Final Repairs For Our Europa

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Before our 1970 Lotus Europa goes live on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, classic car technician Jonn has been making some final repairs.

The fuel gauge was reading full and off the scale. However, when the tank was drained there were 15 litres inside. Jonn was unable to remove the sender in situ as it had been bonded into the tank. As a result, Jonn had to strip and remove the fuel tank. He removed the fuel pump assembly from the top and removed the sender from the side after chipping away the old bonding material.

The mating surfaces were cleaned before the tank was rinsed and blown out. After it had been left to dry, Jonn manufactured a cork gasket for the fuel pump. He then fitted the fuel pump back in order and in the same position.

While waiting for a new sender, Jonn moved on to removing the steering wheel and switches so he could knock the old top steering column bush down further inside the tube. A new top column bush was fitted and lubricated in its place. The components were then all refitted in reverse order.

Jonn glued the repaired horn contacts and refitted the steering wheel. All the switches and the horn were tested and found to be working fine. Fixing points for the washer bag to hang in the front compartment were drilled and made before the connecting pipes were fitted.

Jonn also mounted the number plates.

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