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classic mg restoration

This Just In – 1968 MGC

The Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk has recently welcomed this glorious 1968 MGC. This car will go in for our in-house restoration

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New Set – New Carpet Mats in the 1973 MGB GT V8

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop have worked their magic on the front carpets on the 1973 MGB GT V8.

The carpets in the car were beginning to show some wear and tear, so our in-house trim team got to work on remaking them. Brian, our lead trimmer, used the originals from the car as templates and also recreate a heel mat for the inside of the driver’s footwell.

Along with that, Brian replaced the sound-deadening in the footwell whilst the carpets were removed.

This Just In – 1968 MGC

The Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk has recently welcomed this glorious 1968 MGC.

This car will go in for our in-house restoration technicians to assess the entire vehicle to see what may need doing to this fantastic and rather rare sports car.

The MGC is a 3 litre straight-six powered MG Roadster built between 1967 and 1969. This is one of 4542 Roadsters built during its entire production run.

In the Spotlight – Stripping Down the Lamps for the 1934 MG PA

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration team have been carefully stripping down the new lamps for the 1934 MG PA Midget in our workshop.

These units have been completely taken apart in preparation to be sent off to a specialist to be entirely refurbished before coming back to us and put back on the stunning pre-war sports car. Every bolt, screw and catch has been carefully removed and catalogued for this process.

We’re looking forward to seeing them when they come back and get them back on the car.

In Colour – Painting the 1977 MGB Roadster

The first layers of colour are now on the body of the 1977 MGB Roadster in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop.

Our head painter Chris has spent hours, along with our other painter Alan, getting the MGB Roadster’s body ready for its first coats of colour. It looks absolutely fantastic and these results only come with the extensive and meticulous prep work done by our in-house restoration teams. The colour sits nice and evenly across all the panels to give a beautiful uniform look on the 1970s convertible.

Next, Chris and Alan will prepare and begin the next stage of getting this 1977 MGB Roadster looking better than new.

A Flash of Colour – Primer and Guide Coat on the 1977 MGB Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop have been busy getting the 1977 MGB Roadster we have in for restoration ready for its first coats of colour.

Chris, our lead painter, has been working on getting the body panels just right for the next phase of painting the MGB Roadster. Hours of sanding, filling and more sanding to ensure that each panel sat correctly with its bodylines and also in terms of its curve down and across the body. Then, the body and all its panels had several coats of epoxy primer.

Once the primer had cured enough, it was time to begin working on the first coat of colour on the roadster. A Light guide coat for the car in preparation for its full colour coat which will be going on very soon.

Coming Soon – 1974 MGB GT

Bridge Classic Cars is welcoming this beautiful 1974 MGB GT to our workshops very soon. This car has been owned by the same gentleman for the last 25 years who has clearly adored and enjoyed the car.

It will be coming into our workshop soon for our in-house restoration teams to begin assessing the car and coming up with a plan of what to do next.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars newspage for more on this fantastic MGB.

Preparations – Getting the 1977 MGB Roadster Ready for Paint

Our in-house paint and body experts have been busy preparing the 1977 MGB Roadster for its date with the Bridge Classic Cars in-house spray booth.

Chris has been busy working on the back half of the MGB getting all the new metalwork to sit correctly and flow neatly and gently into the other panels. This is a crucial part of any aesthetic restoration so that when the primer and paint are applied to the car there is no change in the laying of either.

Soon, the car will soon go into the booth to have its epoxy primer laid and then it will all be prepared for its colour and clear coat.

UnderCover – Tonneau Cover on the 1934 MG PA

Our expert trimmer, Kath, has been hard at work creating a crucial piece for the 1934 MG PA Midget. The Bridge Classic Cars trim shop pride itself on the high standard that every single piece is finished to and the tonneau cover for the MG is no exception.

Kath made the cover entirely by hand in order for it using a handmade template in order to get the best fit for the final piece. Each of the pieces made by our trim shop is hand-finished and made using traditional techniques and materials if needed. Kath managed to completely remake to better than the original spec.

Now, it can keep all the amazing trim work underneath safe and dry for many more years to come.

Smallest Details – Trim Edging on the 1934 MG PA Midget

We love the 1934 MG PA Midget here at Bridge Classic Cars. Whilst work is continuing on the classic sports car in the workshop, our in-house trim expert Brian has the seat in the trim shop.

