Lots Of Progress For Our Amphicar

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1964 Amphicar 770 has made great progress as of late.

Brian has been fitting the roof and roof cover. After glueing the floor side panels back down, he cleaned the main floorboards and fitted them into the car. He then cut out the new rear quarter panel boards, fitted new catches to the frame & car, and fitted stud fasteners to the hood cover & frame.

Unfortunately, Lydia found that the door cards and seats are in a mismatched and poor state, so we have decided to find a grey vinyl to replace the worst areas with. Lydia has taken the door cards apart to prepare for when the vinyl arrives, and she has also taken the time to laminate the rear backrest to give it a bit more life!

As well as interior work, classic car technician James has also been working on our Amphicar. He found more burnt/melted wiring and replaced it, all electrical circuits are now functioning. The headlamp switch was stripped and cleaned as the terminals were contaminated, and the faulty dim/dip switch was replaced and fitted to the floor. The final external parts such as the mirror and wipers were fitted after the windscreen and new seal were installed. He then removed the wheels and stripped off the brakes for refurbishment, the brake shoes were worn and the wheel cylinders were leaking badly.

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