1989 Ford Granada

Is this Sierra really rarer?

This 33-year-old Ford Sierra Cosworth is set to fetch a cool £100k at auction because it’s claimed to be ‘the best one in the UK’ of only 500 ever made.


We only have to take a look into our archives and current competitions to see that Fords are becoming increasingly popular.

Earlier this year we ran a Ford Mustang competition where over four thousand tickets flew off the shelf and one lucky winner was handed the keys after spending just £7.50 on his ticket.

We also ran a draw to win a 1991 Ford Sierra Sapphire which only had just over 4,500 miles on the clock. Another incredibly popular competition prize.

Our latest competition Ford is our awesome 1979 Ford Escort RS2000. A similar low-mileage MKII Escort RS2000, also finished in Diamond White, sold at Silverstone Auctions in 2017 for a whopping £97,000!

So could this mean the estimation on this Ford Sierra Cosworth could well be accurate? We’ll have to wait and see..

If you don’t happen to have 100 grand burning a hole in your back pocket though, you could spend just £15 on a ticket for our 1979 Ford Escort RS2000 competition instead and join our many classic car winners. It could well be worth a small fortune if Fords continue to flourish!

Cleaned and ready to go

Our 1989 Ford Granada has now successfully been completed.

Peter has given her one last clean before she heads back to Ipswich.

The sills have now been replaced, the rot has now been taken away and all other aspects of the MOT failure have been addressed.

You’ll be seeing her at shows next season…


Completing our Ford Granada MOT Project

The final work to be completed on our 1989 Ford Granada project is to prepare and under-seal the underside.

This will help to prolong the life of the car and give extra protection to the areas most exposed to the UK roads.

The wheels have now been aligned, the MOT has been a success and now she’s good to go home to Ipswich…

Completing the work on our Granada sills

Work is almost complete on the refit and welding of our 1989 Ford Granada sills.

The sills are brand new and have been a fantastic purchase for us. Buying pre-made sills has saved Tommy a huge amount of time and effort. Without them, he would have had to re-shape the metalwork to replicate the Granada’s sills. This would have taken time and money.

It is often a worthwhile exercise to spend some time looking for parts that you may help you with your projects, things that will essentially ‘make life easier’ for you.

Fitting the new sills

It has been a tough few days and Tommy has been working solidly but we have now successfully fitted up the new sills.

Still a bit of work to go before we can carry out the paintwork but we have made fantastic progress up to now.


Removing the worst affected areas

Tommy has now started to remove the worst affected areas to the nearside sills. Only by removing can you see the full extent of work required.

Patching up may be a short term solution and may help to get the car through an MOT successfully but rust spreads and just by hiding it underneath something new does not mean it stops growing.

Removing the corrosion and replacing with brand new is the only way to fix the ever growing problems.

Carrying out necessary repair work to sills

Due to a recent MOT failure we have our 1989 Ford Granada in our workshops for some necessary repair works to both the inner and outer sills.

The majority of the corrosion issues can be found on the nearside with only a little work to be carried out to the offside.

Ford Granada all finished and ready for collection

We’ve now signed off our 1989 Ford Granada.

This was work that was needed to carry her through an MOT. As she had been sitting around for some time she had suffered the effects of the ever changing UK weather.

The suspension component mountings, where they had corroded have now been repaired. It was also brought to our attention in the MOT test that the vehicle’s structure had corrosion around the nearside and offside rear so this has been corrected. The drive shaft coupling gaiter which forms part of the suspension had also deteriorated so was no longer preventing the ingress of dirt. This has now been dealt with also.

The car arrived in to our workshops at the end of last year with running issue. Nothing too serious but it seemed to have developed a flat spot which we needed to investigate.

We also carried out a full service as well as carried out a few minor jobs that needed doing.

Due to the worked carried out on the new sills and a few blemishes on all of the panels Mrs and Mrs Johnson decided that they would like her to be fully re-sprayed. We happily obliged.

Here she is, now back on the road.

Shame about the weather, especially as Rich from Suffolk Detailing had made a special trip over today to give her a full valet…then the heavens decide to open!!

Ford Granada now in paint

Our 1989 Ford Granada is now in paint.

Once completed and settled we’ll be able to assess any further works that need to be carried out. Once we are happy that all jobs have been completed to our satisfaction she’ll be ready to go home.

Ford Granada in paintshop

Ford Granada in paintshop

Ford Granada now in primer

Here we have the latest images of our 1989 Ford Granada, sitting in primer ready for the respray to start.

The body has been perfected and the rust that had started to come through has been cut out and replaced. Won’t be long now til she’s back on the roads!

1989 Ford Granada in primer

1989 Ford Granada in primer

1989 Ford Granada in primer

Preparing the body ready for paint

Work is finally underway on our 1989 Ford Granada.

With the car now stripped, the body is currently in our paint shop being prepared ready for a coat of primer before the full respray.

1989 Ford Granada Body Preparation

1989 Ford Granada Body Preparation

1989 Ford Granada Body Preparation

1989 Ford Granada Body Preparation

1989 Ford Granada Body Preparation

1989 Ford Granada Body Preparation

1989 Ford Granada in for a respray

Having been with it’s current family for many years ,our 1989 Ford Granada initially came in for some welding work to be carried out on the sills, in a view to get her back on the road with a new MOT.

Unfortunately the sills were in desperate need of some attention along with some smaller task that we carried out.

Ford Granada

Having completed the necessary work on the sills, we sat down with the owners and all made the decision that a full respray would freshen up the car’s exterior.

With the interior looking so good it would be lovely to have her back to how she should be.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of vehicles that sit still in the UK for some time each panel required attention and when every panel needs it, it’s best to do a full respray rather than trying to match up with the few good points. It’s best to make it all good again so this is what we intend to do.