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Friday Snapshot

Another busy week was flown by again, with lots of new drop-offs to the workshop and big progressions on current projects! Grey 1957 Jensen 541R

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Workshop Walkabout

Our week has been very busy with two photoshoots at the start of the week and new projects arriving in the workshop. Tr6’s new hood

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Friday Snapshot

Its been a busy week, with once again, many cars leaving, lots making big milestones and photoshoots! Behind the scenes on the Rolls Royce shoot

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Back for more

Its always nice to get positive feedback from clients but even nicer when they send their vehicles back in for more refurbishments! The owner asked

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Out & About – Ipswich to Felixstowe Run 2022

Gordon, one of the directors here at Bridge Classic Cars, was at the annual Ipswich to Felixstowe run this year.

The Ipswich to Felixstowe run is a must-attend event for any classic car or motorbike enthusiast around the Suffolk/Essex area. All sorts of classic vehicles take part in the run and this year was no exception.

From classic Jaguars to American trucks. Classic Indian motorcycles to a collection of Sinclair C5s. There was something there for everyone and it’s an event we all look forward to attending.

And So It Begins – Stripping Down the 1962 Jensen 541S

The 1962 Jensen 541S that is currently in at Bridge Classic Cars for some work has been handed over to our technician Tom to begin preparing the car for its new components.

The first job for Tom is to strip the original wiring harness out of the car as we have ordered an entire new loom for the car to make sure all the electrical system works absolutely spot on. A key point for all classic cars. With such a handbuilt car, Tom has had to almost trace every wire individually from front to back in order to make sure everything is removed and safe. After this, each part of the harness is catalogued and stored just in case.

Next, Tom has removed the steering column which is due to be replaced on this particular car. For that Tom had to carefully remove the entire dash to gain access to the gear linkage which is controlled via the column. With everything disconnected and the dash out of the car, Tom could begin to also catalogue and assess each individual component.

There will be more happening on the 1962 Jensen 541S very soon so keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more.

Touch Points – More Progress on the Interior of the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

Brian, one of our incredible in-house trim experts here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been hard at work getting the interior of the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster.

Brian and the trim team are going full force at the interior of the E Type we know as Fern Grey in preparation for its completion. Brian began by lining and fitting the new boot liner to the Roadster.

The boot of the E Type is actually rather large. This is due to its design as being a long-distance grand tourer. Carrying 2 people in as much comfort, luxury and speed as was possible was the name of the game when it came to the E Type’s original design brief. Throughout its development, that always remained the same. Brian, finished the boot of Fern Grey in a beautiful soft camel colour to compliment the smooth green of the bodywork.

Next, Brian and the trim team got to work on the convertible hood for the E Type. This is being entirely built from scratch around Fern Grey. Using original templates, Brian has managed to recreate the padding for the top rail where it will meet the elegant, wrapping windshield of the E Type.

Whilst working on his next piece of the puzzle, Brian has wrapped the transmission tunnel in the vibrant green carpeting that is found throughout the entire car from front to back. Hand edged in leather that matches the exterior, this gives another level of sophistication and style to Fern Grey that helps to compliment all the small details.

Small details such as the cubby/armrest. Brian has worked really hard on getting the fit and finish of the armrest cubby to such a level it almost deserves a story of its own. The entire assembly was handmade by Brian to ensure the best fit and the best surface on which to wrap the green leather. Neat, precise cuts in every opening allow for a brand new feel to this and the trims to fit tight and close to the cubby.

Expect to see much more on Fern Grey in the coming weeks here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Calm and Collected – Setting up the the 1964 Triumph TR4

Jonn, one of our in-house restoration technicians at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working his magic on this absolutely beautiful 1964 Triumph TR4.

The TR4 has been completely assessed by the team here at Bridge Classic Cars so the first order of business is to make sure all the cooling system is in good working order. The team here felt it best to replace the original radiator with a freshly reconditioned piece to ensure this 1960s sports car remains happy and healthy on the most spirited of drivers.

