Daimler Repairs

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Technician James has been working on our 1964 Daimler 250 V8. The steering pump has been overhauled and has been refitted to the car along with the drive belt and reservoir.

The system has been topped up, the underside areas cleaned and the car road tested. Then we checked under the car again, the steering pump and components are clean and dry now. The fluid levels were rechecked and found to be ok.

James checked the brakes while the car was on the ramp, and all was ok, although the car still had a leak from the older style “rope type” rear main. This would need the engine removing and upgrading to a modern equivalent involving modification to the engine block. Also, a small amount of coolant staining was found on the engines, but no obvious leaks when pressure testing.

Once James was finished with our Daimler, Tony loaded it into the trailer and transported it to our storage facility.

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