Journeys End – Making their appointment with the 1961 Alvis TD21

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

After the overnight rebuild on the starter motor of their gorgeous 1961 Alvis TD21, Mr and Mrs Bradnum were able to make their appointment at Brize Fest 2021.

As you may know, it was Mr and Mrs Bradnum who had coordinated the display of Alvis’ cars built between 1935 and 1962 so their attendance was crucial at the event. Thankfully they made it to their destination safe and sound, and on their return home set us over some incredible photos of the TD21 in front of a rather impressive C17 Globemaster (just returned from Afghanistan) and its siblings.

We here at Bridge Classic Cars would like to wish the Bradnum’s many happy miles of motoring to come and thank them for their kind words.

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