Progress – 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona Coming Together

Picture of By Freddie Ward
By Freddie Ward

Marketing Manager

The workshop team have been working on making progress on the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona that is in our workshop.

The team began work on making the new instrument panel for the classic Daytona replica. This started as a card template which could be refined further and further until it was the perfect shape to fit behind the dash cluster. From there and using reference photos, the team could begin laying out the various dials and lights needed for the Daytona. Then, it was transferred to the aluminium sheet and carefully cut out and cleaned up before being put into the car with its dials in place.

The next job took our technicians to the engine bay of the Daytona replica, and more specifically the AC pump. The team had to create a new handmade bracket to orientate the AC bump for the belt system to work and also to allow for the unit to line up better with the other pulleys in the engine bay. Once in place, the team could then make up the crucial high-pressure lines which will hold the coolant.

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