JLR Boosts Efforts Against Vehicle Theft with Over £1 Million Investment in Policing

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced an investment of over £1 million to aid the UK police in their fight against vehicle crime. This funding will bolster police operations in known theft hotspots and support crucial intelligence-gathering efforts.

Earlier this year, JLR’s CEO, Adrian Mardell, strongly disagreed with claims that Range Rovers were particularly susceptible to theft. Despite this, many owners have reported steep increases in insurance premiums, with some even struggling to secure coverage at all.

Insurance costs can vary widely based on factors like the driver’s record, vehicle storage location, and existing security features. Luxury vehicles, often targeted by thieves due to their high resale value abroad, face higher premiums as a result.

JLR faces a unique challenge given its lineup of premium models, with the Range Rover brand especially popular among celebrities, politicians, and royalty. These vehicles come with hefty price tags—starting at £104,000 for the Range Rover and £75,000 for the Range Rover Sport. However, the brand has also garnered a reputation for being theft-prone.

Earlier this year, Mardell criticised reports that labelled the Range Rover as Britain’s “most stolen vehicle,” acknowledging the serious issue of organised vehicle theft but argued that JLR had been unfairly targeted. He emphasised the company’s significant efforts to enhance vehicle security and accused the insurance industry of not fully considering available information when setting premiums.

This latest investment in police funding is part of JLR’s ongoing efforts to reassure customers and reduce insurance costs. Last year, JLR launched its own insurance products to assist customers who struggled to find coverage, though some Range Rover owners have still reported difficulties in obtaining quotes.

The new funds will provide additional dedicated resources for several police forces to address vehicle theft across the country. It will also support the creation of a national policing unit focused on gathering intelligence on vehicle thefts and increasing police activity at ports where stolen cars are often shipped abroad by criminal gangs.

JLR is already collaborating with police by sharing information to help locate and recover stolen vehicles, and it has trained around 650 officers in these efforts. Simultaneously, the company continues to improve the security of its vehicles. According to data from the Police National Computer, since January 2022, only 0.2% of new Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports have been stolen.

Patrick Mcgillycuddy, Managing Director of JLR said We are constantly developing our systems and security features and through our close collaboration with police, we stay ahead of any emerging methods and quickly deploy anti-theft measures. This additional investment, coupled with our other ongoing and proactive action, shows our commitment to supporting the authorities in having a tangible impact on combating this issue in the UK.”

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