Green With Envy

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

David Turnage popped into the workshop today as he has manufactured the spare wheel carrier for our Peony Red Jensen. David arrived in his fantastic dual-toned green 1939 Alvis Speed 25. This spectacular green machine is in pristine condition and is David’s pride and joy. David is the 541 Registrar of the Jensen Owners Club.

“In the Alvis Speed TwentyFive the makers have produced a car which will delight those who appreciate fast motoring with an ample margin of safety. A very quick response to the accelerator is matched by exceptional steadiness under heavy braking conditions, light and accurate steering, and road holding of that special quality which is so rarely encountered nowadays.” – George Butlin

This is the spare wheel carrier that David manufactured for us:

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