It’s All Coming Together

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

It was all hands on deck to get the headlining fitted to our Ford Transit MKII Tipper in an afternoon before the windscreen fitters arrived the next day. Luckily this didn’t take too long as it’s only a small roof section.

The headlining fits very crudely, being simply tucked up into a channel to secure it, without the need for glue or additional fastenings. The front is then glued on and also held in with the windscreen rubber, which is why it had to be done before the screen was fitted.

Prior to this, Lydia took the time to add some sound deadening to the roof to try and keep the cab as comfortable as possible.

Steve has also been working on our classic transit by fitting the rear lights and the newly fabricated mounts. The original gearbox has been refurbished and refitted to the van and the front bumper, end caps, door mirrors, and bonnet have all been fitted too.

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