Once the cooling system was handled, Jonn turned his attention to the carburettors. The carbs needed stripping down again once Jonn had run the engine to check the radiator/cooling system. The jets and seals were replaced on the twin-carb set-up to make sure the revvy 4 cylinder was getting all the fuel it needed for testing and for setting up.

Whilst under the engine bay, Jonn also removed the valve cover to inspect and adjust the tappets for peace of mind that everything in the top end of the engine was fighting fit and strong. With some small, minor adjustments Jonn had the TR4 happily running up to temperature before its road test by the team. We’re happy to report that no faults were found during its road test which means this gorgeous 2 seater is ready and poised for its next step.

Until that time, it will be stored at our secure and private Classic Vehicle Storage Facility, The Hangar, until such time that the next phase begins.

Coming Back Together – The Rebuilt Straight-Six is Back for the 1963 Jaguar MkII 3.4

The straight-six for the 1963 Jaguar MkII is back and is in the car. Some of you may remember from it’s last update, some damage was found on inspection of the internals of the engine so it was sent away for a rebuild.

The engine has been gone through thoroughly to ensure all is ok before it went back into the car. Paul, one of our in-house restoration technicians, has fitted the glorious 3.4 litre straight-six back into the front of the stunning white MkII.

The accessories will be refit into the car and testing will begin by our in-house technicians to ensure the engine and the issues noted have been rectified.

Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day One (Part 2)

As the sun gained some strength and the air grew warmer, the paddocks also grew in size and commotion. The further you delved into the rows of priceless vintage racing machinery, the more there was to find.

Nestled away against the back row were a fine selection from our neighbours over at Historika, with a long bonnet 911 race car in nearly every conceivable colour. But, when you looked around. My word were there sights to behold.

The copper E Type lay dormant in the misty morning air. Its numbers emblazoned on its handmade, vast bonnet the only giveaway that this big cat was unlike the others in the car park. It’s other stablemates shared its single-mindedness. A plethora of vintage racing machines like the TVR, Morgans, a C2 Corvette and one of the most beautiful cars to have ever been created. The Ferrari 275GTB.

Mere hours later, they would all be at war just meters from where they now slept.

It couldn’t possibly be an outdoor British event without the heavens well and truly opening. The rain was torrential. No square inch of tarmac from Fordwater, St Marys and the chicane was safe. The perfect time to send out the V8s…

As the Americans invaded the English countryside, the rain began to fall lighter. Giant puddles had appeared in every braking zone, every apex and every opportunity for speed. However, this didn’t stop the iron leviathans. The 7-litre Galaxies barely noticed the slick and twitchy track. A healthy offering of torque and opposite lock allowed them to slide gracefully through the chicane and out towards the start/finish line. Eager to join in were the smaller Mustangs and Falcons as well as the lone gold Studabaker which brought the fight to the Blue Oval.

Whilst this ballet of power and noise played out for its baying crowd, the circuit began to dry. The cars would find the grip just at the wrong moments only to be followed by a greasy patch or an inconveniently placed puddle to spit them towards the slick, sodden grass and the wall beyond.

Some met their fate in that practice session. Others would have their hopes built that morning..

All Hail the King – Inspecting the 1990 Range Rover CSK

When Charles Spencer King developed the Range Rover back in the late 1960s he intended it to be a particular, useful and utilitarian vehicle but with slightly more refinement than the Series II Land Rover.

Then in 1990 to commemorate the great man, Range Rover released the CSK (Charles Spencer King). 200 of these limited edition 2 door Range Rovers were released to the public in either manual or very rare automatic. This one you see here with us at Bridge Classic Cars in number 47 in the series and is one of the incredibly rare Automatics.

It has been stored at our Bentwaters facility awaiting workshop space to begin inspecting what this glorious old girl needs to be useable and splendid once more.

