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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Jonn has been completing some repairs on our 1989 Daimler Double Six. Here are his notes:

Finish inspection and start repairs. Top up rear axle oil.strio front brakes. Remove pads and clean all,parts. With assistance from Julian. Work each caliper piston in out to free off. All freed off reasonably well. Refit pads and repeat process for other side. Strip front upper ball joints and fit new rubbers. Use lockwire to secure. Refit front wheels.

Remove exhaust downpipes section and heatshiels. Clean flanges and nuts. Fit new sealing rings to manifold flanges and refit. Work into position along with heatshiels. Secure at manifold and downpipe to front section with new nuts and bolts.

Strip and fit new front shock absorber bushes. Repair vacuum solenoid on nearside engine bank. Uut small,pieces of brake pipe and stickminto place. Refit vac pipe. Run and test for exhaust blow. Nearside ok now but offside blowing also. Strip and fit new gearbox mount bush. Strip offside exhaust downpipe and remove for cleaning and resealing.

Clean exhaust flanges and fit new sealing rings. Refit downpipe and heatshield. Strip offside front subframe bush and remove. Clean and fit new bush and secure.

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