Underneath the driver’s seat, the original leather liner and edging were missing. No problem for Brian and the trim team. Brian made the new piece from high-quality black leather and then hand made the edging which surrounded the outer edge of the seat base.

Our trim shop do an amazing job. Brian’s work really finishes off the seat from the 1934 MG PA, but expect to see a lot more on this car in the coming weeks here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Small Adjustments – Adjusting the Doors of the 1954 MG TF

Jon, one of the in-house restoration experts here at Bridge Classic Cars has spent some time working to get the doors on the 1954 MG TF to fit and close properly.

Firstly, Jon removed the door card from the classic sports car where it was then given over to one of our in-house trim experts, Kath, to repair. Whilst this was being done, Jon got to work on the doors. The first thing Jon noticed was that the spot welds that attach the door skin to the frame had popped and allowed the door to not sit level. So, Jon quickly spot welded the door skin back on before beginning work on the hinges.

Jon, upon inspection, noted that the lower hinge of the door had too much movement. So, Jon made up a spacer to sit between the door and hinge allowing a much tighter fit and better alignment between the door striker and the hinge.

Whilst Kath in the trim shop had the door card, it was decided to create a new check strap for the door in as close of a match as possible to the existing leather.

While waiting for the door card and check strap, Jon began work on adjusting the strikers and hinges so the door would shut evenly and level. With some small modifications needed to one of the latches, everything was eventually right in place to line up perfectly for the little sports car.

Diving Deeper – Finding a Rotten Heater Hose on the 1954 MG TF

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration teams have been inspecting and assessing the 1954 MG TF after getting the car started.

Our technician Jon had a look at each component within the engine bay, and that includes all the hoses. Upon inspection, Jon found one of the heater hoses had become very deteriorated over time and for the sake of safety will need to be replaced. The condition of the hoses is crucial for the longevity of any classic car’s engine so this is a must-do job.

Hub of Activity – Preparing the 1934 MG PA Midget for Work on the Hubs

The 1934 MG PA Midget which belongs to our Director, Gordon, is in the workshop for our in-house teams to tackle the next jobs.

The first is our technicians have removed the hubs on the classic sports car so that our amazingly talented in-house paint team can get them to look as good as new for the car. This also gives our restoration technicians the chance to inspect and clean the hubs and spindles on the MG.

Another job on the list was to look into the battery of the car. Our team have been working on a way of better securing it into the car.

Looking Ahead – Replacing the Headlight Buckets on the 1934 MG PA Midget

Over the weekend, Gordon (one of our directors) has been working on installing the newly painted headlight buckets to his 1934 MG PA that is having some other jobs done by the in-house technicians at Bridge Classic Cars.

The original headlight buckets were chrome but Gordon want some colour matched units for his new pride and joy. So, with the replacements found they were handed over to our in-house paint and body team to perfectly match the oak green paint already on the car.

With the headlights transferred into the new buckets, they would absolutely phenomenal on this classic sportscar!

Expect to see more on the 1934 MG PA Midget here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Ready, Set, Go – Preparing to Reinstall the V8 into the 1973 MGB GT V8

Jonn, one of our in-house restoration technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been busy preparing both the car and the engine for the pair to be reacquainted.

Previously, after testing the 1973 MG B GT V8 our technicians found metal shavings in the oil after it was drained as part of our testing procedures. Since then, Jonn has replaced the bearings which had been found to be deeply grooved as well as fixing a problem with the oil pickup which had caused the issue in the first place.

Since that, the engine has been prepared to go back into the front of this beautiful purple sports car.

Keep an eye out here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on the 1973 MG B GT V8.

Ready and Waiting – Removing the Headlights on the 1934 MG PA Midget

Earlier, we should you the newly painted headlight covers for our director Gordon’s 1934 MG PA Midget. Well, in preparation for them our in-house restoration technician Paul has been carefully disassembling the headlights on this beautiful sports car.

With a vehicle such as the MG PA, a certain amount of restraint is needed when removing components from the car. Or, even something as simple as disconnecting a wire. That’s where our technicians shine, with a host of reference sources in our library and the wealth of knowledge contained within our workshop, any job can be tackled with the right approach.

Paul removed the headlight from its cover, making note of the placement of each wire and screw. Everything has been bagged and catalogued to be stored safely for its new covers to finally be cured and ready to be fitted to the MG PA.