When it arrived for inspection, it was not under its own power. Our in-house technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars believe there to be an issue with the starter motor which will soon be replaced in order to make sure the 3.9-litre powertrain at the heart of this beast works as it should.

Meanwhile, there is quite a lot of corrosion on the underside of this 31-year-old beauty which is being looked at and thoroughly assessed by our amazing team.

Keep your eye out for updates on this incredible piece of 1990s luxury on our projects page.

Raising the Roof – Revitalising the hood on our 1989 TVR S2 2.9

Our incredibly talented in-house trim expert Brian has been working on the roof of the 1989 TVR SII. The old roof had begun to look quite tired and had sun-bleached in places.

Brian worked his magic on the material of the roof and the removable panels to give this convertible a new lease of life.

Find out more about the TVR SII on our News Page for updates.

Friday Snapshot

Another busy week was flown by again, with lots of new drop-offs to the workshop and big progressions on current projects!

Grey 1957 Jensen 541R

Our trim shop expert Brian has been working on our grey 1957 Jensen 541R. He’s been marking out the leather for the rear parcel shelf and then glueing leather.

When the fabric has been marked out and fitted, the next stay is to trim off the excess around the window edge. The leather for rear quarter panel pockets has also been cut out and glued into the pockets.

The same process has happened for the side window surround panel which included screwing the parts in place and fitting the ashtray.

Austin Nippy Engine works start

Our engine specialist Ady has taken about the engine on our 1934 Austin Nippy. We’ve identified that there seems to be an issue with the cylinder bores. After further inspection, Ady diagnosed the issue as possible broken or cracked piston rings. This is a relatively quick job and Ady told us he hopes it’ll be done in the next few days.

We often find that even after an issue is addressed, it may not be solved as it’s common to find teething problems afterwards. We hope this quirky nippy will be back to working order again soon!

Black 1960 Jensen’s TLC

Our black 1960 Jensen 541R has had another layer of fresh paint and imperfection corrections that it’s acquired from knocks and bumps in the workshop. Gaining imperfections like this are common when parts are regularly being fitted and moved.

Up close and personal with the Gold Jaguar E-Type

This beautiful gold 1971 Jaguar E-type V12 Series 3 had picked up some sort of contaminant that had rusted the inner engine and wheel components. Our skill technicians addressed the issue by applying acid rust killer and cleaning down all of the parts. They were then re-painted and reassembled. Some of the nuts and bolts were also completely replaced.

Morris Minor Pinstripe

Painted by hand by our bodywork technician Chris who taped the sides to guide his hand and carefully applied the red paint.

Two more new Jensen’s arrived

We’ve had two more Jensen’s arrive this week for restorations, adding to our already growing collection! We’ll be sure to let you know how these restorations develop!

This beautiful 1961 Navy Jensen 541S:

And this sleek silver 1959 Jensen 541R that’s in for some electrical works:

Workshop Walkabout

Our week has been very busy with two photoshoots at the start of the week and new projects arriving in the workshop.

Tr6’s new hood cover

Our trim shop has been fitting the frame to the TR6. This includes riveting straps to the frame bars, marking positions for fasteners around the rear of the hood and fitting those fasteners in position. The next step is to clip the front edge of the cover in place while the fasteners are riveted to the metal bar inside the hood.

Brian, one of our trim shop specialists the glued velcro to the sidebars and screwed in metal channels for the side rubbers. Once all the fasteners have been fitted, Brian could then fit the cover to the car.

Lotus Esprit

Our Lotus Esprit has had a new water pipe fabricated from stainless steel to replace the old aluminium one that had rusted. This was made by hand in our workshop.

Jaguar E-Type Race Car

Although finish, the 1967 Jaguar E-type series 1 race car is always an ongoing project with new alterations being done frequently. This week a new door latch and release cable was fitted.

Triumph TR5

Our 1965 Triumph TR5 has had its split dashboard repaired. Refurbished by hand in our workshop, its now ready to be re-installed.

