Ford Granada all finished and ready for collection

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve now signed off our 1989 Ford Granada.

This was work that was needed to carry her through an MOT. As she had been sitting around for some time she had suffered the effects of the ever changing UK weather.

The suspension component mountings, where they had corroded have now been repaired. It was also brought to our attention in the MOT test that the vehicle’s structure had corrosion around the nearside and offside rear so this has been corrected. The drive shaft coupling gaiter which forms part of the suspension had also deteriorated so was no longer preventing the ingress of dirt. This has now been dealt with also.

The car arrived in to our workshops at the end of last year with running issue. Nothing too serious but it seemed to have developed a flat spot which we needed to investigate.

We also carried out a full service as well as carried out a few minor jobs that needed doing.

Due to the worked carried out on the new sills and a few blemishes on all of the panels Mrs and Mrs Johnson decided that they would like her to be fully re-sprayed. We happily obliged.

Here she is, now back on the road.

Shame about the weather, especially as Rich from Suffolk Detailing had made a special trip over today to give her a full valet…then the heavens decide to open!!

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