Progress on our 1975 Jensen Interceptor Mk3

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

Our 1975 Jensen Interceptor project has made massive strides forward in the last few weeks. The classic V8 coupe has been in the talented hands of our paint and body technician Chris who has worked on getting the car to take its first steps into colour.

Firstly, the team completely stripped the car of any paint or surface rust and then cleaned down the entire car before take the shell and parts into the paint booth to be put into epoxy primer. Then, the team could begin work on levelling the panels with the use of filler and the first stage of getting the car ready.

After all the panels had been perfectly leveled, Chris could then get the car back into the booth and begin to seal the car with another coat of epoxy primer. Once this had flashed off and settled, Chris could go back with the polyster primer to make sure that the panels were even straighter and level.

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