Safe and Secure – Exhaust Mounts on the 1990 Mini 30

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Jon, one of our amazing Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians, has been working on getting the last few bits and pieces done on the 1990 Austin Mini 30 before it heads off to its very lucky new owner.

The last job to complete underneath this fantastic Mini is to install a new exhaust mount onto the car. The old one had become loose and wasn’t in the best state so our workshop ordered up a replacement piece and got it into the car. This particular clamp also acts as a hang and is secure to the gearbox, so it’s crucial in keeping the exhaust spaced far enough away from the gearbox as to not rattle or chafe.

With this done, it will have its pre-delivery inspection and very soon be off to its new home!

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