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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager

Earlier today, our 1952 Fiat 1900 A arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop and it comes with a very special story.

An executive from the Gas Board in Norwich got a Fiat 1900 as a company car when he was working abroad in 1951. He loved it so much that when he came back to the UK, he ordered one to bring back with him but needed it to be right-hand drive. In 1952, the only right-hand drive Fiat 1900 was sold new in the UK to the happy executive.

Unfortunately, he fell ill in 1955, and the car stayed unused in his garage for the next 40 years. Around that time, the most recent owner was in the UK working for a Fiat and Nissan dealership. He heard about the car and, after some negotiations with the original owner’s daughter, managed to get it. The garage was opened, and this beautiful classic, affectionately known as “Granddad” was found with only 21,000 miles on the clock.

After 40 years locked away, the engine and aluminium brake shoes were completely seized, and the car still wore its original tyres. New steel brake shoes were machined, and replacement tyres were fitted. The paint and chrome are all original which adds to the uniqueness of this car – believed to be the only factory built right-hand drive 1900.

The previous owner of the car took it to South Africa with him where it was used regularly for more than a decade. Recently, it’s been living back in the UK, safely locked away all over again. Now it’s here at the workshop, who knows where it will go next…

A fascinating story for a very special car.

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