A Flash of Colour – Primer and Guide Coat on the 1977 MGB Roadster

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop have been busy getting the 1977 MGB Roadster we have in for restoration ready for its first coats of colour.

Chris, our lead painter, has been working on getting the body panels just right for the next phase of painting the MGB Roadster. Hours of sanding, filling and more sanding to ensure that each panel sat correctly with its bodylines and also in terms of its curve down and across the body. Then, the body and all its panels had several coats of epoxy primer.

Once the primer had cured enough, it was time to begin working on the first coat of colour on the roadster. A Light guide coat for the car in preparation for its full colour coat which will be going on very soon.

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