1992 Toyota MR2

Nice And Clean

Mauro has been polishing our 1992 Toyota MR2 and, as you can see from the photos below, it’s looking fantastic!

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Nice And Clean

Mauro has been polishing our 1992 Toyota MR2 and, as you can see from the photos below, it’s looking fantastic!

Seat And Electric Window Repairs

Our 1992 Toyota MR2 has been in the skilled hands of classic car technician Jonn. After he removed the driver’s seat for repair, Jonn disconnected the wiring under the seat before hoovering the space out ready for the seat to go back in once the repair is complete.

A new plastic weather shield was made for the door before the door panel was refitted. New screws were used at the bottom edge as the old ones were missing when the car arrived. Once the switch pack was reconnected, the window was tested and found to be working fine.

Service And Repairs

Jonn has secured a new battery with a clamp in our 1992 Toyota MR2. He went on to refit the plastic under the bonnet trim and fix it in place with four new clips.

Jonn then stripped and removed the alternator. Once this was done, he removed the alternator mounting bracket, relay and earth to the rear engine bay.

Jonn carried out a service, drained the oil and fitted a new filter. The sump bung was refitted and torqued to 37nm.

A New Arrival – Toyota MR2

We have recently welcomed our 1992 Toyota MR2 to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

The workshop team will soon begin their work on this very popular nostalgic car.

In Time – Inspecting the Timing Belt of the 1992 Toyota MR2

The 1992 Toyota MR2 is in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop after its spell in our in-house paint shop.

This time it was for our in-house restoration technician Paul to inspect the timing belt of the 29-year-old Sports car. Although the belt itself seemed to be in relatively good condition, it was decided that as a matter of course that both the timing belt and the water pump were replaced as part of its routine maintenance.

With such a complex engine, the timing belt is a crucial part of the operation so it is best to replace it with a new component. While the timing cover is removed and access is easier, it is also good practice to replace the water pump with a newer, updated version to ensure the rear-engined sports car can cool itself down after a spirited drive.

From the Bottom to the Top – The Sills on the 1992 Toyota MR2 are Painted!

In the last update on the 1992 Toyota MR2: Paul, our in-house restoration technician, was busy cutting out the corroded and damaged sills of the bright red sportscar in preparation for its date with the Paint Shop.

Chris, who runs our in-house paint shop, has worked his magic on the JDM icon to seamlessly blend in the new sills that paul had grafted into the bottom of the car. Thanks to our state of the art paint mixing computer, Chris could get the colour as close to the existing paint on the car to best make it flow together. Then, the bottom part of the sills were finished in a glossy black hard coating to ensure their protection for many years to come.

I think we can all agree that if you hadn’t read the previous stories about the MR2, you’d think it was a brand new car. That is the magic of our in-house restoration teams.

Solid Foundations – Replacing the Sills on the 1992 Toyota MR2

Paul, one of our in-house restoration experts, has been working on replacing the corroded sills on the 1992 Toyota MR2 that is in at Bridge Classic Cars.

On any classic, corrosion is an issue but caught early it can easily be repaired. As a matter of course the entire door sills are being replaced on the MR2 as these are a safety item and that’s a keystone of any work on a classic car, it’s also something we pride ourselves on at Bridge Classic Cars.

Paul cut out the sills from the front arch to the rear arch and replaced them. Welding them in inch by inch to make sure that they sat straight and true on the car. Now that these are in, the next stage is to get the paintwork/protection onto the sills to ensure they will be perfect for many more years to come.

What Lies Beneath – Inspecting the Sills on the 1992 Toyota MR2

As part of any vehicle that comes into Bridge Classic Cars for assessment, the number one priority is the safety of the vehicle. With older cars, this means checking vital chassis points for corrosion, damage or previous bad repairs. The first port of call is normally the sills.

These are the sills on our 1992 Toyota MR2. They’ve seen better days but aren’t in the worst condition that we’ve seen. These have been noted down on the vehicles assessment so our in-house restoration teams can come up with a plan of making this wonderful 1990s Japanese sportscar safe but also give peace of mind that everything has been gone through for it’s owner.