Magnum PI – Forty Years Of Cool

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Earlier this month, on December 11th, we passed 43 years since the debut of the iconic ’80s detective show, Magnum PI.

Tom Selleck starred as Thomas Magnum, quite possibly the coolest private eye of all time, as he solved cases in Hawaii, where the show was set. Hawaiian shirts, a legendary moustache, and, of course, that Ferrari all combined to make an extremely successful TV show.

Thomas Magnum clearly had style, but his personality was probably even more appealing to viewers of the show. The show portrayed his friendships, his desire to do what’s right, and the adventures he went on while successfully solving cases.

Magnum PI – The Car – Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole

Leonardo Fioravanti, from Pininfarina, was the mastermind behind the design of the 308. It had curved wing tops, attention-grabbing air intakes, and a fibreglass body crafted by Ferrari’s Scaglietti subsidiary before later being swapped out for steel.

The 308 also had removable roof panels that added even more coolness and style. Throughout the ’80s, this V8 mid-engine, two-seater was very well received and became a dream car for many. In fact, it was so popular that Ferrari built more than 12,000 308s between 1976 and 1985.

Following the success of Magnum’s 308 GTS, in 1982, Ferrari launched the 308 GTSi, which had four valves per cylinder, resulting in greater power and speed.

More Than Forty Years And Still Very Cool

It may have been more than four decades since Magnum, P.I. debuted on TV but, there is no doubt, it still has a huge fanbase.

As we recently launched our 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSi on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, we couldn’t help but put something together as a nod to Magnum himself.

The video below was one that we filmed but, ultimately, didn’t use to promote the launch of the competition to win our 308 GTSi. However, we feel that Molly pulls off the coolness and style so well that we need to share it.

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