Sealed – Replacing the Gearbox Oil Seal on the 1990 Mini 30

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the 1990 Mini 30 ahead of its upcoming draw.

During its inspection, our in-house restoration technicians noted a small leak coming from underneath the car. After looking into it further, it was found to be coming from the gearbox oil seal. So, a new seal was ordered along with new spark plugs and ignition leads to make sure this very special little Mini was running perfectly.

Our technician Paul carefully removed the old seal from the gearbox and then cleaned up the entire area in preparation to install the new seal in place. Once the new piece had been put into place in the gearbox, it was reinspected and all was ok on the report.

So, with everything completed on the 1990 Mini 30, it’s nearly time to find out who the lucky new winner will be!

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