Peony Red Jensen

The trim shop has added wadding to the rear-seat centre section, glued the cover at front & back down and turned the fabric around the hinge at the back. The seats have also had the sides glued and pulled tight. Wadding has been added as well as extra foam to the side section of the rear seat base.

Primer has been done and its now ready for the fiberglass to be smoothed and corrected and the colour to be applied.

1962 Gold Jensen 541S

The Gold and Burgundy Jensen 541S had an issue with its engine which Ady, our engine specialist soon diagnosed as a cracked oil way. Oil was leaking into the water pipe. To discover the issue, Ady had to fill the oil way with water and push air through the pipe to identify the issue.

Photoshoots behind the scenes

Both Monday and Tuesday were jam-packed for our marketing team with two photoshoots for our race cars, the Jaguar E-Type and the Chevron B20. We’re excited to share the results of these shoots. A big thank you to Ellough Park in Beccles for allowing us to shoot on their track and to Mark O’Connor who featured in the Jaguar E-Type photos. As an F1 test driver and stunt driver, he was the perfect person to get behind the wheel and model for the shoot!

Another Jensen, Another Fan

One of our technicians, Paul, has made an aluminum mount for the fan in the black 1960 Jensen 541R.

This has been handcrafted from a sheet of aluminum in our workshop. The mount allows for the fan to sit in the engine bay and be supported.

The metal sheet was then painted and fitted to the back of the fan. Paul drilled in an extra set of holes to allow for more ventilation as seen below.

Friday Snapshot

Its been a busy week, with once again, many cars leaving, lots making big milestones and photoshoots!

Behind the scenes on the Rolls Royce shoot

We were extremely lucky with the weather on Wednesday for our Rolls Royce Corniche shoot at Hintlesham Hall.

This stunning 16th Century Elizabethan hotel created the perfect backdrop to shoot the regal 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche with our friend Giles, who made the perfect model.

We’re currently selling the Rolls Royce, so if you’d like to look this suave, head over to our website to see more about it!

You can see our Behind The Scenes video on our Instagram Reels!

Goodbye Yellow TR6

Our ray of sunshine, the Yellow 1973 Triumph TR6 has just left the workshop!

It came in with some issues concerning the gearbox so we swiftly replaced the clutch slave cylinder and it was back up and running in no time!

It was delivered back to its owners this morning.

Peony Red 1960 Jensen 541S

We’ve recently received another Jensen to restore. Although it’s currently a dull white, it will soon blossom into a beautiful Peony Red! This is a really exciting project for us as it’s going to be an amazing transformation!

Earlier in the week it had its fiberglass body worked on, smoothing down the exterior and adding a layer of stone chip to the inside. You can see that here.

Since then, our technicians Chris and Ant have tidied the metal plate work by welding and smoothing the exterior to make it all uniform. A primer has been added and a DTM satin paint applied on top.

The chrome pieces for the Jensen have also been sourced and cleaned, ready to be applied.

The doors have been refurbished with rust and holes corrected and parts of the inner door having been refurbished.


We’ve recently bought a 1974 VW Beetle for a near future competition car! We cant wait to get started on this beautiful green vehicle!

We’ve also had a lot of work on our other cars such as new trimmings for the Grey Jensen, custom window wipers and pump for the Nissan, new wheels on the MGB, new seat belts on the purple TR6.

Back for more

Its always nice to get positive feedback from clients but even nicer when they send their vehicles back in for more refurbishments!

The owner asked for some extra alterations so we cracked on right away!

We created a custom made window wiper bracket for the Nissan as well as replacing a water pump.

The Peugeot Has A New Heart

The 1972 Peugeot 504 has hit a ground-breaking moment in its restoration: it now has an engine!

Our engine specialist has replaced all serviceable parts such as spark plugs and belts, replaced any worn hoses and plummed the engine back into its rightful place.

The beating heart of this car is back in place after a successful engine surgery.