Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day One (Part 2)

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

As the sun gained some strength and the air grew warmer, the paddocks also grew in size and commotion. The further you delved into the rows of priceless vintage racing machinery, the more there was to find.

Nestled away against the back row were a fine selection from our neighbours over at Historika, with a long bonnet 911 race car in nearly every conceivable colour. But, when you looked around. My word were there sights to behold.

The copper E Type lay dormant in the misty morning air. Its numbers emblazoned on its handmade, vast bonnet the only giveaway that this big cat was unlike the others in the car park. It’s other stablemates shared its single-mindedness. A plethora of vintage racing machines like the TVR, Morgans, a C2 Corvette and one of the most beautiful cars to have ever been created. The Ferrari 275GTB.

Mere hours later, they would all be at war just meters from where they now slept.

It couldn’t possibly be an outdoor British event without the heavens well and truly opening. The rain was torrential. No square inch of tarmac from Fordwater, St Marys and the chicane was safe. The perfect time to send out the V8s…

As the Americans invaded the English countryside, the rain began to fall lighter. Giant puddles had appeared in every braking zone, every apex and every opportunity for speed. However, this didn’t stop the iron leviathans. The 7-litre Galaxies barely noticed the slick and twitchy track. A healthy offering of torque and opposite lock allowed them to slide gracefully through the chicane and out towards the start/finish line. Eager to join in were the smaller Mustangs and Falcons as well as the lone gold Studabaker which brought the fight to the Blue Oval.

Whilst this ballet of power and noise played out for its baying crowd, the circuit began to dry. The cars would find the grip just at the wrong moments only to be followed by a greasy patch or an inconveniently placed puddle to spit them towards the slick, sodden grass and the wall beyond.

Some met their fate in that practice session. Others would have their hopes built that morning..

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