Green With Envy

David Turnage popped into the workshop today as he has manufactured the spare wheel carrier for our Peony Red Jensen. David arrived in his fantastic

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Journeys End – Making their appointment with the 1961 Alvis TD21

After the overnight rebuild on the starter motor of their gorgeous 1961 Alvis TD21, Mr and Mrs Bradnum were able to make their appointment at Brize Fest 2021.

As you may know, it was Mr and Mrs Bradnum who had coordinated the display of Alvis’ cars built between 1935 and 1962 so their attendance was crucial at the event. Thankfully they made it to their destination safe and sound, and on their return home set us over some incredible photos of the TD21 in front of a rather impressive C17 Globemaster (just returned from Afghanistan) and its siblings.

We here at Bridge Classic Cars would like to wish the Bradnum’s many happy miles of motoring to come and thank them for their kind words.

Alvis Has Left The Building

Just as soon as this 1961 Alvis TD21 was starting to settle in, it’s already leaving us. An unexpected arrival, this vehicle broke down on Thursday and was fighting fit again by Friday. The vehicle’s owners are on a long road trip from wales by way of Suffolk to a car show they are hosting in Oxford. It was crucial they were back on the road for the weekend.

After diagnosing the issue as a faulty starter motor, Paul set about removing the starter motor solenoids and replacing them with new ones. We had the starter motor repaired overnight and Paul re-fitted the unit Friday morning. With great work from the Bridge Classic Cars team, this beautiful classic made it to the ball.

Bridge Classic Cars to the rescue!

Yesterday we had an unexpected new arrival in the form of a blue 1961 Alvis TD21. Unfortunately, this classic had broken down and was on its way to a show which the owners are hosting. They’d traveled down from Wales and had attended a wedding on their trip in the area. On their way across to Oxford, the Alvis stopped working.

This gorgeous classic ended up being brought to us for our technicians to look at. It was found that the starter motor wasn’t working, so it was swiftly sent off last night to be repaired. We’re now just waiting for its return. Well done so far to the technicians for being so quick with diagnosing the issue. Let’s hope we can get it to Oxford in time!

Green With Envy

David Turnage popped into the workshop today as he has manufactured the spare wheel carrier for our Peony Red Jensen. David arrived in his fantastic dual-toned green 1939 Alvis Speed 25. This spectacular green machine is in pristine condition and is David’s pride and joy. David is the 541 Registrar of the Jensen Owners Club.

“In the Alvis Speed TwentyFive the makers have produced a car which will delight those who appreciate fast motoring with an ample margin of safety. A very quick response to the accelerator is matched by exceptional steadiness under heavy braking conditions, light and accurate steering, and road holding of that special quality which is so rarely encountered nowadays.” – George Butlin

This is the spare wheel carrier that David manufactured for us:

Alvis Headlining Complete

Our charming 1940 Alvis headlining has now been completed after a wholesome team effort from our trim shop technicians.

The final part was finished by gluing in a rear calico flap over the rear frame bar and applying calico flaps around the roof bars. Next, Brian stapled the next calico flap onto the roof bar and stapled it onto the wooden section of the roof bar and finished it by undoing the roof straps to allow headliner to stretch to the front bar. Brian then pulled the headliner tight and stapled it down to the front roof bar. He then fitted the straps over the top of the headliner and trimmed off any excess material. Finally all the pieces were stapled back down over the roof bars. rear quarter panels and wooden rear bars.

The hood is now looking good as new.

The Alvis’ Headlining Event

Lydia has been working to refresh the headliner in our 1940 Alvis. She’s marked out parts on the original fabric to help her know where everything goes when she starts remaking it. She then cut out new strips of fabric to recover the paper cord piping and flaps. Lydia then moved onto topstitching the new side panels.

The next step was to cut around the original cloth to make new patterns, followed by measuring, marking and cutting out the new strips of calico for underneath the centre panel. These sections hold the ceiling cloth in place. She then sewed on the piping and attached the side panels and middle panel together.

Alvis Hood Renovation Begins

Our 1940 Alvis came in last week to have its hood restored and that process has begun today. Brian and Lydia have been taking apart all the pieces including the rear panels and seats so that they don’t get damaged in the process. Lydia has been marking out where the stitches are on the fabric.

Brian has been stripping off al the old material from the front trim panels and recovering them in a new material to match the headliner. He has also removed and recovered the side trim panels and b post panels.

1940 Alvis Arrival

This stunning 1940 Alvis has come in today for a new hood headlining as this one has had a run-in with his cats.

The owner of this classic Alvis has it as his pride and joy and drives it as his daily car.

The hood is now in the safe hands of our trim shop who’ll work to replace the fabric and re-work the inside of the hood.