Inspection And Repairs

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Jonn has been inspecting and making some repairs on our 1979 Triumph Spitfire.

Here are his notes:

Raise on ramp and finish Inspection. Carry out repairs. Grease all points.strip front brakes. Remove pads and clean/lubricate ready for refitting. Work caliper pistons in and out to free off. Rebuild both sides and pump pedal and recheck. Seem ok now. Refit wheels. Strip rear brakes inspect and clean. Refit drums and adjust. Refit wheels. Inflate tyres to correct psi and torque up wheels. Check handbrake, ok now. Fit grommet to fuel feed pipe at rear of new washer pump and test. Can’t get washer pump to actually pump. Strip and check pump. Pack with grease inside to help bleed system. Refit and test. Eventually get it working ok. Get off ramp and take to body shop to align bonnet.

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