Finer Details – Painting the Headlight Covers for the 1934 MG PA Midget

Chris has got the latest pieces for the 1935 MG PA Midget in the Bridge Classic Cars paint booth. These are the new headlight covers for the 1934 MG PA Midget!

The MG PA will be getting colour matched headlight covers that Chris has worked hard to try and colour match to the rest of the amazing early sports car. Chris prepped the pieces thoroughly to make sure that during the primer and colour coats it would lay evenly and match the finish of the existing paint on the car.

They look absolutely phenomenal. Once these have cured, they will be handed our to our in-house restoration technicians to begin fitting them to the car as they work their way through the list of things to do on this amazing car.

This Just In – 1934 MG PA Midget

This is not an MG TD. In fact, it’s quite an early MG PA. This particular car belongs to one of our directors, Gordon, who has decided there are few jobs he would like doing on his new pride and joy.

The first stop will be into our in-house trim shop for a few bits and pieces that need sorting out and then it will be into the main workshop where our in-house restoration technicians will work on this wonderful 87-year-old Sports car.

Keep your eye out here on the Bridge Classic Cars blog for more updates on the MG PA.

Beneath the Skin – Preparing the 1977 MGB Roadster for its New Panels

This 1977 MGB Roadster is in at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration. With the body panels in the paint shop and the interior in the trim shop, Scott bought the rolling shell into the main workshop to begin preparing the shell for the new panels.

It begins with removing all the panel bonding material from underneath where the new pieces will sit. Also, this needs to be cleaned back to prepared with anti-corrosion coatings to protect the shell underneath. Carefully, inch by inch, Scott has been removing the coatings and also having to remove some areas of corrosion on the shell. It’s a slow and meticulous job but is crucial to have a successful restoration.

Expect to see more soon on the restoration of the MGB Roadster across all of our in-house restoration teams.

Primed & Ready – 1977 MGB Roadster is in Primer

Whilst the interior for this amazing 1977 MGB Roadster is in with our extremely talented in-house trim shop here at Bridge Classic Cars, the body is in with our paint expert Kris at our in-house paint shop.

Kris has been working on making sure that all the panels and pieces have come off the car carefully and safely for them to be inspected and assessed by Kris experienced eye. From there, Kris could then begin working on the panels to make sure all of the metal beneath the cars dark blue paint was in good order to be worked on.

Thankfully, it was all in really good shape beneath the surface. From that, Kris could then begin to get the car in primer. After several coats, Kris could then begin to test fit the panels back onto the car to make sure before any paint touches the car. The reason for this is to make sure that any working of the panels hasn’t caused them to distort or change shape in any way.

Because of Kris’s experience and care, each panel worked perfectly. Now that the pieces are primed and they fit, it’s soon going to be time for Kris to begin applying his talents to adding colour to this beautiful sportscar.

New Arrival at The Hangar – The 1934 MG PA Midget

Our Director Gordon’s new 1934 MG PA Midget is now safe and sound in our classic and collectable vehicle storage facility known as The Hangar.

Since its arrival, the Bridge Classic Cars team have had a chance to pour over all the small details of this stunning early British sports car. Along with its arrival is the routine clean which all cars have before entering our storage facility by Viper Valet.

There are literally hundreds of amazing bits and pieces on this beautifully proportioned sports car. The large Jaeger clocks, the enormous steering wheels and the temperature gauge mounted on top of the radiator. There is just so many! So, have a look here through a gallery of this brilliant car.

Coming Together – Refit on the 1973 MGB GT V8

Bridge Classic Cars team of in-house restoration experts have been working on getting this 1973 MGB GT V8 we have in all buttoned up and ready to hit the road!

John and the workshop team have gone through hours of wiring checks and small fixes that were needed to ensure the wiring system throughout the whole car was in good working order and each component worked exactly as it should. Along with that, the interior of the car can now begin to go back in. Step by step, it’s beginning to look like an MGB GT again.

Underneath, there’s a brand new exhaust system to help that V8 breathe. Tucked up nearly underneath its brightly coloured body, there will be no doubt thanks to the new exhaust that this is indeed a V8 car. Also, the new brakes and clutch hydraulic systems have been put in, bled and tested passing with flying colours.

All of this means we should be able to test this stunning little sportscar on the road very soon. Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for updates on the 1973 MGB GT V8.

Restoration Recap: 1949 MGYT

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