Solid Foundations – Replacing the Sills on the 1992 Toyota MR2

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Paul, one of our in-house restoration experts, has been working on replacing the corroded sills on the 1992 Toyota MR2 that is in at Bridge Classic Cars.

On any classic, corrosion is an issue but caught early it can easily be repaired. As a matter of course the entire door sills are being replaced on the MR2 as these are a safety item and that’s a keystone of any work on a classic car, it’s also something we pride ourselves on at Bridge Classic Cars.

Paul cut out the sills from the front arch to the rear arch and replaced them. Welding them in inch by inch to make sure that they sat straight and true on the car. Now that these are in, the next stage is to get the paintwork/protection onto the sills to ensure they will be perfect for many more years to come.

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