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Anyone Home?

Our 1985 Austin Mini Mayfair Berkeley has been in the care of technician Neil. He has been investigating why the lights of this rare classic

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Here In The Flesh

Our little blue Austin Mini has finally landed in the workshop and is ready to be fitted with its new back seats and have a

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Another Mini In

This stunning baby blue 1989 Austin Mini is coming into the workshop soon. Keep an eye out for where this mini will end up…

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Anyone Home?

Our 1985 Austin Mini Mayfair Berkeley has been in the care of technician Neil. He has been investigating why the lights of this rare classic aren’t working.

Win a Classic Mini for just a few pounds! – Our 1976 Mini Clubman 1100 is now live

The humble Mini served as both a way to get from A to B as well as the first steps out onto the open road for a generation of would-be petrolheads.

From its earliest days in the late 1950’s all the way to its retirement in the early 2000’s, the classic Mini holds a special place in the classic car world – Just like this one, our 1976 Mini Clubman 1100.

With beautiful Antique Gold paintwork over a Black interior, with colour matched piping, our 1976 Mini has been lovingly looked after and cherished by its previous owners. Fitted with a 1098cc 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed manual gearbox, this bite-sized piece of gold has all the right feel for a classic Mini experience.

Our Mini Clubman has recently been restored inside and out, with all parts sourced from marque specialists such as Mini Spares and Mini Sport Ltd – as evidenced in the extensive history file which also includes the original Austin Morris ‘Passport to Service’ which details all the way back to the cars original PDI in August of 1976 at Melrose Garages in Norwich, where the car appears to have spent its first 20 years before migrating to the Northwest.

In its 48 years, the car is showing to have covered just under 63,000 miles. It is believed the engine was refreshed around 2018 with sales invoices for a piston ring set and new water pump.

Also included in our Mini’s file is a Best in Show award from the St Helens Classic Car Club dated April 2019, with this, we believe any restorative or restoration works were carried out prior to the award supported by parts invoices dating back to 2017/2016.

Some of you may be thinking ‘haven’t I seen this Mini before?’ and the answer is yes, but Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is giving you another chance to win this incredible 1976 Mini Clubman 1100 for just a few pounds.

Don’t miss out and get your tickets now!

In The Right Direction – Aligning the 1990 Mini 30

Our in-house restoration technician Jon has been working on the front end of the 1990 Austin Mini 30 before it is transported to its new owner. As part of its check over, Jon had to make some tracking adjustments to get the Mini’s steering spot on.

With a few small tweaks, Jon managed to get the Mini’s steering completely dialled in and nicely balanced. Making sure everything under the car was torqued and secure, the car went for its final road test.

This little 1990 Austin Mini 30 will soon be off to its very lucky new owner.

New Home – The 1989 Austin Mini Safe at Her New Home

The beautiful 1989 Austin Mini is safe and sound at her new home in Scotland. Also, she seems to have got some company for her life up north.

The new owner of the straight cut gearboxed 1989 Austin Mini also has a very nice 1275GT which will be sharing its stable with the little blue car. The 1275GT was given the name of Little Floorie by its owner, who has decided that the name of the 1989 Austin Mini will be Little Lottie.

We wish Ken and his wife many happy miles with our little Mini and look forward to seeing more of Little Lottie on her adventures in years to come.

Safe and Secure – Exhaust Mounts on the 1990 Mini 30

Jon, one of our amazing Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians, has been working on getting the last few bits and pieces done on the 1990 Austin Mini 30 before it heads off to its very lucky new owner.

The last job to complete underneath this fantastic Mini is to install a new exhaust mount onto the car. The old one had become loose and wasn’t in the best state so our workshop ordered up a replacement piece and got it into the car. This particular clamp also acts as a hang and is secure to the gearbox, so it’s crucial in keeping the exhaust spaced far enough away from the gearbox as to not rattle or chafe.

With this done, it will have its pre-delivery inspection and very soon be off to its new home!

Sealed – Replacing the Gearbox Oil Seal on the 1990 Mini 30

Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the 1990 Mini 30 ahead of its upcoming draw.

During its inspection, our in-house restoration technicians noted a small leak coming from underneath the car. After looking into it further, it was found to be coming from the gearbox oil seal. So, a new seal was ordered along with new spark plugs and ignition leads to make sure this very special little Mini was running perfectly.

Our technician Paul carefully removed the old seal from the gearbox and then cleaned up the entire area in preparation to install the new seal in place. Once the new piece had been put into place in the gearbox, it was reinspected and all was ok on the report.

So, with everything completed on the 1990 Mini 30, it’s nearly time to find out who the lucky new winner will be!

Mini’s New Boot Trim

Lydia has been working on making a new boot liner for our 1989 Austin Mini. She started by making the paper pattern and then taped it onto cardboard. She then double-checked that the pattern would fit, by fitting it into the boot. She then cut out the plywood to get the shape for the middle and used the template to cut the fabric out. Lydia also cut out black strips of vinyl for the binding. She then laid the carpet out over the top of the wood and fitted it.

