaned and ready to be rebuilt. The crankshaft, conrods and engine block has been sent off to Scholar who has told us that the crankshaft needs to be totally replaced. The photos below show the extent of the wear on the bearings. The conrods also need to be resized, the bearings need tuning into the conrods and the camshaft bearings need to be fitted by Scholar as well as being honed and cleaned.

Day 2 – Removing Cylinder head

Ady has continued working on our 1960 MGA buy removing the cylinder head in his endeavour to fix the issue with the engine.

Austin Nippy Regaining Its Spirit

Our Austin Seven Nippy engine has recently been sent off to Ian R Bancroft Restorations to make sure everything is moving, turning and working as it should be as we discovered a crack in the crankcase. Once this comes back, Ady, our knowledgable engine specialist can continue to rebuild the engine.

Austin Nippy’s Engine Refurbishment Continues

The Austin Nippy engine rebuild has continued with our knowledgeable engine specialist Ady.

Ady has been working to cut the valve seats, re-bore the engine to take new pistons, white-metaled the conrods to suit the crank shaft, re-profiled the camshaft to fix any imperfections and laid out all the parts ready to place them back together.

Austin Nippy’s Piston Problem

Our 1934 Austin Seven Nippy had an issue with rattling pistons that were needing to be bored. We’d sent the components off to Coltec to be pressure tested and bored so that the liner and piston sit in the Austin engine better.

Peugeot 504 Almost Ready To Go

We’re currently diagnosing an engine issue with our 1972 Peugeot 504. After going for its test drive, we discovered what we think to be an injector pipe leak. With everything else completed, the final job to do is to repair this pipe by taking the components apart and remanufacture the part.

Last week the 504 also had some new headlights fitted by our electrical specialist Adam. After rewiring and installing the lights, the 504 is ready to tackle those dark winter mornings.

Peony Red’s new motor

The Peony Red Jensen 541S has had its engine rebuilt. Our engine specialist has been working to refurbish and rebuild the old engine.

No one ever claimed that rebuilding engines were easier, nor pretty… Ady cleared out this huge sludge ball from the Peony Red’s engine. This rather dubious-looking ball of sludge is made from hard water and dirt caught up in the engine. Its all part of the job…

Peony Red Jensen’s New Parts

Our specialist technicians have been working hard on the 1960 Jensen 541S restoration. The latest refurbishments include smoothing and correcting the doors by filling any holes, taking out rust and installing custom made metal pieces.

Our engine specialist Ady carried out a full engine rebuild and has modified the piston holes by making sure the edges are bevelled at an angle rather than a sharp 90 degrees angle. This ensures the pistons fit in neater.

The rest of the engine rebuild has included the rocker fingers being refaced and re-boring with bigger pistons

The Peugeot Has A New Heart

The 1972 Peugeot 504 has hit a ground-breaking moment in its restoration: it now has an engine!

Our engine specialist has replaced all serviceable parts such as spark plugs and belts, replaced any worn hoses and plummed the engine back into its rightful place.

The beating heart of this car is back in place after a successful engine surgery.

1971 MGB Roadster- Pre Sale Inspection

Upon close inspection, we’ve found a fault with the MGB’s Starter motor and Distributor. Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist is now on the case to either repair or replace the faulty components.

Saab 9-3

This 2006 Saab has been brought into us at Bridge Classic Cars as a non-runner. Ady, our engine specialist has found that the engine has a broken cam-belt and broken rocker fingers. He’s busy stripping the engine and will be diagnosing and fixing any potential faults he finds to get this vehicle back out onto the road.