June 3, 2024

An unexpected visitor

Today we were visited by Mr & Mrs Ewen, they were just passing en-route from Kent to Lowestoft. Their son Daniel was lucky enough to win our 1973 Audi 100 Coupe S last year and they have been avid followers ever since.

Lily was able to take them into our new venue, The Classic Lounge and show them where all of our home events will take place as well as provide them with refreshments.

Daniel has gone on to sell the Audi that he won but is now the very proud owner of a Porsche as it’s replacement!

Welcoming back an old friend – 1968 Morris Mini 850

We’ve welcomed an old friend back to the Bridge Classic Cars HQ, its our 1968 Morris Mini 850 which was previously won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

The car has come back to us to have some work carried out on the classic Mini to get it back into tip-top condition for its owner who uses and enjoys the car regularly. So, our driver Tony headed out to go and pick up the car in our covered trailer and bring it back to our Pettistree workshops.

Tidying up the interior of our 1954 Daimler Conquest

Lydia in the Bridge Classic Cars trim shop has been working on tidying up the interior of our unique 1953 Daimler Conquest.

He has carefully replaced the boot floor and glued the new pieces into place, she also modified the pattern to take into account the external fuel pump. During the pattern making process, Lydia noted that one of the original pieces was missing from the classic roadster so she made this piece from scratch to perfectly fit the car. Whilst working on the car, Lydia also patch a series of small holes in the roof as well as re-rivet the roof straps back into place.

Progress on our 1975 Jensen Interceptor Mk3

Our 1975 Jensen Interceptor project has made massive strides forward in the last few weeks. The classic V8 coupe has been in the talented hands of our paint and body technician Chris who has worked on getting the car to take its first steps into colour.

Firstly, the team completely stripped the car of any paint or surface rust and then cleaned down the entire car before take the shell and parts into the paint booth to be put into epoxy primer. Then, the team could begin work on levelling the panels with the use of filler and the first stage of getting the car ready.

After all the panels had been perfectly leveled, Chris could then get the car back into the booth and begin to seal the car with another coat of epoxy primer. Once this had flashed off and settled, Chris could go back with the polyster primer to make sure that the panels were even straighter and level.

Road Test and Checks on our 1972 MGB Roadster

Jon has been continuing to work on our 1972 MGB Roadster ahead of its launch as one of the classics you could win through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

The next phase of Jon’s work was to get the glovebox on the classic sports car open, which involved stripping down and rebuilding the lock after one of the internal pins had dropped. After that, he could take the car out on its road test.

After pulling the car out of our Pettistree workshop, Jon got the car fired up in order to carry out mixture and idle speed adjustments before heading out on the open road to test the car. However, during the test, the car cut out multiple times and would not restart until the ignition switch was grabbed and shaken. After that, the car would fire back up. So, Jon got the car back to the workshop and tightened down the connections in the switch as well as the main power feed and then retested the car. All was ok after test.

Changing out the Clutch on our 2003 MG ZT V8

The team here at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on our 2003 MG ZT V8 to get the car back to tip-top mechanical condition. The next step, is to replace the clutch in the manual gearbox.

First off, Julian remove the exhaust in order to gain access to the gearbox but for extra clearance he had to drop the back of the front subframe in order to safely drop the gearbox. Whilst on the floor, Julian could then replace the old clutch pack with a new unit and then refit the gearbox back into the car. Before getting the exhaust back in place, Julian fitted the centre and rear sections of the exhaust and rebuilt the nearside front brake caliper before bleeding both the clutch and brake systems.