Here In The Flesh

Our little blue Austin Mini has finally landed in the workshop and is ready to be fitted with its new back seats and have a thorough service before we decide its fate…

Austin Mini Back Seats Completed

Our elusive 1989 Austin Mini has had its back seats completed. The mini itself is set to be in soon. Kath has been working on refurbishing the back seats. She’s added pipping and a skirt around the edges and then fit the cover over the foam base. She then sewed up the cover for the squab and taken off the rust from the wire frame. She added in 12mm of scrim foam on the front and 3mm on the back. After gluing the foam to the frame, Kath then cut out the pipping, back flap and side skirt. After fitting new foam and the new cover on, Kath could sew up the final pieces.

Another Mini In

This stunning baby blue 1989 Austin Mini is coming into the workshop soon. Keep an eye out for where this mini will end up…

A Mini Arrival Causes Major Excitement

On Monday we had an exciting orange delivery…

This characterful 1980 Austin Morris Mini 1275 GT has arrived and will be one of our next competition cars. With only a few minor cosmetic imperfections, this Mini is in perfect condition and looks like its just left the factory!

We’re looking forward to photographing this charming little motor and launching it on our competition site! Watch this space!

Electric Classic Cars – February 2021

Eye spy a little turquoise mini! A little while ago, we worked on a 1967 Austin Mini 850 for Electric Classic Cars who aimed to turn it into a 300hp electric-powered classic.

Bridge Classic Cars worked on restoring this charming mini and handed it over Electric Classics to finish. Our final touch was the bodywork preparation and paintwork. Our Paint Shop finished the vehicle in a dazzling ‘Surf Blue’.

We love following its progress and can’t wait to see the finished product!

Courtzz01 – October 2020

Our 1990 Austin Mini Thirty winner Courtney Barker couldn’t help but share this gushy Instagram post about her new toy!

“Always wanted one of these and still cant believe its mine!” – Well you better believe it Courtney, its certainly all yours!

Courtney has been a classic car fan since she was a child and has even set up her own car fan club – East Coast Japanese. She’s clearly been having so much fun with her new Mini, she’s forgotten to take pictures!

If you fancy winning your own classic Mini, we’re currently running a competition for someone to win this fantastic 1991 Rover Mini. To pick up your tickets, head to our competitions website.

1961 Morris Mini Deluxe Leaves the Paint Shop

Another major stage in the restoration of our 1961 Mini has been hit. Darren has completed painting the body shell. After a polish it’s looking absolutely stunning in the sunlight.

Our Mini has been painted in the original cherry red paint colour. This is a much stronger red than the more maroon tone of the Mini 30’s cherry red paint.

Smashing work, Darren. When paired with the cream wheels and details, this little mini will look incredible.

Live Draw: 1994 TVR Chimaera 500 & 1990 Austin Mini 30

Congratulations to tonight’s winners!

Ian Summers, winner of our 1994 TVR Chimaera with ticket number 2214 and Courtney Barker, winner of our 1990 Austin Mini with ticket number 665.

For your chance to win your dream classic, head to

1974 Austin Mini – Delivering The Winner’s Car!

Congratulations to Chris Allitt, winner of the 1974 Austin Mini. Mauro delivered the car to Chris on Saturday. Its fair to say Chris was stunned to see this lovely classic arriving on his doorstep! After chatting to Chris we learned he used to build the engines on classic minis. We discovered that Chris assembled the engine on this very car! Obviously Chris is a very skilled engine builder as she’s still running beautifully to this day. How amazing that this Mini has returned back to Chris!

Winner: Chris Allitt
Ticket No: 1558

The Live Draw for this competition was held on Saturday 23rd May 2020.

Will you be our next classic car winner? To find out a little bit more about our competitions head to to see how our competitions are won. We’ve already had four lucky classic car winners!

Thanks to Chris for posting his own picture of the car arriving on our Facebook page.

Coming soon: 1990 Austin Mini 30

On a beautiful summer’s day we took a trip out to the coast, to inspect our 1990 Austin Mini 30. And whilst in Southwold we couldn’t resist a trip to the beach too.

And we weren’t alone in our beach trip. We even bumped into our 1969 Pontiac Firebird, still looking as good as the day she left our workshops.

Launched in June 1989, the limited-edition Mini Thirty (30) celebrated the car’s 30th birthday and was based on the Mini Mayfair. Fitted with the 998cc engine, it was offered in Cherry Red (COG-BLVC843) or black (PMA-BLVC90) and was fitted with chrome bumpers and grille, a dedicated Coachline set and 1959-1989 crests, a security coded stereo and a set of Minilite-style alloy wheels.

The black and red half-leather interior was common to both car colours.

Of the 3,000 produced for the UK, 2,000 were in Cherry Red and 1,000 were Black; 2,800 were manual and 200 had an automatic gearbox. 600 were made with an optional sun roof.

At the time, the list price was a cool £5,599, another 30 years on, the car is a true British classic, with prices heading in one direction from now…upwards!

1967 Austin Mini 850: Custom Bodywork

Antony has been working hard in our fabrication bay on our Austin Mini 850.

He’s custom built a new roof gutter and window top as well as repairing any rust effected areas. Top work, Antony!